Secrets of Thriving Houseplants: How To Fertilize Indoor Plants Naturally

This post is sponsored by MycoMaxx, however, all opinions expressed are entirely my own. Greetings, fellow plant enthusiasts! Today, I want to share an exciting journey I recently embarked on: repotting my beloved Monstera plant. But this isn’t just your typical repotting tale; it’s a story of how MycoMaxx’s natural fertilizer played a pivotal role in this process, and how it can elevate your indoor gardening experience too.

The Monstera Repotting Adventure

As many of you know, working with indoor plants means the growing season is year-round. Repotting can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. The anticipation of providing your plant with a fresh, spacious home is exhilarating, but the fear of transplant shock always looms. This time, though, I had a secret weapon—MycoMaxx.

Why Natural Fertilizer for Indoor Plants?

You know, as much as we love our indoor plants—like my aloe vera, succulents, fiddle leaf fig, pothos, and monstera—sometimes they can be a bit high-maintenance. That’s where natural fertilizers come into play. No more synthetic chemical fertilizer or complicated routines—just pure, organic goodness for your leafy pals. Indoor plant fertilizer is my go-to care for my plant babies!

Why MycoMaxx for Repotting?

Before we dive into my Monstera’s transformation, let’s understand why MycoMaxx is the ideal choice for repotting indoor plants, especially a superstar like the Monstera.

Enhanced Root Growth

MycoMaxx is formulated with eight different species of Mycorrhizal fungi. These tiny organisms are like the plant’s underground superheroes. They enhance root growth, making them more efficient in absorbing essential nutrients, including nitrogen and potassium. When you’re repotting, giving your plant’s roots a head start can make all the difference in nutrient uptake.

Organic and USA-Made

MycoMaxx is proudly organic and distributed in the USA. Knowing that I’m using an environmentally friendly product puts my mind at ease, especially when it comes to caring for my Monstera.

My Monstera’s Repotting Journey

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how MycoMaxx transformed my Monstera’s repotting experience plus instructions on how I used this houseplant fertilizer! Let’s do this together! My goal is when you finish this tutorial, you will have more confidence in how to fertilize indoor plants in your home!

Repotting Supplies Needed:

  • Plant of Choice (I am repotting my Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant)
  • MycoMaxx Organic Fertilizer Use code msmyco10 for $10 off your first purchase.
  • Potting Soil
  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Gardening Trowel

Step 1: Preparing the New Home

I selected a larger pot for my Monstera to allow room for growth. After cleaning the pot, I mixed a packet of MycoMaxx with water in a spray bottle, creating a nutrient-rich solution. This liquid fertilizer would provide the essential nutrients my Monstera needed to thrive, such as nitrogen and potassium.

Step 2: Gently Uprooting

With great care, I removed my Monstera from its old pot. I could already see the healthy, white Mycorrhizal fungi on the root system—a sign that MycoMaxx had been working its magic. These fungi play a crucial role in nutrient absorption, helping my Monstera access the nutrients in the potting soil.

Step 3: Introducing MycoMaxx

Before placing my Monstera into its new pot, I sprayed the roots generously with the MycoMaxx solution. This step was crucial in ensuring that the beneficial fungi would continue their work in the fresh soil, boosting nutrient uptake and promoting healthy foliage growth.

Step 4: Welcoming My Monstera Home

I nestled my Monstera into 3 new pots, filled with nutrient-rich potting soil. With MycoMaxx by its side, I knew my plants would thrive in its spacious abode. The perfect soil-fungi ratio was essential for my Monstera’s well-being.

The Transformation Unveiled

In the weeks that followed, the transformation of my Monstera was truly remarkable. Not only did it adapt seamlessly to its new pot, but it also displayed lush growth and vibrant foliage. My Monstera was thriving like never before, thanks to the boosted nutrient absorption facilitated by MycoMaxx’s natural ingredients and micronutrients.


So, there you have it—an intimate glimpse into my Monstera repotting journey, made extraordinary with MycoMaxx’s natural fertilizer. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just starting your indoor gardening adventure, consider the power of MycoMaxx to enhance root growth, improve nutrient uptake, and boost the overall health of your plants, including indoor plants like the majestic Monstera.

As for my Monstera, it’s become the crown jewel of my indoor garden, a testament to the wonders of MycoMaxx and the importance of using natural fertilizers. Your indoor plants, from houseplants to succulents, will thank you for their lush beauty and vitality.

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Happy gardening! 🌿✨ If you want to keep up with MycoMaxx, make sure you are following them on Instagram!

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