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May #30DayFlip Outdoor Spaces Revealed Part 1 of 2

By June 1, 2015#30dayflip, DIY, Outdoors

Day 1: Readers Reveal Their Outdoor Spaces (stay tuned for more reveals this week!)

This month’s 30-day flip has been all about updating our outdoor spaces. Some of us focused on enclosed patios, some of us created container gardens, some of us simply added a few pops of color. Whatever the method, readers really rocked this challenge and you should all be SO proud. I love how supportive our readers are of each other throughout the month.

So in their own words, here are the before & afters of some of the prettiest outdoor spaces in town!

“Perk Up the Porch for Spring”

By Christine at Must Love Home


Before, an old kitchen island


After! Transformed with Rustoleum paint!




After! Read more about this transformation on Christine’s blog, and follow her on Facebook as well.

Christine’s Project Overview: My project started with a daydream and became a reality by shopping my home for accessories and purchasing just three plants. Once I had everything I wanted from other rooms in my house piled on the kitchen table, I got to work. First, a new furniture arrangement. The room had been divided by furniture into two areas. Because the porch is not large, the arrangement felt cramped. I tried several new configurations and finally I broke the cardinal decorating rule and placed all of the furniture against the walls. That opened up the room and allowed it to “breathe”. Next came pillows. plants and accessories. I painted an old thrifted flowerpot and a wooden tray with my favorite “Brilliant Blue” by Rustoleum, and I also gave 2 rusty old cloches a new coat of Rustoleum’s Bright White paint. The most challenging project was the makeover of the buffet cabinet. The cabinet began as an island in the kitchen of my first home. It is solid wood and has now been on the porch of this house for 6 years. For no good reason other than a lack of will, I had never gotten around to giving this island the facelift it so desperately needed. I have always admired the dark wood buffets that I have seen in Pottery Barn and in the Ballard Catalogs. Those pieces are not in my budget, so I decided to paint what I already have. After some serious cleaning, I used 2 cans of Rustoleum’s Dark Walnut spray paint to complete the job. I also removed the existing handles, scrubbed off the rust, and gave them a coat of Rustoleum’s Chrome paint. I have to say that I am thrilled with the results. As I look out my backdoor now, my eyes stop and admire the bright colors of the screened porch just outside. The sun is shining and the days warmth travels thru the glass…I start to daydream about how the patio beyond the screened porch will look with planted flowers, and cushions and the patio furniture arranged just so…” – Christine

“Front Porch Refresh”

By Denyse at Glitter Glue & Paint (See her full blog post here).

#30Day Flip May Reveal Glitter Glue and Paint | by Snazzy Little Things

Denyse’s Project Overview: “My quick little porch project is done for now and I even squeezed in a DIY. I think this was a 1 day flip for me!” – by Denyse at Glitter, Glue and Paint (read more)

“Corner Property – Transformed!”

by Jamie Matchett

Jamie's Before the #30DayFlip | at SnazzyLittlethings.com

The “before”.

Another Shot of Before the #30DayFlip | by SnazzyLittlethings.com

Before: Jamie’s painstaking labor of organizing her wood pile.


Above: Jamie “adopted” new plants from her local nursery

Old Water Pump Crystals #30DayFlip" | at SnazzyLittleThings.com

Jamie used Rustoleum spray paint on her Grandpa’s old Water pump and added crystals for sparkle

Tub Transformed as a Planter #30DayFlip | at Snazzy Little Things


Jamie’s Project Overview: (To see more of this transformation, visit this link.) “I had an embarrassing space in my backyard corner. It seemed to be a catchall for my scraps. After usinga lot of elbow grease clearing the land I was able to paint the tub a flat black, then wax with a shimmering Gold. After sealing it I planted a variety of annuals and perennials at varying heights n textures. The final touch was painting my Grandpa’s old water pump a glossy black and sparkling crystals out of it’s mouth. My once embarrassing corner is now fragrant, beautiful, shimmering, and heartwarming when I think of all those times drinking from his well on a hot summer day. Oh, the memories!!!” – by Jamie M.

“Sue’s Covered Porch Spruce Up”

by flipper, Sue Purdy – check out her blog at A Purdy Little House

Back Porch, before | at Snazzy Little Things

Before: back porch area

Before: A Thrifted Chandelier #30DayFlip | at SnazzyLittleThings.com

Before: A thrift store chandelier

Back deck after #30DayFLip | at SnazzyLittleThings.comAfter!

Back Deck Transformed during #30DayFlip | at SnazzyLittleThings.com

After: Gorgeous table settings complete the space

After: Back Deck Transformed #30DayFlip | at SnazzyLittleThings.com


Sue’s Project Overview: (See her blog post here) I strived to create a fun and vibrant outdoor dining area, with the colours being inspired by the purple and lime in the outdoor cushions. I purchased the fabric for the cushions from Fabricland. The table and chairs were purchased for $40 off craigslist, and I cleaned them up with some fine grit sandpaper and black spray paint. The lime green “curtain” frames out a window that leads into a laundry room. Instead of purchasing costly outdoor fabric, I found a shower curtain at a thrift store for $4.00. The chandelier was another craigslist score that I purchased years ago, and never ended up using. I pulled it out of storage, and transformed it using rustoleum lime spray paint, tea lights from the dollar store and construction adhesive to secure the candles in place. – by Sue P.

I love to entertain and have guests stay long into the evenings, so outdoor candles and a chandelier were also added to create a warm and welcoming, yet casual atmosphere.

I love gallery walls, and to fill in the blank space I used some frames that I no longer needed, and jar lanterns I found at the dollar store. The chevron candle holders were purchased on clearance at a bargain store called Giant Tiger.” – by Sue Purdy.

“I DID That!!! Porch Makover”

by Jill T.

Before: Front Porch #30DayFlip | at SnazzyLittleThings.com



Porch, after!
New Lighting #30DayFlip | at SnazzyLittleThings.com

Progress update: new lighting!


After! More progress….

Jill’s Project Overview: “I’ve lived in my house nearly four years and, until now, haven’t done anything remarkable with the front porch. I placed two large urns that I lugged from Colorado on either side of my front door and called it good. First, though, I spray painted them a teal/turquoise blue but didn’t cover them completely because I ran out of paint and didn’t want to buy more. Yeah. I actually did that.

I used spray paint again and made sure to cover the entire urn this time (Ha!) and then decided that I wanted an aged look. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I broke out my Annie Sloan dark wax and rubbed it into the very porous surface. The urns sat in my garage a few days to set up and were then moved them outside. They’ve seen lots of rain over the last month and have held up beautifully.

Before putting the urns in place, I got a lesson in power washing from my dad. So much progress in such a short time. I power washed the porch and sidewalk, and that alone made the space look 100% better!

I have wanted to get rid of the brass light fixtures since I moved in, and this was the perfect opportunity. I never would’ve believed that I had it in me to change those fixtures, but I found a tutorial on Pretty Handy Girl’s blog and decided to give it a go. I purchased my new Patriot Lighting lanterns at Menards for about $15 apiece.

I then gathered garage sale and Goodwill purchases that I had laying around: an ugly gold pot, a 3-D metal star, and some old wire baskets. Spray paint worked miracles on their ugliness!

I made the “Ring Bell” sign to the right of the front door with pallet wood I had laying around and leftover paint. I had previously purchased the grapevine wreath at Goodwill and added a flower spray, a bow and a wooden letter all purchased at Michael’s.

I’m so happy with how it turned out!” — by Jill T.

“Simple Pops of Color on Our Patio”

by flipper, Debra Thompsen (see her patio in the April flip)


Before10363841_908172669247451_92799727744237042_nAfter! Fresh, flowering plants!

Whitewashed Pots

Trimming makes a big difference

Full fi

Debra’s Project Overview: “I really didn’t do any huge changes, but it is amazing what some trimming and flowering plants can add! (Still not done, but it is a start! Need to replant ground cover on patio – going with vinca.)by Debra Thompsen

“My Paradise”

by Debra Rapsardi

30dayflip4fix4.png 30dayflip2fix2.png 30dayflip3fix3.png 30dayflipfix1.png


Debra’s Project Overview: “I had a huge list for Mays #30DayFlip. From repainting the front door and all of the trim in the front to adding mulch and potted plants. The back was a bit larger. I had my work cut out for me, but my hard work paid off. Check out my photos to see the before and afters”. – by Debra R.

“Plain Pots Turned to Pretty Planters”

by Karen at Dragonflies and Lilypads (see more on her blog, here)



Pots, before paint.

See more on Karen’s blog.



Karen’s Project Overview: “I took a few plain terracotta Looking pots added a two stripes of blue and lavender patio paint, flowers and dragonfly trellises to create pretty planters matching the style of our lake home.” – by Karen at Dragonflies & Lilypads

Some of our flippers are experiencing a rain delay, so stay tuned later this week for some great before & after transformations!

My readers, ROCK, don’t they? Won’t you join us for our next #30DayFlip? You won’t regret it!
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