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Unveiling Brilliance: How 17 Home Decor Experts Plan Their Day for Optimal Productivity

Ready to dive into the fine art of conquering the day? Buckle up, as we spill the beans on how these home decor wizards turn the chaos of a planning day into a symphony of productivity and creativity.

Ever secretly wished for a magic wand to infuse some order into your bustling schedule while keeping the DIY and Decor spark alive?

Well, grab your wand, because I’m about to take you behind the scenes of 17 home decor maestros who’ve mastered the daily planning tango. I have asked some brilliant creators how they have mastered planning their days and they were so gracious to send me some important information!

This post isn’t just about planners and to-do lists; it’s about the secret sauce that turns their everyday into extraordinary for important tasks. I have also linked to these creators’ blogs and or social accounts. Make sure to check out their content and connect with them on social media!

So, let’s unwrap the brilliance together and sprinkle a bit of magic into our own planning days.

1. Schedule Time To Plan– Best Tip from Robyn @ Robyn’s French Nest

“My top tip is to plan time for planning. This is time set aside to put the week in order with everything in its place. Then, when things get chaotic (life happens!), I don’t have to overthink what to do next.

I’ve already created that plan. Of course, always allow for flexibility but having a plan in place gives flexibility without feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants all the time too!”

Follow Robyn with her beautiful home aesthetic and vintage treasures on her blog and Instagram!

2. Eat That FrogBest Tip from Julie @ The Design Twins

“My tip is this Always eat the frog! Which means do the hardest thing on your list FIRST. When you’re rested and ready to go. Then the feeling of accomplishment propels your day and the relativity factor makes all else flow easily.

Follow both Julie and her twin sister Jodie on their blog, TikTok, and Instagram the same handles @julie.thedesigntwins & @jodie.thedesigntwins

3. Break Big Tasks Into Smaller StepsBest Tip from Casey @ The.BuildHer

Break things into smaller accomplishable steps to make a project more manageable in the midst of DIY chaos. Stay flexible: life happens, so plan for the unexpected to happen. Set realistic daily goals!

Follow along with Casey and her DIY, home renovations & decor on her Instagram!

4. Cultivate a Morning Routine That Works For You – Best Tip from Susan @ Hen and Horse Design

“I start by brewing my creativity over coffee, then conquer social media with a smile, and sprinkle some content magic. Up next, I put on my rollerskates (my mom’s saying) to zip through all the things on my list from the night before.

Consistency is my #1. I’m a creature of some sort of routine. Plus done is sometimes better than perfect. Plan your play, and slay the day!

Follow along with Susan and all her amazing decor, tablescapes, and gardening on her blog and Instagram!

5. Use Brain DumpsBest Tip from Becky @ In The Vixen Den

My top tip would be to use brain dumps to collect all the things and get them out of my head so it doesn’t feel cluttered. I love my Rocketbook for this! The brain dump also helps me to see related tasks that can be done together is that can’t be done without first doing another.

Then I review the tasks and pick the top 3 priority tasks to focus on. Nothing else from the brain dump gets done until those tasks are finished. This helps me stay on track and avoid running down rabbit holes.

Follow along with Becky and all her amazing furniture flips and upcycling projects on her blog and Instagram!

6. Use Scheduling Apps Best Tip from Kristin @ 5th Sparrow No More

“Like Tailwind and Meta on Facebook are some of my favorite things to control the creative chaos. I can sit down at the beginning of the month and schedule out my pins and posts, knowing that when the month gets crazy at least two things are taken care of!

Follow along with Kristin and all her amazing antique decor, decorative flash cards, and tiered tray projects on her blog and Instagram!

7. Prioritize 3 Things To Get Done Each Day Best Tip from Mackenzie @ KenzieMarieHome

“I start every day by making a list of my top three things that I have to get done, three things that I need to get done, and three things that I would like to get done. Typically that helps me stay focused and productive during the day!”

Follow along with Mackenzie and all her amazing thrifted finds and makeovers, fabulous decor finds on her Instagram and TikTok!

8. Make Your Have-To and Your Want-To Lists For Each DayBest Tip from Nicolle @ Our Tiny Nest

“In the morning when I’m having my coffee, I take time to reply to/address any emails. Then I make a list of have-tos, things that need to be done that day, and then want-tos, things I’d like to accomplish.

I’m most productive first thing in the morning so I use that time to tackle have tos then in the afternoon, address any want to.”

Follow along with Nicolle and all her amazing recipes, cocktails recipes, DIY projects, and beautiful decor on her blog and Instagram!

Image Credit: Our Tiny Nest

9. Focus On One Thing Per Day To GrowBest Tip from Paris @ Paris Ashley Home

I usually just wake up and decide what I need to accomplish. I try to do one thing a day to help me grow and to help increase my income.

So I guess that is my goal, so do at least ONE thing in the day that could lead to making more money (post a reel, make a video, share affiliate links, flip a piece of furniture, etc).

For more of a weekly perspective, Paris also shared I do set goals for myself (1 YT a week, One Blog a week, One newsletter a week) do I make those goals, not every week, but I do try to stay on track.

While doing actual projects it’s also hard to stay on top of the computer work, so I try to balance my week 2-3 days of work on a project, and 2-3 days of work on my computer.”

Follow along with Paris and all her amazing home renovation, DIY, and Flip projects on her blog and Instagram!

10. Timeblocking Your Day Best Tip from KariAnne @ Thistlewood Farms

“One of my best tips is to “time block.” Set aside a certain amount of time for a set of tasks—then work on the tasks during that hour. When the hour is up? Move on to the next set of tasks. You won’t believe how much you can accomplish!”

Follow along with KariAnne and all her stunning blue and white decor, room makeovers, decor projects, and so much more on her blog and Instagram!

Image Credit: Thistlewood Farms

11. Set Up a Dedicated Work Space/Office Best Tip from Jennifer @ Cottage On Bunker Hill

“One of the main shifts for me was when I set up a dedicated office for myself (after one of my boys moved out) and use an iMac instead of a laptop now.

This simple change helps me walk away at the end of the day and shut my office door, I need the mental break to stay creative! I also treat this as a business and keep a regular workday schedule.

For my niche, I first plan out seasonally by brain-dumping ideas for blog posts in each of my categories on paper ahead of time.

From there I just go down the list and try to get as many of them done as I can. I like to work on blog posts and projects from beginning to end, one at a time. It helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed and focused.”

Follow along with Jennifer and all her beautiful decor, seasonal DIY projects, Lifestyle, and gardening tips on her blog and Instagram!

12. Plan Your To-Do List The Night Before Best Tip from Brooke @ Cribbs Style

My pro tip is I make my to-do list the night before. My top three on the list are must-dos and the rest are the ones if I have time.

I try to keep my lists small so that I don’t overwhelm myself or make myself feel like a failure if I don’t complete everything on my list.

If I ever feel completely overwhelmed, I do what I call a brain dump where I list everything out that I want to accomplish. Could be for projects around the house, a cleaning schedule, or anything. Sometimes just getting it all out and visualizing it helps to calm my brain. And I do this all on paper. I

typically have a designated notebook that I keep all this in. I feel like physically crossing things off my list feels more complete than deleting it off an electronic list.

Follow along with Brooke and all her beautiful decor, organizing tips, and DIY makeover projects on her blog and Instagram!

13. End Your Day Tidying UpBest Tip from Chas @ Chas’s Crazy Creations

I would say my top tip for planning my day is to clean up everything the night before so you start with a clean fresh space to work with.  Whether I’m at my desk in my office, my creative space downstairs, or anywhere in my home, I feel much better when I put everything away. 

It helps me feel settled in the evening and I can decompress while looking at a picked-up space.  The next morning when I’m ready to go, I’m starting with a clean and decluttered space. 

If my space is messy it tends to make me feel anxious, frazzled, and all over the place.  If my space is clear, so is my mind.  It helps me get started faster and get moving on my tasks with a clear head, inspired, and ready to move forward.

Follow along with Chas and all her thrifty inexpensive DIY projects for organization and decor on her blog and Instagram!

14. Planning Day With Online Calendar Best Tip from Erin @ The DIY Nuts

“Using an online calendar helps you plan out your week. From simple recurring tasks to more complex tasks, seeing colored blocks can help you stay organized and keep you on task.

Follow along with Erin and Eric and all their DIY projects on their blog and Facebook!

15. Leave Room To Celebrate Accomplishments Each DayBest Tip from Heather @ National Parks Mom

I like making a daily to-do checklist using the notes app on my smartphone. As I complete each item, I check it off the list. Remember to leave room for something fun/celebratory each day… a glass of wine, or maybe 15 minutes planning your next vacation!

Follow along with Heather and all her travel adventures on her blog and Instagram!

16. Timeblock Similar Tasks Each DayBest Tip from Trisha @ Trisha Builds It

My top tip is split between time blocking similar tasks each day and then prioritizing tasks within that time block.

For example, I could spend a whole day sending pitch emails but instead, I set aside time 60min twice a day for email-related tasks (responding to customers, pitching, reviewing emails, etc), and then when that time block is over, I move to the tasks in the next time block.

Otherwise, you can get caught up editing photos for 8 hours but never writing the blog post that you really needed to do.

Follow along with Trisha and her DIY, home renovations, & decor on her blog and Instagram!

17. Set Achievable Goals Each Day – Best Tip from Meredith @ Arts & Classy

Maybe it’s the Health & Wellness Coach in me (That’s my full-time job), but setting SMART goals has been a game-changer for me. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and time-bound goals. I want to know when I have achieved my goal. Setting goals that might stretch me a little bit but are not completely out of the realm of possibility.

I agree and practice a lot of what my fellow bloggers do to accomplish their daily to-do list, but regarding planning my day, I have to be real with myself.

On Sunday evening, I usually roughly plan out my week before the week begins and more thoroughly plan out my day the night before in my planner. I use a pencil so I can make edits if necessary.

I found that when I used a pen and had to cross things out, it made me feel bad about myself. So something as simple as using a pencil to erase when I need to has helped me feel more accomplished, even if I don’t get everything done.

If a task doesn’t get completed, I roll it over to the next day or another day in the week based on deadlines and working around my full-time job.

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If you are interested, I have created some free printable goal-setting worksheets that can help you on your quest for the perfect planning day.

Whether you are amping up for the new year, tackling your goals with sprints, preparing for your next sprint, or reflecting on your past year these worksheets can help achieve your goals.

This post contains some affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of these links. See more information in my full disclosure policy.

If you are a fan of planners and are looking for recommendations, I have also included some great ones you will love. I also have a coupon code with the DayDesigner!

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I hope you found this post helpful! I love planning my day and learning how others achieve their goals.

Everyone has their unique approach that works best for their schedule, priorities, and their brains.


What is the power of planning your day?

Planning your day is your productivity magic wand, turning chaos into a well-orchestrated symphony. For home decor lovers and DIY enthusiasts, it’s the key to infusing creativity into tasks and turning aspirations into achievements. It’s your roadmap for a day filled with intention and control.

How do you structure your day as a content creator?

As a content creator, my day is a delicate balance of creativity and organization. Mornings are for brainstorming and drafting, afternoons are for crafting content, and evenings are for social media engagement. Late hours are reserved for strategic planning, ensuring each day is a canvas for both inspiration and productivity.

Armed with tips from the pros, you’re now equipped to tackle your daily hustle with a dash of clever strategy.

These 17 wizards have spilled the beans on their secrets, proving that a well-planned day is the unsung hero behind a beautiful home and a thriving blog.

So, here’s to turning each day into a canvas for your unique strokes of brilliance! Whether you’re crafting a DIY masterpiece, curating content, or conquering the social media realm, let the wisdom of these pros be your guiding stars.

Now, go forth and make every planning day a masterpiece of productivity. Cheers to clever planning and happy creating!

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