5 Genius Hidden Storage Solutions for a Small Space

After experiencing 7 months in a 450-square-foot apartment, I now realize how vital hidden storage is. At the time when I was living there, Arts & Classy weren’t even on my radar yet. Nor was my passion for furniture flipping or blogging.

I was just an early twenty-something trying to make it in the film industry after college while also bartending on the side. I wish I had known about creative and hidden storage solutions because it really would have helped me while residing there. It felt super cramped and with 2 felines, even more crowded.

5 Genius Hidden Storage Solutions for a Small Space

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This is why I think this subject is so relevant. There are a lot of apartments and homes out there, that are a little small, especially with newer apartment complexes. Rooms are shrinking to fit more units on a floor. As most adults would say, they just don’t make them like they used to.

I think this is why I am now drawn to older buildings when I am apartment hunting instead of a newer and larger complex.

I hope you find these 5 secret storage solutions for small spaces helpful. 

1. Shoe Storage doesn’t have to be difficult and in a small place. 

You will want to take up more vertical and ground space to store your precious feet bling. You can also use a curtain or a hanging fabric divider to give a little pizazz to this storage solution. y love in the image below, how the curtain is semi-swagged in front of the shoes, It gives this solution more of a touch of class, so you don’t have to look at that wire shoe rack all the time.

Shop a similar shoe rack.

2. Headboard storage does double duty

In this example and seems to be the best way to exist in a small bedroom. I love how many newer solutions are being commercialized for the masses to use in their homes.

Not everyone is up for or equipped for a do-it-yourself project. This headboard storage idea is super savvy. I love that this piece is decorative and functional all at once. p.s. I love tufted furniture.

3. Trash & Recycling storage may not be the most fun solution to talk about, but it is important.

Usually, in a small apartment, there is a small kitchen. That being said, there is probably not a lot of counter space for you to work with when cooking or prepping any sort of meal. Why not either find, purchase, or build a little piece that can help mask a trash or recycling bin while acting as additional counter space in a little nook or like the image below?

In a small area next to the stove. I think this storage solution is the most practical and necessary.

Shop something similar.

4. Office storage can be made much simpler

Try gorgeous reclaimed wood DIY floating shelves with built-in drawers. I know this solution would even be perfect in my office now and my apartment is much larger than the studio I mentioned earlier.

You could even use this solution if you don’t have an office.

You could create an office space in any room or use these to display art in your living room. Use dual-function furniture and decor for storing things like remotes, notes, pens, pencils, & other supplies. By organizing essentials you can maximize your space.

5. Dining room storage solutions are hard to get creative with.

It should be more functional than anything else. At apartmenttherapy.com they show this awesome foldable table with hidden storage shelves.  Another fun feature is that in order to store your dining chairs, you hang them on the wall. To top it off my DIY-ing friends, have building plans for you to make your own.

To top it off my DIY-ing friends, have building plans for you to make your own. You could make this piece of many things. It could be a crafting table with all your supplies on shelves. But I do like that the made it like a beverage/bar station. That’s my kind of DIY.

The point is that you don’t have to think within the perimeters of … what can I buy to help me use my space more effectively? It is more about, how can I create a storage solution that will help me live in my space peacefully and clutter-free.

I really love these examples of solutions and I wish things like Pinterest existed when I was living with less. If you like these solutions, you should check out my Pinterest board dedicated entirely to small-space solutions.

Follow Meredith Greenberg’s board Home – Small Space Solutions on Pinterest.

Which example is your favorite? Which one could you see yourself making or getting? I would love to hear from you in the. comments!

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    1. Hi Susie,
      I found this image on another site. I believe it was a DIY project. The source link is under the image if you would like to research further. Apologies that I don’t have an answer as to where you could purchase this.
      Best, Meredith

  1. Such clever and convenient ideas! I just moved to my new place and as it’s not very big, I need to organize the storage space according to my needs. These options seem to work great for my situation, so I’m showing your post to my boyfriend for some advice. Thank you for sharing these creative solutions!

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