Upcycled Herb Garden Ideas: Creating my Outdoor Herb Garden

I am excited to announce that I am trying to add a little more green in my life, so I’m sharing some upcycled herb garden inspiration with you all.

For those of you who know me, know I do not have a green thumb what-so-ever. I am trying to make this something I can get better at.

#30DayFlip Upcycled Herb Garden Inspiration and Before Photos at www.artsandclassy.com

I am attempting to create a cool herb garden just outside my apartment front door. Currently, I have my single speed bike and a little round table holding some plants (that are just failing because I either over water or forget to water.)

Now you are getting the real reason why I am calling this a “Challenge.”

This month’s #30dayflip is really going to help me focus on honing this “green thumb skill” and being able to maintain this herb garden will be my actual challenge.

But first, I want to tell you why I wanted to create this little herb garden. Have you seen the prices for herbs at the grocery store recently? A little too much if you ask me… when anyone can really grow these herbs inside or outside their home. I have seen some impressive hanging gardens and other fun upcycled planters on Pinterest that make me believe I can totally do this!

BEFORE PHOTO - My Little Herb Garden for my #30dayflip challenge will be created on mu little front entryway of my rental apartment.

BEFORE PHOTO - My Little Herb Garden for my #30dayflip challenge will be created on mu little front entryway of my rental apartment.

My goal is to not spend a single dime on this challenge! You heard me. I don’t want to spend anything on it. This is my feeble attempt at de-hoarding some of my art/paint supplies and repurposing them in a creative and useful way. Enter: some serious upcycled herb garden inspiration:

Here is my inspiration board for this challenge. I am hoping I can do something unique and pretty to make this little entryway I have look more welcoming. Even as a renter, I am making this work so I can take it down when I move with out damaging the property.

My Little Herb Garden Inspiration board for my #30dayflip challenge

Upcycled Herb Garden Ideas

Upcycled Herb garden inspiration - ideas for making your own herb garden with upcycled DIY garden projects

Sources for these Upcycled Herb Garden Ideas:

  1. Painted Popsicle Stick Markers
  2. Repurposed Shutters
  3. Tea Tin Windowsill Herb Garden
  4. Cork Plant Markers
  5. Paint Can Herb Garden
  6. Spool Garden Markers
  7. Tin Can Chalkboard Planters
  8. Herb Garden Markers

I am starting my herbs from seedlings so I will be taking you through the process of germinating the seeds and allowing them time to sprout. Once they sprout I will take you through the planting and DIY process of making the garden containers. I hope you all enjoy this. I am really looking forward to it.

If you want to check out my last #30dayflip you should see how I transformed my rental kitchen during April’s challenge. 

If you are interested in participating in the next month challenge, you should subscribe to gain access to the private DIY Forum with active participants!

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