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Rental Friendly DIY Door Decor with Washi Tape

If you live in a rental like I do, the doors are often very plain (unless you are super lucky with a place with character). I never really knew how I could give them a classy update without damaging the doors.

I thought of applying decals which would work, but it is sad to admit that it’s seemed too complicated to do. I know how to apply decals. I used to do it a lot when I worked on the TV show Big Brother among other random shows and movies I have worked on. I was being lazy on this project guys. Maybe I am that should be a new series #LazyGirlDecorating. Is that already a thing?

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I admit it this is my lazy girl decorating + I don’t have one of those snazzy Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Explore machines that you can program to cut the decals you want. But washi tape works great, so it is hard to not use it when I have a lot of it stocked and sitting in my office.

“Work with what you have” is my motto. 

This idea has been in my mind for months and I finally felt inspired to complete this project and I mustered up my courage to do it LIVE on a Periscope broadcast. You can watch the broadcast (and all my future broadcasts) on KATCH. That is, if you can’t make it live.

Rental Friendly DIY Door Decor with Washi Tape. Learn more at artsandclassy.com

Anyway, on to the the project…

My plain boring white doors needed something.

I decided after making my DIY Christmas Tree in 2015 that I totally wanted to tackle my doors. Washi tape is a renter’s best friend!!!! I also have used washi tape as a frame for a print over my bed in my room.

Side note: My friend Flavia from Neat House Sweet Home just did a Periscope recently and talked about chalkboard tape. I had never heard of such a product. How cool is that? I found some online here if you are interested in learning more.

Washi tape sticks long enough and doesn’t damage the surface it is stuck to. It comes in fun colors and patterns. I chose to do plain black. I thought the contrast against the stark whiteness would work nicely and I think I nailed it.

You can tackle different shapes to create different faux inlays on your doors. Here are some other fun examples of this project.

Here is the before photo of one of my plain boring white doors.

Rental Friendly DIY Door Decor with Washi Tape - Before


And here are the after photos. Looks better right?

Rental Friendly DIY Door Decor with Washi Tape - After

Rental Friendly DIY Door Decor with Washi Tape

Supplies you will need:

  1. Washi tape of your choice I used up 2 rolls of black washi tape to complete 3 doors on 1 side each.
  2. Scissors

Here is a youtube video from my Periscope broadcast so you can learn how to make yours.

It’s a cool feature that Periscope now allows you to broadcast in landscape mode, but mine won’t change the orientation when it saves to my phone library. I apologize for that part of this video, but I will shoot in portrait only now. I still feel you will gain value from this video besides the orientation issue.

What did you think of this project?

I had my washi tape in stock so I did not spend anything on this project. It is budget-friendly and will not damage my doors when I move from this place later this year.

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