Experience Joy With 35 Free & Easy DIY Xmas Decorations

DIY dollar decorations can save time and money for Christmas. Learn about 35 inexpensive Christmas decoration ideas here. Looking for some inexpensive and easy DIY Christmas decorations? Look no further than your local Dollar Tree!

With a little creativity, you can find everything you need to make your home look festive on a budget. Check out these fun and festive ideas to put you in the holiday spirit!

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your holiday decorations! Get creative this season with some budget-friendly DIY Christmas decor from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree is a great place to find affordable supplies for unique DIY Christmas decorations. With just a few hours of time, you can create these cute little ornaments in no time! Plus, they make great gifts for friends and family! These unique ornaments are the perfect way to add some DIY flair to your Christmas tree this year. The best part? They're all under $5 each!

These easy, inexpensive craft ideas are sure to add a festive touch anywhere in your home without breaking the bank.

From snowflakes and pine cone wreaths to winter centerpieces, there’s something here for everyone – so let’s countdown 35 of these cute, fun, and oh-so-adorable DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decorations!

1. Rustic Rope Farmhouse Christmas Trees

Peony Accents couldn’t stop imagining brilliant and festive holiday decor ideas in her head as soon as the calendar turned to December. With everyone’s desire to spend this Season making their own millions of coziness, She insisted on giving you enough time to bring those creations to life. Ready for your first spool of inspiration? How about these accommodatingly decorative Christmas trees, crafted with mostly Dollar Tree items at hand? Let the DIY Holiday fun begin!

Project + Photo Credit: Peony Accents

2. DIY Farmhouse Window Frame for Wall Decor

Love a farmhouse-style interior? Want to get a rustic touch without spending a fortune? Look no further! This DIY Farmhouse Window Frame is made by Amy at The Savvy Sparrow with Dollar Tree supplies and is perfect for your farmhouse wall decor. Plus, it’s budget-friendly!

Learn how to make your own faux window frame so that you too can enjoy this popular farmhouse decor trend. Even the most novice of crafters can easily construct this simple project with a minimal understanding of DIY techniques. Just grab the right supplies and give creating your new frame a try – you’ll be amazed at the sunkissed addition it makes to any wall in your home!

Project + Photo Credit: The Savvy Sparrow

3. Farmhouse Ornaments

Leah, from The Thrifted Nest, loves how homemade ornaments bring a special touch to the family Christmas tree. And what’s more? These DIY Dollar Tree Christmas ornaments won’t break the bank–just in time as we start to gear up for December festivities!

Saving money around the holidays is always welcome, especially when you’re trying your best to make it a special occasion. It was then Leah came up with the idea of creating Rae Dunn-inspired Fall décor items out of these inexpensive materials.

Project + Photo Credit: Thrifted Nest

4. Winter Luminaries: Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Oh, the beauty of winter luminaries! These pretty decorations are made using mason jars, pinecones, and snow texture paint with Crafts by Amanda. They are perfect for adding winter cheer to any home, these winter delights are surprisingly easy to create.

Display your icy artworks on the mantle, on your holiday table, or even line a pathway, and light them up and watch them ignite in all their sparkly glory! There’s no better way to celebrate the season than by making beautiful decor like this for your home.

Project + Photo Credit: Crafts By Amanda

5. Duster Mop Wreath DIY

Lucy from Craft Berry Bush loves spotting DIY decorations as she browses the aisles of the Dollar Tree. Little did she know that picking up something that had fallen on the floor would cause her to start thinking outside the box! The dollar store duster suddenly seemed like so much more than just a dusting tool. She imagined that this would make the most beautiful and fluffiest DIY Christmas wreath ever!

That’s when she realized, dollar store decor can take simple and inexpensive items and turn them into a unique display of the holiday spirit. Who knew dollar tree DIY decorations could lead to such an epiphany?

Project + Photo Credit: Craft Berry Bush

6. Dollar-Store Holiday Dioramas

Christmas craft projects can be an economical and fun way to get in the holiday spirit! Pick up some supplies at the dollar store and you’ll have enough to get started on this unique Christmas craft. Wine glasses, a box of sugar, Christmas figurines – or even plastic Christmas ornaments – are your go-to materials for making dioramas.

Show your handiwork off by placing candle-topped Christmas bottles and bottle brush trees around your dining table or mantelpiece. Best of all, you can do this Christmas craft with young friends or family members (it’s perfectly safe!) which makes it even more special!

Project + Photo Credit: PopSugar

7. Paper Cup Rope Decorative Bells

Amy from The Crazy Craft Lady is no stranger to tutorials featuring jute rope (or “nautical rope” as it’s known at Dollar Tree), but this craft features the rustic material in a more whimsical way than ever before. Using Dollar Tree items – namely jingle bells and a paper party cup – she used a hot glue gun and jute rope to create an adorable DIY Christmas craft that you can use for decor or even as a gift!

As usual, her tutorials prove that you don’t have to spend big bucks on supplies to have big fun creating unique DIY dollar tree Christmas crafts.

Project + Photo Credit: The Crazy Craft Lady

8. Spoon Trees

When Jocie from One Project Closer had a glance through the latest Pottery Barn catalog, she saw some fabulous and expensive Christmas Tree decorations that cost $99. She was determined to create a dupe of it with items from the dollar store, and sure enough, she nailed it!

Her DIY Christmas decor idea is one worth trying out this season if you want a fun way to spruce up your tree. With her full tutorial online, you can make this inexpensive project easier than ever with just plastic spoons as the primary material! Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just looking for an easy way to dress up your Christmas tree on a budget, Jocie has got you covered.

Project + Photo Credit: One Project Closer

9. Mini Wreath JOY Sign

Agnes from Just That Perfect Piece absolutely loves the dollar store! She knows that with dollar store supplies, she can easily create affordable DIY Christmas decor ideas for her home. On her last visit, she found some awesome picture frames and immediately got to work crafting with buttons.

After a few hours of working and refining her techniques, Agnes was able to create a mini wreath ornament as part of the JOY sign – substituting the letter “O” for a beautiful festive wreath!

Not only does this DIY project look stunning, but it cost her next to nothing since all of the materials were sourced from Dollar Tree. Nothing makes Agnes happier than creating something special while still saving money!

Project + Photo Credit: Just That Perfect Piece

10. Boho Yarn Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for dollar store DIY Christmas decorations to spruce up your home and make it feel cozy and festive, then Courtney at the Creative on the Cheap YouTube channel has got you covered! Her dollar tree boho yarn project is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Grab some dollar store items such as wool yarn and dollar-store plastic containers to create this chic, stylish and unique Christmas tree decoration perfect for anywhere in your house, from the mantelpiece to the bookshelf. With just a few items from the dollar store, Courtney can show you how to transform dollar store finds into stunning festive boho creations!

Project + Photo Credit: Creative on the Cheap

11. Tumbling Tower Ornaments

No need to break the bank when it comes to decorations this Christmas! Amy from The Crazy Craft Lady has come up with an innovative dollar craft to decorate for the holidays. She took a dollar tree tumbling tower game and came up with these gorgeous farmhouse-style Jenga Christmas Ornaments!

Not only are these pieces going to be a statement, but they won’t hurt your wallet either, proving that dollar store crafting doesn’t have to be boring. Let Amy show you how to create a stunning yet affordable holiday atmosphere.

Project + Photo Credit: The Crazy Craft Lady

12. Stocking hangers

Want to bring some holiday cheer to your mantle this year? Then check out Yami from Latina Next Door’s dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations! This stocking hanger is the perfect way to add a festive touch to your home, and you won’t be breaking the bank.

Head over to Latina Next Door for step-by-step instructions on how you can make this for yourself today, and hear your mantle thanking you! It’s a great way to get crafty with your dollar tree decorations and show everyone that you don’t need a lot of money in order to get into the holiday spirit.

Project + Photo Credit: Latina Next Door

13. Ornament Tree Decor

Niki from Life of a Leo Wife didn’t know what she was going to do with the 10 packs of dollar tree ornaments in different sizes she had picked up at her local dollar store, but she was inspired to make something great. She created a stunning farmhouse-style Christmas tree out of her dollar store purchases which require minimal effort but still looks festive and wonderful!

If you’re looking for dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations you need to see this tutorial. Niki’s creativity shines through and it will help you to get into the holiday spirit quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Project + Photo Credit: Life of a Leo Wife

14. Fake Gingerbread Houses

Adding a special holiday touch to your home has never been easier! With dollar store supplies and a few quick tips, you can create gorgeous fake gingerbread houses that will be the envy of all your friends. Transform your house into a winter wonderland with just a few crafty touches.

This dollar tree DIY project is simple enough for anyone to do, no matter your skill level. Plus, it’s fun to make and adds a touch of Christmas cheer to any room. So don’t wait – grab some dollar store supplies, get creative, and make your very own fake gingerbread houses today!

Project + Photo Credit: Arts & Classy

15. Duster Mop Festive Wreath

Kelly’s dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations at Sprinkled and Painted Co. have always been a huge hit, but this duster mop wreath has taken it to the next level!

I’m absolutely in love with the rustic yet cozy feel of the project. The fact that it only takes a few simple dollar-store items to make an impact just goes to prove how it pays off to think out of the box.

Plus, with all of Kelly’s easy step-by-step instructions and helpful advice, anyone can pull off this beautiful piece perfect for hosting parties or making as a gift this holiday season.

Project + Photo Credit: Sprinkled and Painted

16. DIY Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Tracy at Country Charm had a blast creating some delightful dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations. Drawing inspiration from dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General, she was able to bring her ideas for decorative trees to life.

A video tutorial on her blog shows the process from beginning to end, guiding viewers in recreating these festive pieces with easy-to-follow instructions. Her unique creations add a touch of vintage country charm and homemade warmth to any holiday setting.

Project + Photo Credit: Country Charm By Tracy

17. Christmas Lantern

Stephy at The Prudent Penny Pincher created a fabulous DIY Dollar Store Christmas Lantern without spending much money or time! You’ll need frames, spray paint, bristle brushes, fake snow, and other items that can easily be purchased from the dollar store.

In less than thirty minutes and for less than ten dollars, you can transform these simple materials into a beautiful Christmas decoration perfect for wooden tables, shelves, and windowsills. This festive decoration will be sure to bring cheer and added holiday spirit to any gathering for years to come!

Project + Photo Credit: Prudent Penny Pincher

18. Pizza Pan Farmhouse Wreath

Amber from The Makers Map proved yet again that DIY dollar tree crafts are possible! She recently turned a pizza pan into farmhouse home decor for under $8 and it looks absolutely amazing.

It’s incredibly impressive how you can transform something as ordinary as a pizza pan into such a beautiful piece of Christmas decor. After seeing this amazing craft, there’s no doubt that Amber is an up-and-coming crafting superstar!

Project + Photo Credit: The Makers Map

19. Christmas Tree Farmhouse Sign

Who says Christmas crafts have to cost an arm and a leg? Follow the easy instructions from Melanie at Simple Made Pretty, and you can create your own beautiful Dollar Store Farmhouse Sign!

All you need is some dollar tree items, your own ingenuity, and no doubt your home will be looking more farmhouse fabulous in no time.

This cute farmhouse sign is perfect for DIY Christmas decorations, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to add a little holiday cheer- all while staying within the budget. Make this Dollar Store Farmhouse Sign now and spread some Christmas magic!

Project + Photo Credit: Simple Made Pretty

20. Rustic Christmas Tree DIY

Megan from Megan Plus Five was so excited when she stumbled upon these adorable Charlie Brown-looking Christmas trees at the store. She had to get a couple for herself to do a festive DIY project, and boy was it an easy one!

With dollar tree items, it was almost mess-free and she had her Christmas craft ready to show off in just minutes. Having this little Christmas tree on her shelf definitely made Megan’s holiday season even more special!

Project + Photo Credit: Megan Plus Five

21. Tumbling Tower Ornament DIY

If you’re looking for a way to add some fun and festive holiday cheer to your home this season, then dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations are the perfect solution! You only need a few basic dollar store supplies, some time, and an adventurous spirit – before you know it you’ll have these adorable Jenga ornaments at hand.

Not only are they super simple and easy to make, but they make great gifts too! These unique creations will add a lively touch of do-it-yourself flair to your Christmas tree this year. Plus, you can’t beat the price tag on dollar tree DIY decorations – now that’s something to celebrate!

Project + Photo Credit: Arts & Classy

22. Ornament Wreath

Looking to deck the halls with Christmas crafts on a budget this year? Then check out this fabulous festive wreath made by Jenn at Mother Thyme! All you need are just a few supplies from your local Dollar Tree and for about $10. From there you can create this beautiful piece for everyone in your home to admire!

Don’t forget to show it off – it would be an eye-catcher on any Christmas fireplace mantle or doorway. Have fun with some family crafting this holiday and make sure to share photos of how you made your Dollar Tree ornament wreath.

Project + Photo Credit: Mother Thyme

23. Giant Christmas Ornaments

The holidays have arrived, and Kelly at Smart School House has just the festive project to get you in the holiday spirit! She recently shared her giant Christmas ornament tutorial and it’s a great way to transform your home with Christmas cheer.

All you need is some basic dollar tree supplies and following along with Kelly’s instructions in her easy video tutorial. You’ll be able to make your own huge Christmas ornaments for both indoor and outdoor displays! What a creative way to add Christmas joy to your life this holiday season.

Project + Photo Credit: Smart Schoolhouse

24. DIY Tree Topper from Dollar Tree

Amy from Leap of Faith Crafting took Christmas crafts to a new level with her rustic DIY Christmas tree topper! It adds that perfect farmhouse feels and the best part is she only spent $1 on supplies!

She used twine, a wooden star shape from the dollar tree, scissors, hot glue, and an old candleholder. This Christmas tree topper is sure to get your friends talking. I was a real highlight of her Christmas decorations this year!

Project + Photo Credit: Leap of Faith Crafting

25. Giant Christmas Wreath

Megan at Homemade Ginger has been getting creative this Christmas season, taking on the challenge to make a huge DIY wreath! She wanted it to be large yet still maintain its simplistic design. What she created was nothing short of impressive – it turns out that with dollar store materials and her crafting skills, Megan was able to make a hula hoop from dollar tree decorations take center stage as the wreath’s base.

She then added colorful spray-painted letters for an eye-catching touch. We can definitely say Megan has been successful in creating a unique dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations centerpiece that would wow any guest!

Project + Photo Credit: Homemade Ginger

26. Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments

This festive season, let’s spice up our Christmas decorations by crafting DIY dollar tree ornaments. Looking for something pet and child-friendly? Lia from Lia Griffith has it all figured out – she created paper tree ornaments that are perfect for homes with little ones around. Don’t the metallic gold, silver, and white versions look elegant?

If you’re looking for a pop of color, try bright teal or hot pink for a bit of fun – traditional reds and greens work too! The best part about these classy ornaments is how easy they are to make. With Lia’s step-by-step tutorial, you’ll have unbreakable DIY Christmas balls in no time!

Project + Photo Credit: Lia Griffith

27. Winter Vases

Do-it-yourself projects don’t need to be expensive! Taryn Whiteaker is living proof that you can make gorgeous crafts with items from Dollar Tree for an impressively low price. One of her favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree are their glass vases, which offer such a wide range of creative possibilities.

She’s taken these cylinder glass vases and turned them into beautiful Winter Vases With DIY Snow Texture. By transforming Dollar Tree finds into DIY dollar tree Christmas crafts, she shows us all that crafting can be fun and affordable!

Project + Photo Credit: Taryn Whiteaker

28. Glitter Candle Sticks

Crafting has never been this sparkly! Aunt Peaches from I Love to Create Blog is here to show us all how to amp up our DIY dollar tree Christmas crafts with her glitter muscles.

With this technique, the process of glittering is still messy and fun! The aftermath is much tidier as you won’t be finding any annoying little glitter bits in your vacuum months later.

Also, after making your craft it will have a beautiful sparkle as you’ve never seen before, really adding an extra special touch to your DIY creations!

Project + Photo Credit: I Love to Create

29. Blue & White Chinoiserie Ornaments

Get ready to be crafty this season and make some Dollar Tree Christmas crafts that look like you bought them from a high-end store! Monica at Monica Wants It just made these incredibly unique and eye-catching DIY dollar tree blue and white chinoiserie mod podge ornaments, tutorial included.

These dollar tree ornaments have such a luxurious feel! You won’t believe you made them yourself with items from the dollar store!

Plus, the great thing about this particular ornament project is that it can work on ornaments of all sizes. Monica shows off an impressive four different sizes in her post, so no matter what size you’re after, you can make it happen without breaking the bank!

Project + Photo Credit: Monica Wants it

30. DIY Dollar Store Mop Wreath

So hear me out. I know this is the third example of a duster mop wreath but each of them was so different and I had to showcase each of them.

If you’re looking for a dollar-store Christmas craft that looks great, look no further! Greg at The Navage Patch figured out how to make an absolutely stunning winter wreath from dollar tree duster mops. It’s unbelievably easy to make and its soft, cloud-like texture is absolutely beautiful.

Plus, it’s made with humble materials that won’t break the bank. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting today!

Project + Photo Credit: The Navage Patch

31. DIY Bottle Brush Dollar Tree Ornament

Making decorations on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on creativity! Brooke at Re-Fabbed loves a dollar tree craft and has probably made more dollar-store-inspired ornaments than Santa’s elves.

Her latest dollar tree Christmas craft took her only 10 minutes and made the perfect touch to her family’s holiday decorations. With Dollar Tree, there’s no need to sacrifice quality for the price. It’s never been easier to put together creative dollar-store Christmas crafts for your entire home.

Project + Photo Credit: Re-Fabbed

32. DIY Dollar Store Christmas Village

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, a dollar store craft can go a long way! South Lumina Style recently demonstrated this when they found these charming dollar-store Christmas village houses at the Dollar Tree. With the added bonus of being budget-friendly, these miniature homes are perfect for creating a cozy holiday mantle display that won’t break the bank.

Both small and large enough to hold battery-powered tea light candles, these Dollar Tree Christmas crafts have been stylized by South Lumina Style into a beautiful monochromatic look. The result is simply stunning and sure to warm up any holiday home.

Project + Photo Credit: South Lumina Style

33. Dollar Store Snow Globe Christmas Lantern

Toni from Crafty By Toni definitely knows how to stretch dollar tree Christmas crafts! She created an amazing snow globe lantern out of dollar store products. By taking four 8×10″ frames and gluing them together, this red car and Christmas tree-themed craft came to life!

Toni then added extra decoration inside with lots of sparkly glitter snowflakes. It would definitely be a festive addition to any home this holiday season!

Project + Photo Credit: Crafty By Toni

34. Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Heather’s eyes lit up when she spotted all of the cute farmhouse-y Christmas decor at the dollar store. She was inspired to come up with some fun and easy DIYs, so everyone can easily create beautiful holiday decorations that won’t break the bank. Heather is excited to share three dollar tree Christmas crafts made with on-hand supplies.

So whether you’re a crafty pro or just starting out, these easy DIY dollar tree Christmas decor projects are sure to make your home look festive and cozy this winter!

Project + Photo Credit: Beauty for Ashes

35. Snowflake Wreath

Cathi at Scratch and Stitch was so excited when she came across the Dollar Tree’s miniature artificial Christmas Trees – she had the perfect idea for a dollar tree DIY Christmas craft. She knew that white would be the perfect color for her winter wreath; stunningly offsetting a few of her other dollar store holiday decorations.

With a little bit of glue and some creative flare, Cathi was able to make an incredible snowflake wreath out of the artificial trees. She couldn’t help but smile at her finished product, feeling proud of this dollar tree DIY Christmas decorations!

Project + Photo Credit: Scratch and Stitch

Now that you’ve seen all these fun and festive Dollar Tree Christmas decoration ideas, which ones will you be trying out this holiday season? I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok so I can see your beautiful work. Merry Christmas, friend!

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