My New Home Tour! Starting Home Decorating Ideas…

I am still in disbelief that it is pretty much summer already.  Where did the time go? I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted, but I can finally catch you ALL up on my adventure into my new apartment!

What an exciting and stressful time this has been. Between organizing the movers to, getting my keys, to making small trips to get some things in the unit… I can honestly say I have been exhausted since. I also wanted to rave about the moving company I chose to use. They are called Northstar and they rock! I did some research on Yelp before booking anything and came across a great deal that they had for $50 I received a $100 voucher to apply towards my move. I was really hoping this company would exceed my expectations and thankfully they did! It took them a total of 3 hours to pick up a small load at my parent’s place, head to my storage unit, clear that out completely, and then to deliver and unload in my new home. It made my life a breeze…

The last moving company I used, Acclaimed Movers, was dreadful. From quoting me incorrectly and getting a horrific cost at the end of my move, to their office is a challenge to reach for a refund they owed me.  It was a nightmare.

On a happier note… it hasn’t even been a whole week in my new space and I am already getting inspired to make this place a chic, calm, and creative oasis. I want it to be a source of inspiration when I walk in the door, even after a long day.

I want to bring you ALL along in the process.

First, I wanted to give you a tour of my empty humble abode.  It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with a lot of character. It’s a little older, but I love the high ceilings, wood floors, the interesting shape of the floor plan, and that it is 2 miles from the beach!

Forewarning you about the following images and video you are about to see… I had already started bringing little stuff over when my step-dad so courteously recorded this.  Also, this is my first video I am uploading on my youtube channel that is blog related! I am doing my best to get a little more interactive with you all. Please don’t  judge… lol 🙂


What do you think? Let the home decorating ideas begin! Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. It may be a little hard to visualize now, but trust me I am about to work my magic. 🙂 Thank you to everyone for your patience while I have been a little absent on the blog this past month. But, trust me, May is going to be action-packed full of fun content.

Oh, Happy Day!

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