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DIYers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their homes. If you’re looking for a project specific to your home type, that will give it a distinctively personal touch, check out some of the ideas below.

DIY Home Make Overs for a Variety of HomesThe Basic Bungalow

DIY Home Make Overs for a Variety of Homes - bungalow home

Bungalows gained popularity in the 1910s and 1920s. Originally available in kits from stores like Sears, Roebuck and Company, these comfortable homes were simple and affordable. Tapping into the nostalgic simplicity of your bungalow will help you make the most of its compact design.

  • Brighten your space with lighter shades of wall paint. This will help open up the smaller quarters and make your rooms feel bright and airy.
  • Take advantage of vertical space. With limited floor area it only makes sense to build up. Add floor to ceiling shelving to make the most of those unused walls.
  • Nothing says bungalow like a window flower box blooming with your favorite summer blossoms. Adding a window flower box enhances the curb appeal and fills your home with delightful fragrances every time you enter, exit or open your windows.

The Rambling Ranch

DIY Home Make Overs for a Variety of Homes - ranch house

Ranch homes became popular in the 1950s and 1960s and were known for their open floor plans, and connection to the landscape outside, through large windows and sliding patio doors. Utilize these homes’ openness and length for added interest when incorporating your unique style.

  • Update your fireplace by painting the tired old red brick or incorporating some modern tile or stone. The texture will give added appeal to the long walls, without interfering with the open concept.
  • Install curtain rods high above your windows and add roman shades or bamboo blinds directly below the rods, then add long drapes to create an illusion of height in the room and a more interesting profile.
  • Add some symmetrical landscaping to disrupt the monotony of the sprawling exterior and low roof line. Think small to break up the expanse without overwhelming the house. Use short shrubs such as boxwoods and groups of eye-catching flowers and grasses, then frame them with taller trees and evergreens.

The Sassy Split-Level

DIY Home Make Overs for a Variety of Homes - split level home

The popularity of the split-level peaked in the 1970s, and was ideal for suburban areas that offered smaller lots and required builders to go up instead of out. Though their popularity has waned, these spacious homes are still practical and can offer a compact, yet spacious design that can be sufficiently updated with the right touches.

  • Adding larger double-paned windows can give your split-level a more modern look and increase the amount of natural light. The double panes will also help insulate the house and save you money on utility bills.
  • For improved curb appeal, consider adding a grand entrance with a peaked roof above your front door and large columns to frame it.

The Cozy Cabin

DIY Home Make Overs for a Variety of Homes - log cabin home 2

Traditionally a symbol of humble origins, and associated with rural areas, the popularity of these simple rustic structures is again on the rise. When making improvements, or adding décor to your cabin, you’ll want to look for ideas that emphasize the natural intent and raw form of its architecture.

DIY Home Make Overs for a Variety of Homes - log cabin home

  • Preserve your memories with a sliced wood picture frame. Simply cut some wood into fairly consistent sized pieces and glue them to an old picture frame. This fun frame is sure to add warmth to any room with its interesting texture and unique appearance.
  • Create an outdoor entertainment area using old pallets to maintain that natural feel. You’ll also be doing good things for the environment by upcycling materials that probably would have landed in a landfill.
  • If you’re really a hard core DIYer you may want to take it further than a makeover and look into designing your own unique log cabin home. What could be more personal than a cozy cabin designed specifically for you, by you?

The Vintage Victorian

Though it began with the traditional Gothic style, Victorian homes as we know them today consisted of different combinations of house styles. Usually built between the mid-1800s and early 1900s, these ornate houses are multi-storied structures that usually consist of small closed off rooms and few closets. Creating a larger, more open space may be your goal when giving one of these beauties a make-over.

  • Because bedrooms are usually small with little or no closet space you may want to consider removing a wall between back to back bedrooms to create a master suite with more storage. Removing walls on the main floor will also create better flow.
  • Wallpaper can give your Victorian an authentic feel, and make it look like you took a step back in time. Embossed paper is an easy way to give your walls an elegant, timeless look. Try a special glazing or picking technique to further enhance the beauty of your newly adorned walls.

Note: When removing walls, be sure to determine which ones are support walls.  If there’s any doubt call a professional to check things out before you start swinging a sledge hammer.

While keeping with the original style of your home can be fun, in the end, the most important thing is that it reflects who you are and what you like. After all, home is where the heart is and if your heart is in it, your DIY projects will definitely reflect that sentiment.