Blog Traffic and Income Report : How I made $1,451.70 in April

I am so excited to be completing my 4th blog traffic and income report. If you haven’t seen my last month’s income, you can check it out Blog Traffic & Income Report: How I made $1340.62 in March.  

I really wanted to start April off right by taking care of my monthly analysis first thing!  I have received so many lovely and supportive comments and emails over the course of the past few months about how everyone loves how real I am being about my earnings. The info I am presenting has been inspiring others to start a blog or take their blog to the next level. This is the best feeling in the world.

Blog Traffic and Income Report : How I made $1,451.70 in the month of April with my diy home decor blog www.artsandclassy.com. I began implementing some new systems and it has helped free up my time to dedicate to other important projects.

This post contains affiliate links*

My goal when starting these income reports was to show others (in a very specific way) how they can make money online.

The process of really tracking my earnings along with my blogging expenses has been so helpful! It is quite eye opening to the amount of change that can occur within a month!

To reach my $15,000 goal for the year, my income goal was to reach $1,750 income goal for the month of April. I didn’t quite make my goal, earning $1,451.70 for the month, but I am happy to say I did better than last month making $1,340.62 in March. That is a +111.08 increase in earnings.

I would have earned more this month, but I had some issues with my web hosting through Go Daddy. My site kept going down for 60 minutes here, 40 minutes there. Needless to say…it got old quickly. All Go Daddy support could tell me was that it was because of maintenance they were doing on the Cpanel. I’m sorry, but I think Go Daddy should know how their maintenance will affect people’s sites and at least give them a heads up. This happened to me earlier this month too. So on impulse, I decided to switch from Go Daddy Hosting to BlueHost. Boy did I not know what I was getting myself info.

I only say that because I have never transferred my site to another web host before. I didn’t really understand how lengthy and confusing it would be. BlueHost was great, though. They were super helpful on the phone to help me get my site back online. My site was down for a total of 24 hours and it was devastating to my traffic and earnings for that day period. Also, did I mention that a lot of my photos from my transfer didn’t make it? So now I am manually replacing photos on posts and galleries. It has been super tedious and annoying.

If you want to learn more about the art of blogging (because it is an art form) you should check out my Essential Bloggers Resource Guide to get more details if you are thinking of starting a blog to even just improving the one you already have.

I am really trying to put myself out there to (hopefully) inspire newer bloggers with my current and future monthly blog income reports. I am also doing this to hold myself accountable to continue pushing forward with my income goals for the year. 

Moving on to the details from April

This year I have really been trying to focus on creating beautiful images… specifically, pin-worthy images. I have also been working more and more with canva.com to do this. I had a couple posts go viral on Pinterest last month because of my images! Super happy about that one.

I began implementing a few new things this month in social media specifically.
I must preface, that I didn’t start really investing in my blog until last month when I started making over $1000/month. Now that I am making a decent side income each month, I don’t see any harm in freeing up my time to finish my ebook and work on more DIY projects.

  • I started using the social media automation tool Meet Edgar and I swear this was such a great move!  I am saving so much more time every day by not having to be on my phone scheduling posts on FB, Twitter, and Linked In. It is a little bit of a splurge costing me $50/month. But this is a solid investment because it frees up my time to other things.
  • Another tool I began using is Tailwind. I heard about it from the fabulous Blogger, Erika, over at Olyvia.co. She wrote the most amazing post about HOW TO GET PINTEREST FOLLOWERS + REPINS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE.

Erika at Olyvia.co really knows her stuff about Pinterest! I learned so much from her article. Sharing it on my blog traffic and income report. Check it out and you will see why I recommend this article.

I didn’t realize how much I could still learn from Pinterest when I feel like I had a really good handle on it with 5,600k followers and a lot of traffic coming to my site daily. But this article taught me so much and showed me Tailwind. This automation tool is geared specifically towards Pinterest and Instagram. I can schedule an unlimited amount of pins for weeks ahead of time with their easy interface. I love setting it and forgetting it!

Best. Thing. Ever.

** You can try Tailwind for free and schedule up to 100 pins before they ask you to pay $15/mth for 400 pins a month. Or you can pay $120 for the year for unlimited pins. Since this platform is my largest traffic referrer, it was worth the investment and I paid for the annual membership.

Another new concept I implemented this month was working with The Blogger Network (now called Monumetric). They are an ad management company that helps bloggers make more money with their own “holistic ad placement.” These ads were just implemented at the end of the month, but I am happy to say I have already made money with them. Yay!

A couple months ago I wrote an article about how to make your space look more expensive on a dime that went absolutely completely viral on Pinterest bringing me an additional 49,000 page views in March for that post alone! I am happy to report that this post is still my #1 Popular Post on my site still earning me 54,945 views in April. Who knew this post would be such a hit!

Another thing I really worked on in April was building my following on my social media platforms a bit more and applying for more affiliates and media groups. I worked with Sverve again this month on a new campaign for Lennox HVAC Products and had such a lovely experience.  I hope to do more campaigns with them in the near future!

Here is my March Google Analytics traffic summary.
Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.26.25 AM

Here is my April Google Analytics traffic summary.

Arts & Classy April 2015 Google Analytics Report

I am pleased with the progress I made last month in March with 129,960 page views and there were 31 days in that month. With a day short, I ended up coming close at 127,823.

  • My Page Views decreased by -2,137 (If I had 31 one days I would have beat my last month’s traffic all-time high.)
  • The Average Time on my site increased by +44secs
  • My Bounce Rate also increased (which is not a good thing) by +.53%.  As I try to approach my site as a reader, I have really been trying to tweak it to make navigation more seamless. I have also really been working on back linking in my posts to related articles to keep readers engaged & on my site longer. I suppose I need to just keep working at it.


My top referrers for the month…

Pinterest is the best traffic driving tool ever and I really trying to create more compelling images that people will want click on and hopefully pin to their boards.

I have been working so hard on my SEO and my keyword research prior to writing my articles and I am elated that I am showing up in search engines in the #4 position.

Here are the traffic referrer stats from March…

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.13.02 PM

 Here are my traffic referral stats from April…

Arts and Classy Traffic Referral Stats April 2015

The sources of my earnings…I set a goal for myself at the beginning of April to make at least $1,750 during the month. I am trying to set reasonable goals each month to reach my ultimate goal for 2015 of $15,000. Here is the breakdown of how I did. 

  • Adsense ………… $715.85  decrease of -$37.42 from last month.
  • Infolinks …………..$39.71 increase of +5.72 from last month
  • Content.ad ………$108.22  increase of +$2.16 from last month
  • Amazon …………..$155.97 increase of +$36.67 from last month
  • Izea* ………………..$82.88 increase of +$64.88 from last month
  • Sverve…$250.00
  • Blogher………………..$25.00 I worked on my first social media campaign with them on Facebook!
  • Mom’s Affiliate*…..$18.00  increase of +$8.00 from last month
  • Target………………..$6.25
  • The Blogger Network….$29.82
  • Etsy…………………..$20 I sold one of my drawings on my Etsy store.

               Total ………………$1,451.70

Blogging has really opened so many opportunities for me and I am so grateful to be able to continue to do it!

I attribute a lot of my success last month with my goal of getting organized. I purchased the EPIC BLOG One-Year Editorial Planner* and it has changed the way I do everything. I seriously love this thing! I bring it with me pretty much everywhere OR a notebook to write in if an idea strikes. I love how organized I am staying while planning my posts months in advance. What a relief it is to have things pre-planned!

I highly recommend this awesome planner if you are ready to get serious about blogging. The creator Regina is absolutely fantastic. I have learned so much about blogging and business from her!

How I am making money with this awesome editorial plannerSome fun post brainstorming…scheduling my posts in my calendar.

How I am making money with this awesome editorial planner. Planning ahead is so essential

I hope some of you found this traffic and income report helpful! I am planning on doing one of these monthly to help track my progress.

Let me know what you think! Is there anything you want to know more about? Did you like this article? Let me know in the comments below.

Your feedback really helps me to figure out how I can best help YOU! I want to share everything I wish I had learned when I first began blogging back in 2012.

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