My Favorite Ways To Find Furniture Series : Part 1

I am such a lover of good quality furniture and antiques.

I am always drawn to anything ornate and carved. But with antiques in mind, I am always drawn to Art Deco, Edwardian, Georgian, Queen Anne, and anything with French influence style-wise. I decided I would share with you all my top 5 favorite ways that I recommend finding and acquiring furniture and decor.

I really want to dive into each of them in more depth so I decided to turn this into a 5 part series.

My Favorite Ways To Find Furniture Part 1

Today we are talking finding furniture curbside & on craigslist FOR free!!

However, some great deals do arise on Craigslist even if it does cost you a little bit. Just to better express the types of furniture and decor you can find on this site, I browsed a bit too.


This is by far the most rewarding find. I feel like I struck gold when I find a great piece when I am out driving around town. You seriously won’t believe what people just throw out on the curb because of then they don’t have to haul it anywhere. I have found some amazing pieces outside and near my current home. See below a couple of my curbside finds that I have flipped.


Craigslist can be hit or miss. I personally like the thrill of the chase so I adore the process of finding a great deal on Craigslist.

I must also say that you should be smart when using Craigslist. Don’t ever meet at your home or theirs. Meet in a public area in daylight preferably. Bring a friend or family member with you when you pick up too if you can. There can be some flakey people on Craigslist. More than a couple of times I showed up to the location and the person selling the item no showed… or had their phone on do not disturb mode and texted me hours later apologizing. Ugh… boy do I have some stories.

However, when writing it down on paper there were more pros than cons. So I still invest the time and energy when I need to.

For example, when I first started Arts and Classy, I had literally ZERO DOLLARS to spend on anything I was working on. I had to use what I had stocked in my art studio. That experience taught me how to flex my creative muscle to make things work. It also taught me how to really think outside the box to achieve a look I was attempting.

Both of these sources were my main focus to get furniture that I wanted to flip for the blog. Or I used Inherited furniture (you will hear more about this later in this 5 part series) to create content for my little hobby blog It wasn’t until a year and a half in that I decided to purchase my current domain.

It’s a great way to help fit my budget of FREE.

I wanted to show you one of my best finds on Craigslist for free!!

After - Mid Century Modern Makeover with Modern Masters Paint via

I took the liberty of doing a little research to see what deals I might find today. Here two examples of what I am talking about on Craigslist for free.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 3.23.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 4.30.56 PM

I hope this inspired you to get on your computer to start searching for some good deals.

If you learned something new here, please leave a comment. Do you personally use Craigslist or flip curbside furniture?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear your stories!

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  1. Love this, excited for the remaining parts. I’ve been thinking about a similar blog post for awhile since people are always curious but wasn’t sure how to structure it since I too love multiple ways of finding furniture. Great job! My favorite is CL as well (free or $20 & under makes me so happy) and thrift stores/estate sales

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