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Hey Friends! I am very excited to be writing about this subject today because I am absolutely 150% in love with a chalkboard wall. I suppose its takes having the artsy background, and a semi-misunderstood artistic personality for this make my day. 🙂 The idea of drawing on walls as a child was but a dream… and now as an adult it is becoming a reality. I am elated! Joy!

The main reason why I am sharing this with you is that I am painting my office walls with chalkboard paint….and maybe my kitchen…..and…um… maybe the bedroom. Do I sound out of control?

um… yes…

…Moving on…

You can see the “before” photo of my office in a previous post 6 d.i.y projects that are on my to do list.

I don’t know why having the freedom to draw and make lists whenever I want makes my soul smile. It makes my inner self so happy and harmonious.  You never know when an idea will strike and having some chalk nearby makes more creative thoughts happen. I love surrounding myself with beautiful images, words, and empowering ideas to help keep me motivated to purse my dreams.

Here are a few chalkboard wall {s} and ideas that inspired me, and I wanted to share with you all.

There are some talented artists here and I have attached a link to the sourced sites where these images were found.



In this image, the chalkboard wall gives off the illusion of romance (I am loving the decor).  I enjoy the sarcastic LOVE BITES in the center. It made me laugh aloud.



Having the flexibility to draw something on your wall if you are in the mood or feeling inspired…. masterpieces can happen.



This loft/office is essentially my ideal dream home office for myself. I love the use of this chalkboard wall too.




What a great idea to have a chalkboard wall your kitchen for things such as grocery lists! Genius I tell you…



What if you want to leave a note for a loved one!? And did you know that you save paper by having a wall to draw on?

…there you go… it’s better for the planet people! 😉



I think this office is adorably organized and utilized with the chalkboard wall. Cute!



This creative chalkboard wall would seriously make me smile every morning if I woke up to it. It has so much personality, and is taunting my “want to travel” bug.



I think the “erased” chalkboard look really adds something to this image. I love the texture as well as the writing!



The frames really make this images special,  but I love how the formal look of this additional layer adds to this accent wall. You can change up the art in each frame! Creative cute! I would draw a fun portrait in each one. 🙂


This is the part where I ask you… are you convinced yet? Do you feel inspired?

Would you ever paint your walls with chalkboard paint? I want to know. Please share in the comments below.

If you do think you would paint your walls,  here is a direct link to the chalkboard paint I am using. Please share your chalkboard wall {s} and other projects via instagram and twitter with #artsandclassypainting

Don’t forget. 🙂

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