22 Creative Arts & Crafts Storage Inspiration

I am an arts and crafts hoarder.

I love browsing Pinterest to find inspiration for my own craft space/office. In fact, I currently have a chalkboard accent wall, upcycled paint can paint brush storage, and apple crate shelving. All inspiration from Pinterest.

22 super creative arts and crafts storage inspiration for your home. Even if you are renter, you can come up with something that will work for your space via www.artsandclassy.com

Since I found some amazing crafts storage today, I wanted to share them with you.

Check out these 22 creative solutions for your craft, art, & DIY supplies.


I love the rustic feel these old soda boxes have as they also function as shelves for these awesome jars for sewing supplies. This is such a creative idea + I love the use of the vertical space. If you have a small home, then using your vertical space is essential like I said in my post about making your home look more expensive on a dime. Shelving and vertical space is the smart way to go.

Wall Storage




If you want a new way to upcycle old rulers, yard sticks, and paint stirring sticks this is the perfect new use for them. I love this.

Lace and Ribbon Storage


Shop this project: Wooden rulers, Pins, & Glass container.



If you like in a small space like a studio or bachelor, or even a one bedroom, this will be a perfect solution to concealing your craft supplies or really anything you want to stow away like jewelry + it will give you a reason to paint a beautiful art piece to hang your home.

Small space living craft storage




I love how someone made their own solution use this old antique shelf. She took cereal boxes and cut them down to make the perfect pull out drawer organizer.

everything etsy - cereal box cubbies




Muffin/cupcake pans can also function as DIY jewelry storage. It functions well keeping small items together, saving the DIY-er lots of time.

small bead and button storage


Shop this project: muffin pans


Vintage cans work as the perfect storage for ALL craft and art supplies + it creates a really eclectic feel in a space if you have contemporary pieces too.





I think this a more practical creative solution. I love that this blogger found her solution herself + it looks very clean and classy.

Inside Stroage Towers Drawers


Shop this project: White storage drawers, Love Letters, & Gold polka dot wall decals.


If you need a solution now and don’t want to spend any money. Use some duct tape you have lying around and some cereal boxes to create the perfect organizer for your supplies.



Shop this project: Colorful duct tape


Someone really thought outside the box on this solution for their craft and wrapping paper supplies. Just put some casters on a stool flipped upside down with canvas bags that tie on. Genius.

wrapping paper storage 2


Shop this project: Casters, Round wooden stool, & white spray paint.


I love how this storage blends in so nicely to the existing shabby chic cottage decor. This is a cohesive and pretty way to storage lace trim, ribbon, and fabric.

Fabric Storage




The simplicity of this idea astounds me. That is all I have to say. I love this solution to keep the yarn untangled and easy to use and stow away.

String Storage


Shop this project: Short glass jars with lids & yarn.


Drilling the jar tops to the bottom of the shelf is the perfect solution for button storage in upcycled jars!

button storage




Glitter is such a problem when it comes to storage because it gets everywhere. This is a simple and easy way to store, make mobile, and make effective use of  old salt and pepper containers.

Glitter storage


Shop this project: Short salt and pepper shakers  & Glitter.


This is a simple and easy way to stow paper for use later.

Wrapping paper storage


Shop this project: C hooks & tension rods.


As a huge lover of chalkboard paint and I love the way this person transformed an ugly filing cabinet into something more aesthetically pleasing and a way to manage your life’s to-dos!

chalkboard file cabinet


Shop this project: Chalkboard paint & White paint.


Cutting PVC into short segments with some washi tape as a decorative border help make this creative solution awesome!



Shop this project: PVC pipe, Washi tape, & Epoxy.


I see these old spice racks at thrift stores all the time. I love how this blogger made a practical use for her craft storage needs.




To me, this whole shelf is eye candy. I love how everything has a place and it works beautifully .




The creativity of this solution is so cool. I love the use of old straw displacers as ribbon storage holders.

Ribbon Stoage


Shop this project: Straw dispenser


This was a fun creative solution for paint brush storage. A playful way to upcycle paint cans when you are finished using them.

After - My Baby dresser staged




Another item I see all the time at thrift stores and this blogger made it a fun way to store her and her kid’s arts and crafts supplies.

DIY Crayon Holder




The way this crafter organizes her office with jars etc in their creative space. I dream of a creative office space like this one.

Creative office space!



Which creative storage solution is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments below.

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