Freshen Up Your Home With 6 Spring Cleaning Tips

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The following six cleaning tips will have your home feeling fresher than ever: some require renovation, while others require elbow grease.



It’s not often that ceiling corners, crown molding, cabinet tops, or hanging light fixtures and fans catch your attention for having gathered dust, but, when they do, they’re super dusty.


Refresh —  or Replace — Linens

Your curtains are often overlooked when cleaning. Give them a fresh boost by throwing them in the dryer to remove dust and flatten any accrued wrinkles.


Clean Your Windows

Window cleaning is an essential and routine part of spring-cleaning.


Tackle the Toilet

Leave your store-bought toilet bowl cleaner behind in favor of good, old-fashioned bleach, which cleans and sanitizes in one fell swoop.


Take It  Outside

Wash your linens and hang them outside to dry. An afternoon spent drying and basking in the sun could lock in a fresh scent that’s perfectly reflective of the season happening outside.


Go Low

Get down on your hands and knees and inspect the baseboard molding throughout your home. Often out of sight, this area doesn’t get much cleaning love.