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8 Things I Did That Made My Blog Traffic Explode

I have been blogging for over 5+ years now. I can not believe the amazing opportunities and doors it has opened since I started A & C back in April of 2012. I remember sitting on my sofa, feeling pretty depressed and broke. I was wondering how I was going to try to get away from a 9-5 job that I hated. Now here I am 5 years later, and I LOVE my blog and what I do! I have had the satisfaction of writing several posts on things I did that made my blog traffic explode and I want to share my tips with you.

What I have found is that being focused is the post important thing to start. I advise putting other projects on hold if you want to get serious about blogging. Consistency is key.

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1. Write about topics I am passionate about and that people are searching for.

Instead of covering a variety of topics, consider diving deep on 1-3 topics on your blog. Become an expert on those 1-3 topics. I now it may seem like common sense to write on topics people are searching for, but not everyone does. All it takes is a simple google search or on quora to see what people are asking in whatever niche you write about.

Here is an example, I wrote a post a couple years ago called how to make your home look more expensive on a dime.

That exploded my blog traffic and went viral on Pinterest for over a year keeping my traffic consistent at around 200k pageviews a month. I couldn’t believe it.

2. Create a strategy and plan it out.

What you will need for this is a journal and a blog editorial calendar.  I have tried keeping my editorial calendar in my normal day planner, but it gets too congested and I have learned that I like keeping it separate.

I am a big fan of setting a timer for about 10 minutes to focus in on what I could potentially write about on the blog. I do this every month to plan out my editorial calendar.

I used to try and plan my calendar out months in advance, but I find that my creative mind can be fickle. I learned that just planning a month in advance is all I want to do. Sometimes projects pop up or I simply do not feel like covering a topic I planned when the day arrives to write it.

You will also want to use a journal to set your goals for the next 90 days, 6 months, and a year with your blog. You can also use this for mind mapping your ideas and your brainstorming sessions. I also recommend carrying it with you in your laptop bag, purse, etc. This is perfect for when a good idea strikes.

You can use your smartphone too, but I found that putting pen/pencil to paper makes ideas much clearer for me. There is more of connection and it helps me stick to my ideas because I see them every time I open my journal.

3. Build your email list from day 1.

This means creating a newsletter to send out to your audience. When you can afford to use premium features from your CRM, you can set up automated sequences when someone signs up for a specific list. I recommend niching out your lists.

If you talk about tips on blogging, DIY, and decorating like me you will want to have separate lists for all three niches. Nothing makes someone unsubscribe faster than getting emails on topics they did not sign up for.

4. Create beautiful graphics to share on Pinterest and other social media.

Pinterest has always been the social media platform that has had my heart from the beginning. I was on Pinterest when it first started back in 2010. Although, I was pinning for fun and didn’t even think of connecting it to my blog until about 2013. There were no such thing as rich pins or business accounts on Pinterest at that time. Bloggers were discovering that Pinterest was actually a valuable traffic referring tool with the right imagery.

I started using Canva to create most of my pinnable images, but I still use Photoshop a lot.

Flash forward to present day (2017), and I am all about joining group boards and automating my pins with my favorite scheduling tool, Tailwind! You gain more exposure by joining multiple group boards. You can find all the group boards on Pinterest by going to pingroupie.com.

You can gain more exposure by joining multiple group boards (this will also help you grow your following.) You can find all the group boards on Pinterest by going to pingroupie.com.

5. Be social and connect with other bloggers.

I realize that being behind a computer can get lonely sometimes. But why not connect with other bloggers to make friends. They are your peers and they understand more than anyone the trials and tribulations that come with blogging. Especially for moments like your site crashes, switching web hosting, blogger burnout, and brainstorming content ideas.

I joined some blogger Facebook groups that have really helped me stay grounded and connected to other people in this business. I also began attending 2 blogging conferences a year to help me network with my peers as well as connect with reputable brands.

6. Invest in courses that will help you grow your blog and your approach to it as a business. 

Accountability. This if you are not willing to invest in yourself, then what are you doing? You may need a mindset shift. I was pretty cheap about starting my blog but that was when it was more of a hobby. When I focused in on blogging as a business things shifted.

I invested in courses like Elite Blogging Academy, Marketing Impact Academy, & Instagram Impact. These were pricey courses and I am so happy I invested because it opened my mind up to other possibilities with my business. Plus when you spend the $$ you are going to make it happen. No one wants to throw $600- $1000 down the drain.

7. I wrote posts about my blogging income each month. 

I was nervous to do this at first but I saw successful like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. Even though I was nervous about it sharing, I knew it would hold me accountable and also help to serve others with getting their blog set up.

I began sharing my blog traffic and income reports regularly and that really made an impact on my site and my credibility as a blogger.

8. Create Round-up posts.

You may have seen other bloggers create these types of posts. Here are a couple of my round ups as examples:

Things to remember about round-ups. Do not just copy and paste someone else’s words to your blog. Don’t plagiarize. If you are going to implement some other bloggers ideas, put it into your own words and give credit where it’s due.

I always source each image and include “image credit” under each image. I like to look for images that are doing well on Pinterest to include in round-up posts. It’s also not a bad idea to shoot an email over to the blogger who’s content you are using to ask permission and to send their way once the post is over so they can share with their audience if they wish.

Most bloggers consider it a compliment that you are sharing their content. If you can tap into their audience these are strategies that can help you in the long term.

When I first started my blog, I was seeing about 10,000 -20,000 pageviews a month and now I see well over 100,000+ page views a month by following these strategies and using helpful tools to allow me to stay engaged with creating new and helpful content to serve my audience. I hope these tips that made my blog traffic explode will help you as well.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, but have been wanting to, check out how you can easily start your own blog + a free checklist to help you along the way.

Please let me know in the comments below if this article was helpful for you! What tips will you start implementing on your blog?


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