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Amenities to Look for in Your LA Rental

By Jennifer Riner, Zillow

What should SoCal renters place at the top of their amenity must-have lists? Anticipated amenities during an apartment hunt vary from renter to renter, especially conditional on the climate of a city. A renter searching in Chicago is probably going to prioritize (and expect) heat over someone apartment hunting in Los Angeles.

Here are a few conveniences for Los Angeles renters to keep in mind when searching for rentals.

Amenities to look for in your LA rental1. Air conditioning



Summer is just around the corner, and LA is no stranger to the heat. Brace yourself for July and August if your apartment isn’t equipped with air conditioning. If you’re currently on the hunt for a new rental, it might be time to search for a unit offering A/C – as long as it still fits within your budget. If not, look for ceiling fans or purchase your own mobile fans to get through the next few months.

2. Fitness studio



Living near (or perhaps in) Hollywood creates a certain amount of pressure to stay in good physical shape. However, having a gym where you live is motivation to stay active and stick with a fitness routine. Even walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes is a smart start that can keep extra weight off and clear your head simultaneously. Plus, you’ll save money on an outside gym membership, assuming you’re not paying a premium monthly rent simply for the gym amenity.

3. Outdoor space

Amenities to Look for in Your LA Rental{Source}

Being trapped inside on a beautiful evening in sunny SoCal isn’t desirable. Reading a book in the garden or outdoor patio can act as a stress reliever after a hard day’s work. Complexes with communal grills are a bonus for renters who love to entertain – especially if your apartment lacks a balcony for you to host your own soiree. If you can grill and bring the food back up to your apartment – or dine with friends on a rooftop space overlooking the cityscape – you have the perfect scenario for a cozy summer get-together.

4. Security system

Living in the city definitely has its perks – proximity to local eateries, bars, shops and public transportation – but you have to be realistic about protecting yourself and your belongings. Finding a spot with some sort of security system creates peace of mind, even if you live in a neighborhood with relatively low crime rates. If it’s your first time living alone, think of an alarm system as your very protective roommate.

Some apartments may offer the works in terms of perks, with rooftop pools and brand new stainless steel appliance packages, so each of the aforementioned amenities can scale from small to large. Depending on your budget, you’ll likely find an apartment offering at least one of your priorities, but maybe not all. Stay realistic and rank your absolute must-haves based on your current lifestyle before starting your rental home search.