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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I showed you all a really dated goose round tray? If you didn’t see it, I had posted it via my FB page and on Instagram. I am pleased to say that this drab, old tray has been transformed into a fun, simple, and stylish piece.


Didn’t this tray come out great!? Can I also tell you it took me less than a day to make?! All it cost me was a roll of chevron patterned tape and some spray paint! I will show you how I did made this project in a step by step tutorial!


I spent a total of $22 on this makeover.


I did currently have one of the colors from a previous diy project.



First, you will need the following supplies!


  1. 2 cans of Spray Paint – You will need to first decide what colors you want to make. (I obviously chose white and gold but pick something to fit your color scheme) But here are links to the ones I used. {side note: I already had the white spray paint from another diy project} Semi-Gloss White Rust-Oleum Spray Paint  
  2. Valspar Metallic Gold Anti-Rust Spray Paint
  3. Frog Tape Shape Tape – Chevron Print
  4. Scissors
  5. Masking {i.e. newspapers, scrap paper, paint drop, or scrap rag} Whatever you have around at your disposal.
  6. A Tray (You chose what works best for you!)


Now on to the Tutorial:


Start by spray painting your tray the base color of your choosing. I chose white. I also had to do a couple of coats of the white to eliminate Mother Goose from sight. I let mine dry overnight, but a couple of hours of dry time should suffice.



Then, you will start measuring out your shape tape lengths and measuring out the spacing between each row.



After careful eyeballing and spacing out the tape, you will peel off the back of the tape and place directly to the surface. Hot tip- Start by pressing the center of each piece of tape and work your way out. Sometimes the tape would get wonky on me and I would have to start over. Take your time!



Make sure that you have run all your fingers over the tape on the tray to eliminate air bubbles and loose flaps. You do not want any paint messing up this fab project!



Now, you will paint your tray with your other color. I chose to paint the back of my tray in addition to the front because it had a weird rusted metal thing going on and was a bit of an eye sore. Let this sit and completely dry before touching the tape. I waited a good 6-7 hours.



AND TA DAHHH! It’s complete! How easy was that?



I am so loving this tray and I am so happy I didn’t throw it out! What an easy fun piece to add to my decor!


I hope you enjoy this project and I would love to hear your feedback!


If you don’t have the time or want to do a project like this, but you like this tray, then swing on by my etsy store. You can check out this tray for sale! Please stop by! Please share and pin this post.


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