5 Ways I Sneak-in My Self Care Time

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Since I am a busy lady on the go, sometimes I forget to prioritize my self care time and let it fall on the back burner. I recently started as a kickboxing instructor part-time to hold myself accountable for my health and fitness. I forgot how exhausting learning something new like that can be.

By the end of the day, I was completely beaten.

I was too tired to even think about any me time… I needed sleep time!

But now that I am feeling more confident in that role and I feel like I can rearrange my priorities to schedule more time. I have become aware that I am in need of some self-care when I start feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus.

Even the easiest daily tasks seem draining. Sound like you? You are not alone. In order to recharge my batteries, I have focused on sneaking in little a little self care time after work each day.

5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time

I can not express how important taking time out for yourself is. Here are 5 quick ways I sneak in my “me’ time and if you try them, report back and let me know if they work for you!

1. A pedicure.

For some reason, painted toes make me happy. I love a little flash of color or sparkle. While I am not really the gal that makes regular mani-pedi appointments, I do treat myself from time to time. When I am feeling more on the thrifty side I pull out my stash of nail polish and a nail file.

5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time

2. A Brain dump + Goal setting.

Taking time to unload your mind on paper is so beneficial. I usually want to do a brain dump. If you don’t know what it is… Typically, I write down any to-dos or projects on my mind for about 10 minutes. This usually involves both career and personal to-dos.

Did I also mention that I love to do this because it gives me an excuse to get a notebook or journal?

From there, I can prioritize them so I can schedule them. This helps me gain so much peace of mind. I love feeling organized and on top of things.

I also love to take the time to set personal and professional goals for myself in 90-day increments.

5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time

3. Make peppermint tea.

Making tea is such a calming ritual + I love adding honey to boost the flavor. I find that it always calms me and I feel better after. It’s little rituals like this one of making my morning coffee every day that just feel like my me time before I start the day. I can just be.

5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time

4. Light-scented candles.

I love stimulating all my senses. Scented candles that match the changing seasons can really set a mood during my self care time. It can create calm and ambiance to allow you to set the mood for your me time.

  • Pumpkin spice candles in the fall.
  • Pine, Smokey Hearth, Peppermint in the Winter.
  • Florals and clean linen in the spring.
  • Beach breeze and coconut in the summer.

These scents help set the mood for me and just make me happy. It’s one of my favorite ways to end my day.

5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time

5. Draw inspiration from magazines.

Visual inspiration helps me hone in on future project ideas! I love surfing the web, but my first loves were magazines. I remember walking to my local Vons around the corner from my apartment in college to buy 3 things InStyle, People, and a bottle of wine. Since I have such a sense of nostalgia for my college years I read magazines to help me re-focus and get re-inspired!

I still live in a Vons… I head there to grab a couple to read, cut out, and collect ideas to save on an inspiration board. Sometimes it will inspire a painting that I want to create.

Since I am a DIY-er + interior/set decorator…certain colors and textures help me think of a cool color palette that I can use for a future project. For example, the color scheme from the wooden beverage tray (pictured), was inspired by a spring issue of InStyle magazine!

5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time
5 Ways I Sneak-in Self Care with Me Time

Now I challenge you to try at least 2 of these tips to help yourself squeeze in more me time!

I want to hear how it goes in the comments below. Where do you draw your inspiration?



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