4th of July Home Decor Inspiration

I have been deciding what I will be doing for this Independence day. I found some amazing inspiration online that is so innovative and perfect decor for this 4th of July.

Holidays are always a fun reason to get festive and transform your home to reflect the season upon us. Creative and fun 4th of July decor has got me in the spirit for some celebrating!
That is typically when I take to Pinterest to find some simple DIY decor and other ideas to help my home feel more like the holiday we are celebrating. I love finding creative ways to utilize things I already have. It forces the creativity muscles to flex which helps me stay sharp.

I hope you can get inspired by these 4th of July concepts also.

1. 4th of July Themed Outdoor Space

Whether its the stars or the candles you love. I am obsessed with all of it!

Photo Credit – interiorholic.com

2. Ucycled Can Lanterns

I love seeing upcycled cans that would typically be thrown out turned into cute 4th of July decor for the outdoors.

Photo Credit – iloverosemarywatson.blogspot.com

3. Firework Painted Lanterns and Fan Wall Hangers

I love the idea of painting lanterns to add some festive flair to it. Plus, these are really inexpensive to purchase.

Photo Credit – midwestliving.com

4. Mantle Decor

Very traditional, but still classic mantle decor idea.

Photo Credit – landeeseelandeedo.com

5. Contemporary Mantle Decor

I love the cute USA print with all the fan art mantle decor.

Photo Credit – landeeseelandeedo.com

6. Repurposed Toilet Paper Rolls as Firecrackers

Another ucycled favorite of mine. Save your toilet paper rolls and turn them into cute festive decor.

Photo Credit – landeeseelandeedo.com

7. Beautiful Outdoor Patio

This space is just lovely. Timeless and perfect for Independence Day!

Photo Credit – potterybarn.com

8 . Mason Jar Rice Candle Holder

We all have jars and rice around our home right? Take a little food coloring to your rice and add a tea candle and you have a festive piece of decor.

Photo Credit – todayscreativeblog.net 

9. Sweets Banner & Candy Bar

I love this idea for a Summer themed party. This is such a great way to display a dessert bar.

Photo Credit – idoidontdesign.com

10. Entryway

I love the banner and the entryway table decor in the photo.

Photo Credit – makoodle.com

Which of these 4th of July decoration ideas inspired you most? Are there any you would be interested in trying this year? Let me know in the comments below.
There you have it. I don’t have too much to say today…just getting inspired!
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