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14 Easy Pumpkin Ideas + Free Printables

By September 12, 2018July 31st, 2022No Comments

Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season? If you haven’t been keeping up with my recent posts, then you should know that Fall is my absolute favorite season! Today, I thought I would gather some amazing easy pumpkin ideas that you can infuse into your fall decorating this year.

Isn’t that meme fricking hilarious? Did I just become a stereotype? I think so.

Pumpkins don’t have to be decorated in the way we have all grown accustomed to. I wanted to explore both no-carve and carving easy pumpkin ideas options for fall decor.

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1. The glitter and painted pumpkins

I love the idea of decorating pumpkins without the mess of carving them. The glitter and metallic paint are a fun way to dress up some ordinary-looking pumpkins.

Image + Credit: Reign Mag

2. Sequin pumpkins

I love the idea of having pumpkins year after year with a pop of sparkle. That’s why I think buying fake white pumpkins is a great idea for this project.

Image + Credit: Sugar and Cloth

3. Floral moon pumpkin

I am all into spirituality and moon cycles. I love this DIY project of using flowers to add some originality to fake painted pumpkins.

Image + Credit: The Merry Thought

4. Gold Dipped pumpkins

If you already are using fake pumpkins each year, why not give them some chic personality?

Image + Credit: Monica wants it

5. Magnolia fall planter

Want to send a message with your pumpkin decor? Why not use a pumpkin as a planter to display on your porch with a festive saying written on it?

Image + Credit: Lolly Jane

6. Marbled pumpkins

Marbled anything is something I love! Check out this fun tutorial with these small marbled pumpkins.

Image + Credit: Alice & Lois

7. Punny pumpkins

I love puns! When written on painted pumpkins… I love them that much more.

Image + Credit: Studio DIY

8. Drip painted pumpkins

This pumpkin painting idea has a cool effect and an original look to it.

Image + Credit: MomDot

9. Ornate pumpkin decor

I love the custom concepts for each pumpkin and how they are grouped to be a centerpiece. Each pumpkin has its own identity.

Image + Credit: JoAnn Fabrics

10. Pumpkin festive signage

I love the font and painting of this pumpkin!! Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with pumpkin spice? lol

Image + Credit: Paper Case Studio

11. Donut painted pumpkins

My mom is the biggest fan of donuts!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (aka I love donuts!). I had to include these cute donut painted pumpkins.

Image + Credit: Eightine Tumblr

12. Owl pumpkin

I hadn’t seen such a creative project with pumpkins, so I had to include this beautiful non-traditional use of pumpkins for holiday decor.

Image + Credit: Deco Art

13. Porch Signage

As you can see, I love the calligraphy on pumpkins for porch decor. It’s classy and festive. I love it.

Image + Credit: LairdandBrie

14. Ice cream cone pumpkins

Gotta love a good Martha Stewart project. This was one of my favorite uses for pumpkins as fall decor. Isn’t this creative?

Image + Credit: Martha Stewart

So are you like super stoked to get to decorating pumpkins for the fall yet? I know I am! I am seriously wanting to recreate like 3 of these projects for my decor at my new home this year. Stay tuned for those posts.

I am also giving away a free pumpkin spice printable! If you want it [CLICK HERE].

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