5 Top Tips for Home Organization on a Budget

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Hi! I'm  Meredith 

I love having an organized home and these 5 tips are a good place to start when trying to organize on a budget. 



Assess Your Space

Before diving into the world of home organization, it’s important to first assess your space. Take a good, hard look at each room and consider what is and isn’t working. Are certain areas constantly cluttered? Do you struggle to find storage solutions for specific items?


Consider Your Lifestyle & Habits

Are you someone who struggles to keep up with regular cleaning and organization? Understanding your tendencies and habits will help you create an approach that’s sustainable and effective for the long term.


Identify the  Challenges

Do you have too much of something? Is one space in need of better storage for specific activities? Knowing the challenges will help with planning.


One Step at a Time

Take it one step at a time. Set aside a few hours each day and focus on a task that feels conquerable.


it is important to start small, break the job into smaller, manageable tasks and focus on one area or room at a time.