My Favorite Ways To Find Furniture Series : Part 3

Since I have told you for FIRST and SECOND favorite ways to shop and find furniture for my DIY projects and my home. Have any of you heard of CHAIRISH?

My Favorite Ways To Find Furniture Part 3 - with Chairish

This is probably one of my favorite new ways to hunt for furniture. It is a website that is like going to the perfect antique mall and finding all sorts of treasures at an array of prices, but from the comfort of your sofa.

There are two options to obtain your piece once you have purchased. If the item isn’t local to you then shipping is obviously the choice for you. But if it is within a reasonable driving distance you can also pick up!

Sometimes antiques are priced really cheap and then I see some that are extremely over priced. My experience is that it is one extreme or the other.

I have taken the liberty to share with you some awesome finds that are currently for sale on Chairish and can be shipped directly to your home.



1. French Inspired Coffee Table

This table is super cute and unique. The paint job alone is totally my style.



2. Wood Chairs With Fabric Cushions

These chairs have so much potential. You could leave them as is and they would look great but even reupholstering and painting the chairs would make them work for any space.



3. Room Service White Casablanca Wingback Chair

Hands down. This chair is gorgeous and very reasonable priced. I would love this chair in my living room. I <3 tufted furniture. I wouldn’t do a thing to this piece.



4. Industrial Metal Chairs – A Pair

I love these chairs. You can really create an industrial or eclectic look in your home by adding chairs like these.




5. Shabby Chic Vintage Metal Ice Cream Chair

If you are a shabby chic lover like I am. This cute little ice-cream chair is perfect even for the tiniest of spaces. It doesn’t take up a large footprint in a space.



6. Mid-Century Tea Cart on Wheels

This is a perfect DIY project contender. Sure it may look a little dumpy, but it has so much potential to be a cute bar cart or coffee/tea cart in your home.



7. Vintage Harlequin Storage Dresser Cabinet

This could work in an office space as additional storage or in a bedroom as an actual dresser. I love the pattern of this piece. It is very fun.



8. Vintage Indian Brass Birdcage

I know this isn’t a furniture piece, but it is pretty darn cool. I had to include it. I love vintage birdcages. I have seen some DIY-ers turn pieces like this into a cool side table or hanging planter. So many fun creative ideas to repurpose this antique.




9. Vintage Dark Wood Blue Upholstered Loveseat

Another wonderful example of a perfect DIY project contender. Sure there are a couple stains on the fabric of this antique, but it would be easy to reupholster to freshen it up for your home.



10. French Rococo Style Brass Side Table

Words cannot express my love for this rococo-style table. Especially at the price it is set at.



11. Porcelain Top Hoosier Bakers Rack Base

I love this as a DIY piece for a kitchen if you need additional counter space. I am lacking in the counter space department in my home so this would be a perfect solution.



12. Octagon White Marble Coffee Table

I love this coffee table. It is the perfect combination of quality and aesthetic. I wouldn’t touch it either. I would leave it as is.




13. Wood Grain Campaign Desk

This desk would be a wonderful DIY project. Hands down it is simple and would be easy to paint or stain and would work in almost any design style.

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14. Antique Turquoise Painted End Tables – A Pair

I am gaga for these pretty end tables. If you have a feminine space, these end tables would probably look amazing. I adore these.


15. Vintage French-Inspired Metal Vanity Chair

If you are looking to create a vanity, having this chair would make it believable. I love the classic look and how unique it is. Gorgeous!!



SO what do you think of the items I found on Chairish?

Check out their site because they are adding new pieces every single day. You can also save searches with specified filter preferences like price point, color, location, style, and shipping options.

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