How To Express Gratitude This Year On A Budget

Since this is the season to express gratitude, I wanted to share with you my top tip for sending your love in a tangible form.

During the holidays, many get caught up in the whole shop till you drop mentality and put themselves in debt. Don’t put your self in debt over presents for people. Especially if you don’t plan to pay it off when the statement comes. TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN THERE. 

Expressing gratitude to your family in love ones will have such a resounding effect on your life. When you acknowledge what you are grateful for, you can help bring more positive energy into your experience.  When you express gratitude, there is a positive ripple effect.

How To Express Gratitude This Year On A Budget

My point is…

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives sometimes we lose touch with others. This is where greeting cards common handy. Not to mention, I love anything that arrives in my mailbox that isn’t a bill!

I love how as a child I couldn’t wait for the mailman to arrive, now I hate them sometimes. Argh…Stop bringing me bills!!! I don’t want to adult today. #Thestruggleisreal

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But if I receive something from a friend or family member… time stops.

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I remember what it is that I loved about getting mail to begin with. As a child waiting on birthday and christmas cards in the mail were always a big deal since our family lives across the country in Kentucky.

To be so excited to seen an envelope with your name on it and know there is a message from a  loved on and maybe even $$.

I feel this feeling every time I get actual snail mail. Am I the only one? Goodness I hope not.

I decided that I was going to be on all over my holiday cards this year. I even ordered some photo cards to enclose in my greeting cards.

I purchased this 2 design set of 40 cards at my local Hallmark Gold Crown and it was less that $10.

If you can budget this + postage into your budget, you are set for the holidays.

Here is my first ever lengthy video os me actually talking on camera about my biggest tip for holiday gift giving on a budget!


If you want to check out the other goodies I got from Hallmark, check out my gifting ideas for the holiday season article.


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