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How to Get the Kitchen You Want and Not Break the Bank

When I see many new products for home décor and home renovations out in the world that make my heart sing… I remember that, sadly, I am not yet a homeowner.

At my current apartment the kitchen countertops are made of a very dated tile…aka kinda hideous. I would love to have something more beautiful like granite or marble.

…end my pity party…

The great thing is that I now know what I want to get when I do own my first home. I realize that some of you ARE already glorious homeowners. Jealous over here…just saying.

The best thing about being a homeowner is that you can literally change whatever you want in your home!!

How to Get the Kitchen You Want Without Breaking the Bank at www.artsandclassy.com

I know some of you are looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom.

Since I am super savvy and I am always looking out for my readers, I wanted to tell you a little about Q Premium Natural Quartz.

This mineral counter top will give you the look of granite or marble without the expensive price tag.

What is Q Premium Natural Quartz you ask?

It’s a natural quartz surface made by optimal fusion of quartz and resin. It is scratch and stain resistant. For some of you with pets or children, this is important information to have before purchasing any product for your home. Let me assure you that you do not have to fear. Quartz is durable for life’s crazy moments.

Did you also know that natural quartz stone is one of nature’s hardest minerals?

I didn’t know this.

Q premium quartz also has a sleek and contemporary styling with the functionality of strength and performance. It also outlasts many other countertop options on the market today. It is non-toxic, easy to care for, and maintain.

Did you also know that Q isn’t just for countertops? You can use it for flooring and backsplashes too!


Hear that DIY-ers? You can make your home beautiful and in multiple ways with premium natural quartz, and it costs much less than marble or granite.

Q premium quartz also has many looks to it. Marble, Limestone, Natural, Contemporary, and Sparkling finishes are elegant and can fit whatever aesthetic you desire.

There are an array of colors from natural to even bright sparkling red!

View the Q Gallery to see a variety of designs and complimented Q quartz countertops.

Another fun fact about this product is that it is super DIY friendly!

On the website there are extensive installation guidelines and tips to care for your countertops to keep them looking new.

Did I also mention it is backed by a residential lifetime warranty?

M S International, Inc. warrants Q Premium Natural Quartz to be free of manufacturing defects from the date of installation when fabricated.

Yet another perk of quartz is that M S International is a proud member of U.S. Green Building Council.


The green movement is creating revolutionary innovation in the design community.
The USGBC developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating systems to provide a national standard for green building design.

Let’s reflect shall we? Q Premium Natural Quartz is…

• Stain proof
• Scratch proof
• Durable and strong
• Price Tag is much less than other minerals {Granite, Limestone, & Marble}, yet still achieves the look of both many.
• Comes in an array of colors and finishes
• Can be used as countertops for the kitchen or bathroom, back splash for the kitchen, and also flooring anywhere in your home.
• Lifetime Warranty
• It’s comes from a green friendly company {i.e. non toxic to the environment}

What do you think? I think it fulfills all areas in which any consumer would be reluctant to purchase a product. What more could you ask for? Find out more about Q Premium Natural Quartz for your home and/or next diy project!

Let me know!

Keep it Classy, Meredith


*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Push Marketing. I was compensated in full or in part for the content; however, all opinions are completely my own. I only recommend products that I believe will truly benefit the readers of Arts & Classy.