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If you know A & C you know we are all about getting the room you want without that ridiculous price tag. You do not have to spend much for the look you are trying to achieve. All you need is Pinterest and some other creativity to think outside the box. Repurposing items and existing decor is key to making your room over with out spending much while doing it.

If you are anything like me, you may keep items you don’t need. Maybe its greeting cards you get from family and friends, or perhaps its hand painted china plates. Use these collections to your advantage by displaying them in an interesting way.

By thinking creatively, you can create conversation-starting decor that your friends and neighbors will be envious of.

5 Ways To Refresh A Room Without Spending Much Money

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1. Camouflage your television.

Create a beautiful gallery wall with items and trinkets you already have around home. You can create a beautiful balance by focusing it around your television to turn it into part of the conversation.

By using one color your can unite your composition in whatever way you want. I love the example below of this gallery wall style way to make the television look like it’s a part of the composition.

To recreate the example shown below you should purchase a couple cans of black gloss spray paint. Use old frames you already have or go to a thrift store to purchase some larger frames. Unless Aaron Brothers is having their Buy one Get one for a 1 cent deal. You have to take advantage of that. Or you can just go on good old amazon for some frames, delivered right to your door.


5 Ways To Refresh Your Room With Out Spending Money{Source}

2. Use old greeting cards, letters, and a frame or canvas to create your own new artwork.

My nana still loves sending snail mail. I must admit, I do love receiving mail this isn’t in the form of a bill. But greeting cards are a perfect example of something that clutter up your home. I feel bad throwing cards away from my Nana. I feel too guilty. Instead of becoming a hoarder… I decided to think outside the box.

Repurposing greeting cards, letters, and other personal items is the best way to create your own personal unique decor.

The example below is from a wedding. This couple decided to create a framed collage from all the greeting cards they received. I think this a cute and simple way to upcycle the memorable experiences with and from important people in your life.

5 Ways To Refresh Your Room With Spending Much Money{Source}

3. Reupholster a piece of furniture or create an accent pillow.

It really savvy when you can reuse old t-shirts, sweaters, or other pieces of clothing at is either damaged, dated, or doesn’t fit you any longer. That is the perfect excuse to purge clothing. Repurpose it into decor! Spoken like a true DIY-er.

Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, check out this no sew accent pillow cover tutorial that will blow your mind.

5 Ways To Refresh Your Room With Spending Much Money{Source}


4. Paint a Chalkboard Wall.

I love having different ways to express myself. If you are ever want to jot down ideas at home, painting a chalkboard wall is the perfect way. I also love it for writing down a quotes or mantras you want to remember. If you are into affirmations, drawing, or even just creating to do lists… this is a great creative outlet to do so.

I love these chalkboard paint markers to create beautiful artwork and text on my chalkboard wall in my office.

5 Ways To Refresh Your Room With Spending Much Money{Source}

If you are worried about painting your walls… don’t worry. I have some alternatives for you!

5. Makeover an existing light fixture.

Maybe its a globe “boob” light. Maybe it’s a chandelier. There are many ways to add some pizzazz to your existing decor without spending much if any money.

For the project below you need:


5 Ways To Refresh Your Room With Spending Much Money


5 Ways To Refresh Your Room With Spending Much Money


Or you can go the route of making your own lamp from nothing like I did with some coat hangers, beads, lid from a mason jar, spray paint, and hot glue. Check out my DIY Waterfall Chandelier tutorial.

What do you think of these tips? Would you try any in your own space? Let me know in the comments below!

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