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6 Important Small Apartment Decorating Tips

Small apartments do not have to be a drag.

Look at it as a new opportunity to make use of all the space you have in new and creative ways! It is possible to live a full and active lifestyle in the confines of a small apartment, you just have to know how to decorate to make the most of what you have.

6 Important small apartment decorating tips

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1. Vertical Storage

When you are in a small space it is best to make the most of what you DO have. That being said, vertical storage is the best choice in a smaller place. When I say vertical storage I mean; floating shelves, tall and thin bookcases/shelving, using the space over windows to create a storage area.

Here are some awesome floating shelf options I found.

  1. Slim Line Floating Wall Shelf
  2. 4 Piece Floating Wall Shelf Set
  3. Kian Wall Floating Shelf

2. Double-Duty Furniture

Part of functioning in a small space is having furniture that can play dual roles. For example, a bench and rolling storage unit, or a table that folds into a seating area. These are great examples of how to function and maximize that space you have.

Here are some great double duty bench options that might work for your home.

  1. Storage Bench
  2. Wood Storage Bench II
  3. Upholstered Storage Bench

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3. Conceal

Often times in an apartment, hiding certain elements of the unit will help you love your place a little more. For example, hiding a breaker box or thermostat with a picture frame on hinges will give you an additional decorative finish while concealing the eye sore.

Here are some great frame options and hinges you can use to recreate this effect.

4. Avoid Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture would fun come moving time. When you shop for your furniture, pick smaller/timeless pieces that you will keep for a long time. Less bulky furniture will make more room for you to exist, and will make your place look much larger. Plus the people who help you move will thank you!

Here are some lightweight furniture options that I found online that are similar to the ones pictured above.

  1. End Table
  2. Mclaughlin End Table
  3. Mid Mod Coffee Table
  4. Retro Coffee Table
  5. La Campana Mid-Century Fabric Loveseat
  6. Remark Loveseat
  7. Saginaw Loveseat

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 5. Reduce the Clutter

Being a clutter bug doesn’t help the goal of making a small apartment look larger. Clutter can make a room look too busy and a little hoarder-like. By reducing the clutter you can create small staged decorative vignettes that will be more pleasing to the eye.

Here are some trinkets that would work really well to create a vignette.

  1. Williamsburg Tray
  2. Carnevali Ceramic Candle Holder
  3. Simple Candle Holder
  4. Basilic 3 Piece Bottle Set
  5. Marble Decorative Box with Agate

6. Use Acrylic Furniture When Possible

Acrylic and lucite furniture can do wonders in a small space. It is recommended when decorating to give the illusion of a larger room. Clear furniture also has a classier feel to it. It has clean lines and appears to take up less of a footprint in a space.

I found some amazing lucite furniture options that you can purchase online!

  1. Tonnele Coffee Table
  2. Journal Coffee Table
  3. Magazine End Table
  4. Atka Coffee Table
  5. Acrylic Nest Tables
  6. Clear Dining Arm Chair
  7. Clear Side Chair

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