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5 Affordable Solutions For A Small Storage Apartment Foyer

The key to making a good first impression is a great apartment foyer! The next is making sure you are getting clever with storage solutions and organization in a small space. Learn how to make the most of a small storage entryway in an apartment.

Even when you live in a small apartment or house, you can still make it your own. What can I say? Being an eternal optimist means I don’t believe it’s impossible. I grew up “making it work” regardless of what “it” was. One of the apartments I lived in was a 900-square-foot 2-bedroom apartment with little to no room for a formal foyer.

I decided that this would be a project to satisfy my apartment therapy. For now, I wanted to share some of the research and the tips that I have compiled from other talented designers and home bloggers.

Here are 5 Solutions for your apartment foyer to add small storage! 

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1. Choose storage that is pleasing to the eye. 

Decorating and adding storage solutions to a small apartment entryway can be really fun! Why you ask? You have to get creative!

Mixing and matching storage furniture and decor accessories to create a functional, pretty space at the same time. You will want to find furniture and decor that work well for storage purposes.

Sometimes DIY projects can help make a small space pop and work as a proper apartment foyer. This may include painting pieces or creating a cute color scheme to tie them all together. Add some hanging storage and artwork to complete this look.

2. Take over a corner.

If you have a small corner with enough room close to your door, make it work as a foyer space! Even just a piece of furniture like a chair or bench with a pillow on it invites guests to sit & slip off their shoes. It makes your apartment entryway more inviting and seems more like a traditional mudroom with storage space.

Throw an area rug on the floor to really add dimension and separate the space from the rest of the apartment. Baskets are an inexpensive solution to add storage capabilities to a small storage entryway. 


3. Use Wall Hooks.

Wall hooks will help you keep your items organized by your front door in that foyer space without allowing for clutter to build. Create enough hooks to hold purses, hats, jackets, etc.

Keeping these items off the floor will prevent it from looking too crowded and cluttered. Visitors can come in and drop off their belongings easily. You can create a focal point in your entry hall by adding a cool piece of art to give the illusion that this smaller space is it’s own room.


4. Temporary Wallpaper or Paint a Wall.

Playing with color in your interior design can be the most fun part of decorating a small entryway. I love that there are more and more temporary wallpaper patterns to play with that fit a small budget and don’t damage walls. Plus, you don’t have to stare at a stale blank wall.

However, painting an accent wall or corner a specific color will allow it to be considered a separate space. Customizing your design to fit your personality and design taste is key. It will really help tie the foyer together.


5. Create a Little Table Space.

Table space is crucial in my home. Whether it is a side table,  floating shelf, or console table… you need something to set your stuff on at the end of your day. Depending on your space, this could mean different things.

If you have a tiny entryway… floating shelves are are great solution to accomplish this. Complement this table with a mirror or maybe a little piece of art to give it more of a formal entrance look.

See it doesn’t take too much to create a functioning space in your home that your can set and store your belongings for the next day. Don’t overcomplicate it, or do it all at once. You can make the perfect apartment foyer for your entryway’s organization!

I think completing this project in stages is best! You can think through each step and make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the corner you will use. What do you think of these small storage entryway tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing ideas for small spaces! My apt is less than 800 sq ft, 1BR/Bath. Love your style!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing ideas for small spaces! My apt is less than 800 sq ft, 1BR/Bath. Love your style!


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