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Get out a pen and paper because you will want to remember this info!

The No.1 rule of a lady ... stay classy

I want to share some bloggers and entreprenuers that are super inspiring. I visit there sites a lot for tips on tricks on how to make YOU happier at A&C!

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Since I began this blogging journey knowing absolutely nothing about it!! I am happy to share inspiring people that have helped me get A&C to a level I could never have imagined.

Make sure to get ready to either pin these bloggers on pinterest or get ready to do some bookmarking. You don’t want to forget these sites. 

1. Regina Anaejionu just knows how to give amazing and concise information beautifully. She also creates some legendary ekits and workbooks. But the greatest thing about her is she gives so much life to each post she writes that you absorb so much great FREE information that can help you grow you blog or business. She is a real awesome lady.

Here are a couple of the programs I have been working on from her site! She makes learning this information fun and she inspires you to get it going! <3 Her!

She has started a podcast recently called “The Independent” via Soundcloud. It is taking her advice and content even further to help others starting out.

The EPICBLOG Editorial Planner has saved my 2015 and has helped me stay consistent with my content and posting schedule and has helped my keep better track of my goals, income, and expenses. (This is coming from a non business savvy creative) Regina and other talented Bloggers have really helped me hone the Business Savvy Skill. I am getting better with each day.

My recommendations for  (click on each image to be taken to her content)

2. Erika Madden of is amazing! She is all about maintaining a stellar online reputation with your business. She also has fabulous tips about social media. I highly recommend checking out her content. If you subscribe to her email list she will give you a free ebook about working on your online presence and reputation. 

My recommendations from (click on each image to be taken to her content)

3. Julie Harris is an amazing designer! I am actually hiring her to work with me on my brand development for Arts & Classy later in 2015. She also has stellar content and great info and worksheets on brand development and overall website design. Definitely check her out. If you subscribe to her email list, she gives you a 60 page workbook called “Brand-sanity” and it helps you work through what is important to you about your brand and how to further develop a cohesive design. You also have the opportunity by subscribing to access her private FB group.

My recommendations from Julie Harris Design: (click on each image to be taken to her content)

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