Affordable & Easy DIY Pottery Barn Dupe Vase

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Hi! I'm  Meredith 

Here's a tutorial for one of my faves:

and I love DIY'ing Pottery Barn dupes on a budget!



Gather  Materials:

– 3 Thrift store find vases (both colorful and clear glass vases work for this project) – White chalk paint or spray paint – Brown chalk paint – Dark brown chalk paint – Sponges – Gold shiny pigment – Stencil brush – Paintbrush – Spackle or joint compound or Plaster of Paris – Palette or putty knife


Using a small spatula or a plastic palette knife, apply a layer of spackle to the vase to create texture starting on the bottom section of the vase. 

Add Texture


Use a sealer to protect any painted detail or texture. 

Seal the spackle


After the sealer has dried, paint the vase with multiple coats of white chalk paint.

Paint White


Adding gold pigment with a stencil paint brush is the perfect way to give your DIY pottery barn vase duplicates the professional flair of real pottery barn vases.

Add Gold Highlights

Then Style!