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Easy Steps to Make Your Home Cozy and Welcoming

The temperature is beginning to change, and your home decor is changing with it.

With fall and winter quickly approaching, it’s time to pack up the light, summer blankets and fresh summer flowers and replace them with decor that will make your home instantly cozy and inviting for you and your guests.


Here are the top 4 ways to create a cozy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Easy steps to make your home cozy and welcoming

Throw Blankets and Pillows



Creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your home begins with providing warm and comfortable materials. By providing extra blankets and pillows, you create a wonderfully relaxed and inviting place to stay.

Using cable knit or soft, fluffy materials gives your room an extra boost when it comes to comfort. You can either drape the blankets over your couch or store them in a box by the fireplace for guests to use. Everyone loves having an extra blanket to keep their toes warm.



Fire and Lighting

Turn off the overhead lights and turn on the tabletop lamps.

Generating mood lighting is essential for creating a cozy atmosphere. Use smaller lamps or have a dimmer switch installed so you can control the amount of light in your room.

If you have a fireplace, use it. Most people enjoy being near a toasty fire because it is calming, mesmerizing, and comforting. If you don’t have a fireplace, make use of candles.

Scatter groups of candles around your room to enhance the mood lighting and bring the atmospheric temperature up. Candles are also great to add warm fragrances to your home. Use apple, pumpkin, or hearth scented candles when the temperatures start to drop.

You can also make your own autumn potpourri by simmering apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla oil on your stovetop.



Display Your Memories

Decorating with photos of your friends and loved ones instantly turns a house or apartment into a cheerful, pleasant home. Hang up photos of you and your close friends and relatives smiling and having fun to make your home more inviting and personal.

Proudly display your children’s artwork throughout the year. If you have decorative pieces you got while traveling or from your family members, put it on display.

If there’s a funny story attached to a certain piece, you can share it with your guests while relaxing by the fireplace or write it on a little placard for them to read in their spare time.



When creating a cozy atmosphere in your home, be sure to surround yourself with items that make you comfortable and happy. If you feel comfortable in your home, your guests will, too.

For added cozy points, always have snacks and drinks readily available. Tea, coffee, and cider are great drinks for the cooler seasons.

Aside from providing physical warmth, the scent of these beverages will give your home a wonderfully pleasant aroma. Choose your favorite beverages, snacks, blankets, and decor to make your home extra cozy, comfortable, and welcoming.



Article written by Kelly Mahan, also a writer for homeyou.com, a company that connects homeowners to reliable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.