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Part 3: My Parents Room Makeover – Circular Mirror Tutorial

I trust you all had a wonderful weekend. Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night?? Weren’t they great? I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. That dynamic duo are excellence hosts.  The highlight of my night watching the show was when Leo DiCaprio won for best actor in a Comedy/Musical. *Swoon* I adore that man. I have loved him and his repertoire since I was 13. If you didn’t catch his speech, you should see it. I think his was the most eloquent speech of the night.  lol but… I digress.

I wanted to share with you the next step in making over my parents room. I showed you the Part 2: diy pendant lamp I created for my mom’s reading corner. Part 1 was a tutorial in creating a striped accent wall.

Now on to Part 3…

Diy-tutorial-circular-mirror-makeover-arts and classy-blog-05

I wanted to hang something fun above my parents bed to add some texture to their fabulous striped wall.

It needed a little something. Since, I am trying to keep this entire room makeover under a very tight budget a trip to goodwill was in order. I ended up finding a white circular mirror that would work great for only $12.  You never know what you will find at goodwill or any other thrift store for that matter. You just have to go look.

This mirror just needed to be spruced up a little with some paint to keep with the color scheme of their room. A fun gold metallic spray paint was just the ticket to get the fab look I was going for.

Diy-tutorial-circular-mirror-makeover-arts and classy-blog-01

Great mirror right? I also love the little decorative trim close to the rim of the mirror.

Supplies you will need for this project.

  1. Painter’s Tape
  2. Paper/cardoard (whatever you can find to mask off the mirror portion while painting)
  3. Spray paint – whatever color you choose – I used this Gold Spray Paint

After I decided my plan and had all of my supplies, I took the paper and painters tape and began masking off the inner mirror portion to prevent any overspray from happening.

Diy-tutorial-circular-mirror-makeover-arts and classy-blog-03

Then I just spray painted a few coats of paint on this mirror to make sure it was evenly spread.

Diy-tutorial-circular-mirror-makeover-arts and classy-blog-02

I let this piece cure overnight to prevent any smudges. **One tip I will give you: when spraying with metallics, use gloves or try your best not to handle the piece you are working on with you bare hands. I had some accidental finger prints left behind, so I had to re-spray some areas.

Diy-tutorial-circular-mirror-makeover-arts and classy-blog-04

And Voila The finished product.

Diy-tutorial-circular-mirror-makeover-arts and classy-blog-05

My parents loved this addition to the room, it is subtle yet just the amount of glam the room needed (without making my stepdad feel like it is too feminine) 🙂

What so you think of this addition? Please share this post! As I always say, I love feedback.