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December Challenge #30DayFlip Charitable Giving & Purge The Excess

As we ring in 2016, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect back on all the wonderful things we’ve all accomplished in 2015. The December #30dayflip Challenge, hosted by the lovely and talented Jeanette at Snazzy Little Things and the inspiring and fun Meredith at Arts & Classy, was to focus on Charitable Giving & Purging the Excess. This was more of an individual challenge in the sense that there are no Before and After photos, and no big reveals at the end.

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When it comes to charitable giving, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing in your heart that you have made a difference in someone’s life. I personally took part in donating money from my pay cheque at work to help support local charities throughout the Christmas season. I also actively donate to the United Way through a biweekly payroll deduction, and participated in a Christmas Gift drive, which included visiting local retailers to shop ask for discounts on the items purchased to make the monetary donations go as far as possible. This was an incredibly rewarding experience, and I am so happy to have participated in it. Many of our DIY Forum members also took part and here is an excerpt from Debra, one of our lovely members:

I do not have pictures, but my son plays basketball for our local CYO. Every year for Thanksgiving I get our team parents involved in collecting and donating food to make baskets for local families in need. I collected enough food to make several baskets. This year not only did we collect a ton of food, but two weeks later I reached out to our team parents again. This time it was for toy donations. And they did not disappoint. I presented our CYO with a back seat full of toys, which I’m sure will put big smiles on a lot of children’s faces ?

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Not only does giving create a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but it’s important for our children to also get involved. At my children’s school every December, they host a hat, scarf and mitten tree. Instead of decorating a tree in the school’s front foyer, the children are asked to bring in these items and display them on the tree. Then, these are given to a local charity to help keep those less fortunate warm throughout the winter months. My kids loved going out and choosing which hats, mittens and scarves were to be added to the school’s tree. I was also so proud when my 9 year old ended up donating her allowance to the Hospital for Sick Children at our local Walmart.

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The second part to the December #30dayflip challenge was to help motivate and encourage members to Purge the Excess. While learning to purge is often a challenge for some (me included), it can often be equally as rewarding as doing a full room makeover. Here are some strategies to help begin the process:

  1. Begin with a realistic goal: While it’s all fine and dandy to think that one can entirely purge their whole house, it’s pretty far-fetched. I like to start with setting a realistic and attainable goal when it comes to purging. The more realistic the goal, the better chance you have of meeting it.
  2. Focus on one area: I typically will decide on what area of a particular room I want to focus on. For example, I decide to de-clutter a closet or a shelf in one room, instead of getting overwhelmed by the entire room. Breaking it into sections can really help with the overall process.
  3. Have organizing tools on hand: It’s difficult enough to begin sorting through the clutter, but making sure you have the proper tools makes the job easier. If I know I’m going to be de-cluttering an area, I begin a couple weeks beforehand collecting boxes and bins. I also ensure I have plenty of garbage bags on hand too.
  4. Create sorting piles: There are typically 3 piles consisting of Keep, Donate, and Trash. I will usually use a box for the donate pile (as it makes for easy transport), and place all the items going in the Trash pile in a garbage bag. If you belong to a local virtual garage sale website or any other online selling group, you can also create a 4th pile: Sell. For these items, I keep them in a box all together so that they can be easily accessed when someone contacts me and wants to buy one.
  5. Talk to Yourself: Lol. That’s right. It’s fairly simple to know which items are Trash, but when deciding on whether to Keep, Donate or Sell an item, ask yourself honestly these questions:

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Once the whole process is broken down into small attainable steps, purging can be easy, and dare I say…. FUN?

I would like to thank all the wonderful members of the DIY Forum and the #30dayflip who participated in the December Challenge. If you haven’t yet joined the DIY Forum on Facebook, and you love DIY, furniture makeovers, crafts, full room makeovers and gathering with like-minded people, just click below to request to Join.

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The DIY Forum is also hosting the monthly #30dayflip Challenges. Here is the schedule for 2016:

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We hope to see you on the DIY Forum. This forum is open to anyone enthusiastic about DIY, creatives, bloggers, and you don’t have to participate in the #30dayflip to be a member of the DIY Forum (but we’d love it if you did). There are A LOT of new and exciting things we’re doing this year, including LIVE weekly broadcasts on Periscope where we will review our progress on the monthly flips, as well as Giveaways, support, advice from other members…… and more. See you soon everyone.

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