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How to Brighten Your Space Just in Time for Spring

As Spring relieves us of the colder, darker days of winter, you may be inspired to refresh your home to match the blossoming beauty of the new season. You have many simple, low-cost options to revitalize your space.

How to brighten your space just in time for spring

Here are seven different ways you can brighten up your space just in time for the Spring season:

  • Frame up your Space

    Add a molding to a room or hallway. You can add detailing along the top of a wall with crown molding or install baseboard at the bottom. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to trim. This architectural touch will bring a defined, crisp look to any room.

  • A Fresh Coat of Paint

    What a difference a paint job can do for a room and home. The act of covering up scuffs and discolorations, as well as adding a new hue to a room, is simple but extremely effective at rejuvenating a space — indoors or outdoors.

Consider integrating jewel tones, subdued blues and purple hues as these colors are trending in 2016 for interior design.

How to Brighten Your Space Just in Time for Spring - painting walls

  • Accessorize!

    Just like a wardrobe where you can have basics to begin an outfit and then dress them up with accessories, the home is no different. To freshen up your living space, swap out the accessories aka the hardware on your cabinets, cupboards, closets and drawers. There are many styles and designs available for pulls and knobs.

This is a very inexpensive and easy way to remodel. You won’t even need a drill or screwdriver if you pick knobs and pulls with the same size bits — it’ll just be a matter of removing the old and screwing in the new with a twist of the wrist.

On the inside of the house, which can still be seen from the street through the windows, are the blinds and draperies in your home. Switch out sun-bleached or out-of-date patterns and colors to brighten the interior and exterior of your home — it’s a two-for-one!

How to Brighten Your Space Just in Time for Spring - windows

Clean the windows while you’re at it. The film that builds up over the winter months, can block natural light from streaming into your home.

  • Get Some Bright Ideas

    Shedding new light on a room can bring perspective and a fresh dynamic to the space. Try installing new lighting. It can be a free standing floor lamp or perhaps a new wall or ceiling fixture. Any or all of these can enhance the atmosphere of the room.

Also consider substituting out a lampshade to energize the room’s style. You can even try making your own lamp covering.

How to Brighten Your Space Just in Time for Spring - chandelier lighting for home

While you’re focused on your lighting fixtures, clean or replace fan blades that may be paired with them. These blades can collect an awful lot of dust over the year.
Also clean any fixtures that have attracted dust and bugs — cleaning off the residue from the year will bring more light into your home.

  • Add Texture & Pattern

    Try adding some color, texture or patterns to the your kitchen or bathroom with a backsplash. This doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor. Opt for inexpensive materials such as tin ceiling tiles, wallpaper, stainless steel or even chalkboard or magnetic paint.

  • Landscaping

    Don’t overlook your yard when you freshen up your home for spring. Curb appeal is a big part of your home’s atmosphere. You have flowers, shrubs, garden furniture, walking paths and more as options to add to the look and feel of your yard. When planting vegetation, make sure to consider the growing conditions on your property and purchase plants that will flourish in the available shade and sunlight.

How to Brighten Your Space Just in Time for Spring - garden furniture

As the weather turns from Winter to Spring, get inspired by the freshness in the air. Take the change in seasons to make a shift in your own living space. You needn’t spend heaps of cash to reinvigorate your home, use any or all of these simple but beautiful suggestions and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll brighten your space.