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Classy DIY Framed Magnetic Makeup Board

I have needed an inexpensive way to store my makeup. I have a someone small bathroom and I had some free wall space behind my toilet. I thought it would be the perfect spot to hang my latest DIY project. My framed magnetic makeup board!

 I have a great solution for you caters to a small budget.

 A Classy DIY Framed Magnetic Makeup Board - A simple storage solution for a small bathroom.

Trust me, ladies…

This saves so much space and makes getting ready in the morning much faster than digging and fishing through my makeup bag.

It saves me a lot of time now when I get ready in the morning for work!

I don’t have to search for that perfect shade of lipstick I get inspired to wear. It displays my makeup in such a fashion that I don’t forget what color eyeshadows I have. Does that happen to anyone else? I know it did for me.

Here is my finished product:

A Classy DIY Framed Magnetic Makeup Board - A simple storage solution for a small bathroom.

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In order to make this makeup board, you will need the following:

1. Fabric – Pick one you will love! I chose fabric I already had which was a nice simple white. I also found this fabric like mine on Amazon 
2. Spray Adhesive – Best thing ever! Much better than hot glue for mounting the fabric to your sheet metal and faster! 
3. Magnets – Buy these in bulk online…it’s a waste going to Lowe’s to buy them in small packets. Budget tip –  I cut up some dumpy old refrigerator magnets to hang smaller items like eyeliner etc.
4. Picture Frame – this could be old or new, I chose an Aaron bros frame leftover at one of my jobs. Free is always my favorite!
5. A Galvanized Steel Sheet – I got mine at Lowe’s in the plumbing dept. for like $8 for a 24″x36″ sheet.
6. Hot Glue gun + hot glue sticks – for attaching magnets to make-up.

Now some other bloggers that I have seen actually found some beautiful old ornamental frames, and painted them a wild color and they used a very decorative fabric.

I wanted more of a simple classy look, and as I said: “I am a girl on a budget.”

Free was music to my ears!!

I think the only things I actually purchased were the magnets and the galvanized metal. Everything else I have just around my craft room. Handy huh?

Step 1: You will cut down your metal to fit your frame.

Step 2: Cover the cut metal in spray adhesive on one side and wrap your fabric (almost like a present) around the metal.

Step 3: Lay metal into the frame and secure.

Step 4: Hot glue magnets on the back of your make-up.

Step 5: Hang your frame where you wish.

Step 6: Attach the magnets.

Unfortunately, I did not take step by step photos of this d.i.y magnetic makeup board, but I am linking you up to some amazing bloggers that have laid it out with photos for each step and I found a helpful video. Check them out!

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