6 Important Small Apartment Decorating Tips

Looking for small apartment decorating tips to make the most of your cozy home? If you live in a small apartment and find yourself longing for more space, rest assured that you’re not alone. Even with modern building advancements, most apartments in the United States are still small and compact.

What makes a small apartment look bigger?

Rather than fretting over the size of your apartment, why not shift your focus to its advantages? Embrace the charm of your small space and discover creative ways to maximize its potential with style. No matter what your color scheme is, you can make your apartment feel like you own it with some small adjustments. By using effective small apartment decorating tips, you can transform your compact living area into a functional and stylish haven that truly feels like home.

With these 6 easy small apartment decorating tips, you can create a unique and inviting space that reflects your personality and style, with a few simple changes.

6 Important small apartment decorating tips

In this article, I’ll provide you with practical decorating tips for your small apartment, along with some useful advice to help you make the most of the features you have. Read on to find out how you can transform your living space and create a home that you can feel proud of!

Small apartments do not have to be a drag. Look at it as a new opportunity to make use of all the space you have in new and creative ways! It is possible to live a full and active lifestyle in the confines of a small apartment, you just have to know how to decorate to make the most of what you have.

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1. Using Vertical Storage

Utilizing vertical storage is a trick and key strategy for small apartment decorating that allows you to maximize space and keep your living area organized. When floor space is limited, it’s crucial to think vertically and make use of the often underutilized wall space. Install floating shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, or hanging organizers to take advantage of vertical storage opportunities.

These options not only provide valuable storage space for items such as books, decor, or kitchen supplies but also help keep surfaces clear and visually open.

Utilize vertical storage in every room for maximum space utilization. Use tall bookcases or floor-to-ceiling shelving to create a sense of height and a bigger space. Optimize layout, reduce clutter, and create a larger, organized living environment with vertical storage solutions.

Here are some awesome floating shelf options I found to make any room feel bigger.

2. Double Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture is so helpful when it comes to small apartment decorating. In limited spaces, it’s essential to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. Multifunctional furniture, such as convertible sofas, storage ottomans, or dining tables with built-in storage, serves multiple purposes and optimizes the use of space.

These smart accent furniture pieces can change and adjust to meet various needs, offering flexibility and versatility.

Get furniture that does double duty to keep things neat and avoid too much stuff. It saves space and makes things easier. You can store things like blankets and throw pillows, have places to sit, and even sleep. Use all the space wisely and make your home functional and nice with double-duty furniture.

Here are some great double-duty furniture options that might work for your home.

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3. Conceal or Hide Eye Sores

When you decorate a small apartment, it’s important to cover up anything that looks bad. Wires, big appliances, or ugly structures can spoil the look. Find smart ways to layer, hide, or blend them in and make your space look much better.

Consider using decorative screens, room dividers, or curtains to conceal areas that detract from the overall design.

Strategic furniture and shelving hide unattractive features and offer extra storage. Use art, wall hangings, or mirrors as focal points to divert attention. You could make a gallery wall, removable wallpaper, artwork, area rugs, table lamps, or floor lamps to assist with this. Concealing eye sores transforms your apartment into a visually pleasing space reflecting your style.

Here are some great frame options and hinges you can use to recreate this effect.

4. Avoid Bulky Furniture

Avoid bulky furniture in small apartment decor. It overwhelms and makes space cramped. Opt for sleek, streamlined, space-saving pieces. Choose slim profiles and clean lines for openness and lightness.

Think about small living room furniture that can do more than one thing, like a storage ottoman or a sofa bed. This way, you can use them for different purposes and save space on the floor no matter what your square footage is.

Choose furniture with raised legs or transparent elements (glass, acrylic) for visual space illusion. Optimize the layout with compact, versatile pieces. Create a spacious, comfortable, and stylish environment. Your movers will appreciate it!

Here are some lightweight furniture options that I found online that are similar to the ones pictured above.

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 5. Reduce the Clutter

Make your small apartment look better by reducing clutter. Too much stuff makes it feel smaller. Try minimalism and keep things organized by decluttering regularly. Look at your things and get rid of what you don’t need.

Consider clever storage solutions, such as under-bed bins, hanging organizers, and multi-functional furniture with built-in storage compartments, to maximize the use of available space.

Embrace a “less is more” approach when it comes to decor and keep surfaces clear and clean. By keeping clutter at bay, you allow your small apartment to breathe and showcase its true potential, creating a more spacious and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. From there you can create small staged decorative vignettes with accessories that will be more pleasing to the eye.

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Here are some trinkets that would work really well to create a vignette.

6. Use Acrylic Furniture When Possible

Use acrylic furniture for small apartment decor. It creates a space illusion with transparency and sleekness. Blend seamlessly in any room. Ideal for small living spaces.

The clear nature of acrylic furniture helps maintain an open and airy feel, preventing the visual clutter that can come with bulkier or darker pieces.

Acrylic furniture adds modernity, and elegance, and maximizes perceived space in your apartment. Reflective properties enhance openness. Achieve a stylish, spacious atmosphere without compromising functionality with acrylic furniture.

I found some amazing lucite acrylic furniture options that you can purchase online!

To sum up, these tips can help decorate your small apartment. You don’t have to have an education in interior design to pull this off. Plan carefully and make smart choices. Transform your space into a stylish and functional oasis. Stay organized and use storage solutions. Use colors, lighting, and mirrors to make the room seem bigger. Get furniture that serves multiple purposes. Put your personal style into the design. Make your small apartment feel like home.

With these decorating ideas in mind, even the smallest studio apartment can be a haven of comfort and style. If you found this post to be helpful in making your space feel bigger, please share it and let me know in the comments below. Make sure you are following me on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Hometalk, and TikTok for plenty more ideas on how to decorate your home!

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Discover Small Apartment Decorating Tips to make the most of your cozy home! If you live in a small apartment and find yourself longing for more space, rest assured that you're not alone. Even with modern building advancements, most apartments in the United States are still small and compact. Transform your small apartment into a stylish, functional living space with our expert tips and tricks. Don't forget to save this pin for later and follow Arts & Classy for classy chic home decor on the cheap at artsandclassy.com.

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