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How to Beautify a Dollar Tree Vase For Free

Check out one of the projects where I transformed a simple Dollar Tree vase into something unique for my home. I am going to cut to the chase here and show you how I did this for free.

The process of making these cute and clean cylinder vases is simple… SPRAY PAINT!

One of my favorite supplies to use on my Dollar Tree vase projects (if it is appropriate).

I purchased these vases back in April. They had been sitting in a cabinet for a long time before I decided that I wanted them in my bedroom.

IMG_5752 copy

They just needed a little TLC and imagination.

Supplies you will need: (I had all of these supplies in stock – so this project cost me nothing but my time which was also minimal) Links included for your convenience.

  • Cylinder Vases – I purchased mine at Dollar Tree for $2 total but I am linking a similar one on Amazon if that works better for your convenience.
  • Spray paint of your choice – I chose metallic gold.
  • Painters tape – purchase the thinner variety so you can do more intricate designs.

Once I applied my tape, I turned the vases upside down to prevent any paint from messing up the interior side.


I sprayed a few coats of spray paint to make sure I covered the whole vase evenly.

IMG_5763 copy

Once they dried… TAHHH DAHHH!! 

DIY Dollar Store Vase Makeover. See how I transform these inexpensive vases from the dollar tree and transform them to match my vintage glam bedroom. Easy and affordable diy home decor for sure at www.artsandclassy.com

I hope you enjoyed this makeover as much as I did. I like to keep things simple if I can.

Plus, I love finding new ways to make something look beautiful.

What do you think? Would you try this Dollar Tree vase makeover? 

Keep it Classy, Meredith
How to Beautify A Dollar Store Vase For Free. See more www.artsandclassy.com

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  1. Great idea! I have quite a few old glass vases (I keep them all because you just never know when they’ll come in handy haha) and I even have some metallic spray paint laying around. I’m definitely going to try this!

    1. Stacey! I love you blog and I enjoyed your post today about how you turned down a job and why you did it. Great stuff. If you tackle this project, please share on instagram and tag me @artsandclassy. I will feature it on my blog. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Stacey!! You rock.

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