As a former renter, I have moved a lot in my lifetime. I have lived in larger 1200 sq ft. apartment all the way to when I first lived on my own in 450 sq ft. studio apartment and all that is in between. I know how to make it work and on a budget.

It is not always about the how small the space, but how you use it. Small spaces can really force you to get creative (which is my favorite part). I want to share my knowledge of living in small apartments and share it with you all so you can really maximize the potential of your home.

I have compiled everything related to this topic on this page. From decorating tips, room makeovers, & shopping tips you will find a lot of useful information on the subject.

From decorating tips, DIY storage and how to better Feng Shui your small interior, the following gallery can help you inspire you to get creative in your home.

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