How To Start a Furniture Flipping Business

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Hi! I'm  Meredith 

and I'm sharing insider tips on how to start a furniture flipping business. 



Start a Website

I recommend starting a website with your furniture flipping side hustle so people can see the furniture you have already worked on. Think of it as your portfolio and another avenue to make money.


Start Social Media Channels

 I recommend using Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube videos, and Facebook. Use your business name as the handle across all platforms and the same photo on all platforms so that people can find you easily.



Find Furniture

My favorite price is FREE and that was all I had to work with when I first started doing furniture makeovers. I began with furniture in my home that were hand-me-downs or pieces that didn’t reflect my style anymore.


Build Your Supply Closet

Build your supply closet of paint and furniture rehabbing supplies because you will need them for whatever projects you find. It’s good to have things on hand when creativity strikes.


Price & List

Figure out how long the piece took, the cost of supplies, and local pricing of similar items.

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