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6 Tips for Creating Gift Baskets for a Dog Lover

As dog owners, we all know how much joy and love our furry friends bring into our lives. That’s why when it comes to gift-giving, it’s not just about the recipient but their precious pooch too! Gift baskets are the perfect way to show your appreciation for a dog-loving friend or family member while also spoiling their four-legged companion.

But how do you create a gift basket that will be truly appreciated by both the human and dog recipient?

Fear not, we have you covered! In this post, we’ll be sharing six tips for creating gift baskets for dog lovers that are sure to make tails wag with excitement.

I love the idea of putting together gift baskets for friends and family. The perfect thing about gift baskets is that you can create different themes for each one specific to the recipient. I know many dog lovers and they treat dogs like their children.

I wanted to share with you some great components for putting together a gift basket for a dog lover.


Find a sturdy basket that you will be able to reuse around the house, such as a doggy toy box! Or you could go with a general storage basket instead. I love the cleverness of finding a basket that can be reused for the dog’s toys. Depending on the size of the basket you are looking to make you could also swap the basket for a new large bowl or water dish.


There are so many options these days for dogs and their owners. Here are some ideas of what you could possibly add to the gift basket.

  • Leads
  • Harnesses
  • Collars
  • Clothes/Outfits for both Dog and Owner (like an ironic funny dog T-shirt)
  • Coffee mug with a photo of the owner’s dog or a funny dog lover quote. There are so many to choose from these days.
  • Doggie bandanas
  • Portable water dish (for long walks and traveling)
  • Bowls
  • Food
  • Pet bed/pillow
  • Poop bags


You can add some fun to a dog lover’s gift basket with a few squeaking toys and some tasty treats. You can buy them online and have them shipped right to your door. Make your life easier during the holidays. One less trip to the store is really doing yourself a favor.

Here are some other treat ideas:

CBD Pet Treats – CBD Pet Treats are CBD oil-infused edible treats designed for dogs of all sizes and breeds. They come in all sorts of flavors and purposes for your pets to enjoy.

Some examples of CBD treat flavors are:

  • Meaty Steak Treats
  • Beef Wraps
  • Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites
  • Chicken Meatballs
  • Cheese Wraps
  • Salmon Bites
  • Turkey, Peas, & Blueberry Jerky
  • Liver Meatballs
  • Chicken, Chickpea & Blueberry Biscuit
  • Turkey & Sweet Potato
  • Gourmet Beef & Rice
  • Kabobs
  • Jerky Sticks
  • Chicken Training Bites
  • Meaty Beef Treats
  • Specialty Dog Biscuits

In addition to the toys and treats mentioned above, you can consider including a heavy-duty dog leash for those who are looking for a durable and strong dog leash. The recipient and their furry friend will surely appreciate this thoughtful addition, ensuring their dog will be safe and secure during their walks together.


Whether bought or DIY, it’s easy to add an occasion-specific touch to a gift basket.  The simplest is to use color to pick up a holiday theme to unify it. Woven tug toys are one of the easiest presents to add a color theme too! For example, Christmas would be red and white or red and green toy colors.

You can also use special occasion treats or toys that are associated with a holiday. Christmas examples include squeaker toy Santa Claus, reindeer, candy canes, and presents.

You might also like to include something sort of a cute doggie outfit for dress-up, like a special occasion bandana, bow tie, or collar flare.


When you are putting all the dog-lover goodies together into one basket make sure to remove tags and other hazardous parts like wrappers etc so the doggie doesn’t ingest by accident. Make sure to pad your basket (if it’s needed) and add a paper lining if you want.

Start with your larger items in the back of the basket and incrementally fill the basket with smaller items. You can also use things like jars and canisters to put treats and toys into to display them beautifully.  Use softer items like clothes etc to fill in the gaps in the basket. Use small items and a few treats for dressing at the top of the gift basket.


Make sure once your basket is full of dog-lover goodies, you wrap it up or add a bow to it to give it some holiday flair. Make sure that any carry handles can still be accessed and used as needed when attaching your bow.

What do you think of these 6 tips for creating a gift basket for the dog lover friend or family member in your life? It’s a great idea huh?

I love that gift baskets allow for a variety of items to shower the recipient with hours of fun and more bonding time with their pup. This is a great idea for all ages and sizes dogs. You can make it what you want with regard to whatever your budget is.

My main advice to you is to not wait until the last minute to curate your gift basket.

Let me know what your favorite tip was that I shared in the comments below. Would you make a gift basket like this?

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