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DIY Furniture Restoration : Round Side Table

Do you ever get hand me down furniture? I know I did when I went off to college.


Since I inherited a round side table from an elderly lady, I decided after a couple of years that it looked a little drab with it’s cigarette burns in the top (I am so not a smoker so this was such an eye sore) that it needed a fresh coat of paint to give it some life!


6 years later, I decided to refinish my old shabby run down cigarette-burned table.
From the the first sight, I thought this table had potential and I was right! (it only took me 6 years to finally finish it)


 Here are the BEFORE photos:
First course of action that made this table eclectic and stylish once more was wood filler  to even out the table top surface. You will also need a putty knife and the following supplies once you get into sanding, priming, painting, and sealing.
Similar supplies were needed for my Lingerie Chest update.
  1. Sander
  2. Kilz Original – primer/sealer/stainblocker (it’s an oil based primer)
  3. An acrylic latex paint of your choosing. For this project I chose Olympic in “gothic amethyst- semigloss”
  4. Floetrol – this helps with spreading the paint out evenly without brush stroke marks
  5. Polycrylic – water based protective finish
  6. Painters Tape
  7. A paint masking drop of some sort
  8. Angled painter’s brush and sponge brushes (optional – small paint roller)
  9. Latex Wood Filler


Once I filled the cigarette burns with the wood filler and allowed that time to dry – the sanding began!!
After I took care of sanding… I moved onto the priming portion of this fun project.
You should apply a couple coats. I even had a little helper… that decided that jumping on the table while wet would be a good idea. Ok kitty cats…
The next step (once you allow the primer to dry) is getting your paint roller and your color paint of choice (add the floetrol to this paint to prevent apparent brush strokes.) A couple of coats is preferable.
Last step will be to take your Polycrylic – water based protective finish and your angled painters brush to coat your table or furniture piece. Please advise…if you add too many layers to of this protective finish you will begin to see streaky brush marks.
Please let me know if you have any questions!! I hope this inspires you to change some of your dated furniture pieces. I believe so many antiques and hand me downs have potential.
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