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14 Easy Pumpkin Ideas + Free Fall Printables

Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season? Today, I thought I would gather some amazing easy pumpkin ideas from your local pumpkin patch that you can infuse into your fall decorating this year. If you haven’t been keeping up with my recent posts, then you should know that Fall is my absolute favorite season!

Fall is in the air and that means one thing: pumpkin season!

Pumpkins don’t have to be decorated in the way we have all grown accustomed to. I wanted to explore both no-carve and pumpkin carving ideas for your fall decor.

If you’re looking for some easy ideas to decorate your home with pumpkins, look no further. I’ve gathered 14 of the best ideas, plus i’m giving away a set of free printables to help you get started.

So get excited about pumpkin decorating season – it’s about to get so much fun!

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1. Glitter and Painted Pumpkins

You can get creative and make your pumpkins look like they’re straight out of a Halloween scene without the mess! The glitter paint is so flashy, that it’ll be hard not to notice them.

Or you could use some ordinary colors with patterns for just as much excitement but in a different way. Most people wouldn’t think about it when dressing up their autumnal decorations this year. By adding dimension instead on top-normal looks that are still welcoming enough!

Image + Credit: Reign Mag

2. Sequin Pumpkins

I love the thought of owning pumpkins every year with that little bit more sparkle. This is why I recommend buying a creative pumpkin for this project. They will make your house look polished without costing too much money or time, which means you can enjoy doing it again next October (or whenever).

Image + Credit: Sugar and Cloth

3. Floral Moon Pumpkin

The blooming flowers give these pumpkins a whole new look. I am all into spirituality and moon cycles, which means that this DIY project of using flowers to add some originality to fake-painted pumpkins is right up my alley! I also like the idea of making a full moon instead of a crescent!

Image + Credit: The Merry Thought

4. Gold-dipped Pumpkins

The spooky season is here and I have the perfect solution for your faux pumpkin needs. Check out these spray paint gold-dipped pumpkin designs! If you’re already using them each year, why not give your pumpkin design some chic personality?

Image + Credit: Monica wants it

5. “Hello, Fall!” Magnolia Pumpkin Planter

Hello, Autumn! Have you got alternative decorations planned for your front porch? The perfect way to celebrate this beautiful season is by using faux pumpkins as planters. White pumpkins work well for this project because they look really chic! Let’s put one in each of our windows and doors so that they’re always visible from inside too – shall we decorate them together with something festive written on it like “Hello, Fall!”?

Image + Credit: Lolly Jane

6. Marbled Pumpkins

I can’t get enough of these small marbled mini pumpkins! There’s just something so fun and interesting about them. Check out this awesome tutorial that will teach you how to create your very own Halloween masterpiece pumpkin design in no time at all.

These easy pumpkin ideas can be created with little effort required on our part (and even less cleanup).

Image + Credit: Alice & Lois

7. Punny Pumpkins = Pun-kins!

This year, the word “pumpkin” inspired us to make some DIY punkins. I couldn’t help but think of all our favorite Halloween jokes and decided that these would be perfect for a jack o’lantern design to greet trick-or-treaters!

With tattoo paper in hand (because who doesn’t love ink?), building up creativity by coming up with even more clever phrases than before until finally arriving at “PUNKINS!”

Large pumpkins and small pumpkins are great to use to express your creativity and I love how you got creative with the pun.

Image + Credit: Studio DIY

8. Drip-painted Pumpkins

When the leaves start changing colors and crunching beneath your feet, it’s time to get out those glue guns.

This is one of my favorite fall crafts because not only does getting gooey create some seriously gorgeous mini pumpkins.

You can do whatever superstition suits YOUR needs when creating these decorations! Drip Painting Pumpkins may seem like an ultra messy project at first glance–in fact, they’re probably closer related than most people think (paint + pumpkin?)

But let me assure ya; once everything has dried up after 30 minutes or so then all that remains are beautifully designed items perfect enough for any decoration circuits.

Image + Credit: MomDot

9. Ornate Pumpkin Decor

The creativity and uniqueness that went into each pumpkin design is mindblowing! The way they’re all individually designed, yet still, have a sense of identity as one group makes for an impressive focal point.

Image + Credit: JoAnn Fabrics

10. Pumpkin Festive Signage

The pumpkin is so beautiful and the perfect size for my kitchen. I love how it has a hand-painted font, with “Pumpkin Spice Everything” written in calligraphic letters pumpkin design that just adds flair to this already amazing creation!

Image + Credit: Paper Case Studio

11. Donut-painted Pumpkins

Cute as a button! These amazing donut-painted pumpkins are the perfect way to show off your love for all things sweet.
I never would have thought that painting these delicious treats with so much color could look so good! They’re not just one of many cool ideas either; this is my personal favorite because there’s no other food decoration that has made its mark on history quite like them.

Image + Credit: Eightine Tumblr

12. Owl Pumpkin

Creative. Fun. Eye-catching! I had never seen such an interesting project with pumpkins before, so of course, this beautiful non-traditional use for the holiday season caught my attention right away.

The perfect addition to your home or classroom whether you’re celebrating Halloween or just want some cute decoration pieces around town (and don’t worry about making sense because I’ll sort out any logic issues). You can even paint two different colors if that suits you better; all while creating one awesomely crafted creature in need of wings…I mean owls 🙂

Image + Credit: Deco Art

13. Porch Signage

Calligraphy is a great way to spruce up your porch this fall. I love how you can use it as decoration and put the family’s last name or EST date on them too! It looks classy, festive–and perfect for any occasion really

Image + Credit: LairdandBrie

14. Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins

Creative use of pumpkins that will make your home look like a pumpkin haven! I love when people try new things with their favorite fall decorations.

This creative person took cardboard shaped into cones and stacked them on top of two fake ones to create an ice cream cone-like shape.

Who doesn’t need some extra pumpkin decor flair?

It’s such a simple yet clever design that anyone can do at home – even if they’re not crafty or have no imagination whatsoever

Image + Credit: Martha Stewart

So are you super stoked to get to decorating pumpkins for the fall yet? I know I am! I am seriously wanting to recreate 3 of these projects for the decor at my new home this year. Stay tuned for those posts.

Fall is my favorite season and I love decorating for it! If you are like me, then you will love these easy pumpkin ideas that I gathered from the local pumpkin patch. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok for more ideas this fall. What is your favorite way to decorate for Fall?

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Don’t forget to grab your free fall printables! I thought you could use these to add some easy pumpkin ideas to your decor!

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