My Favorite Ways To Find Furniture Series : Part 2

Furniture hunting is always fun. That’s why I told you about my most favorite ways in my last post in this series. In that first part, I talk about finding great quality furniture curbside and on Craigslist for free or for little $$.

In fact, I did a couple of my DIY projects recently with some of those free finds.

My next choice for furniture finds is to hit up a yard, garage, and estate sales.

My Favorite Ways To Find Furniture Part 2

If you have been to yard sales they you totally know what I am talking about. However, there are still a select few that turn their noses up to the idea of “yard sailing.”

Ya’ll. You need to check out more yard sales for your home. Pretty much my entire apartment is furnished with craigslist flips and yard sale flips.

The key is that you really shouldn’t go to a yard sale with something specific in mind.

Just go with an open mind. You never know what you will find.

I found is amazing CANE ARM CHAIR at a yard sale for $15.00 and I flipped it into a beautiful French inspired chair that fits beautifully in my living room. It’s my boyfriend’s favorite chair to sit in when he is playing video games. I suppose that means he finds it super comfortable? It is pretty feminine chair but, he loves it.


But the real point is that I can’t believe what people running yard sales are getting rid of and for the price they are selling certain items for!

My mind is blown at so many yard sales.

So where can you find an awesome sale near you?

A few ways…

  1. Craigslist – sometimes people will advertise this way earlier in the week to intrigue people to come to their sale. They usually have photos of what they are going to be selling. Perfect for strategizing.
  2. Download Free Apps – There Re a few apps you can download for free to help you locate a local yard sale.
  3. Drive around on Thursday’s and Friday’s to start looking for signs going up on street corners advertising in local neighborhoods.
  4. Join some Facebook group boards in your area that are yard/estate sale specific. Staying in touch with local social media, in general, is great. My best friend from high school joined a local selling Facebook group, and has since sold and purchased things from clothing to books to furniture. The exchange is simple and it’s super easy. She love’s shopping that way. She doesn’t shop for everything this way, but certain items like clothing and furniture. Check your local groups on Facebook or Twitter to see if you find any awesome communities such as these.
  5. The Pennysaver What? Does The Pennysaver even exist anymore? The sad thing is that this little Southern California newspaper just closed its doors after 50 years of business in May of 2015. You should now use

My point is.

  • Do some research
  • strategize
  • Go on a yard sale spree one weekend out of the month. Some sales are held on both Saturday and Sunday. But even going one day to many sales, you will probably find things you never even knew you wanted until seeing it.

You might even find an awesome group yard sale that could have a lot of great stuff all in one place. Which means only parking once and loading up your vehicle to head home. I am all for the one-stop shopping.


You really can create an elegant space even with yard sale furniture. Check out this swanky living room!



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