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[Sept 22nd] Favorite Things Friday: Home + Women’s Fashion

Hello, dear readers! It’s that wonderful time of the week again – Favorite Things Friday! I’m thrilled to share some of the hottest picks straight from my LTK shop that you’ve been loving. So, grab your favorite drink, and let’s explore these fabulous finds that have been making waves in home decor and fashion.

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1. Striped Rug Sensation:

This week’s best seller is a stunning striped rug that has taken the decor world by storm. It’s a versatile gem, perfect for achieving the layered doormat look or as a standalone statement piece. I’m talking about the black and white Mati Striped Rug by Safavieh, and it’s a must-have for adding that touch of style to your space.

2. Scandinavian Chic:

Looking for a rug that combines elegance and affordability? Look no further than the black Scandinavian area rug. It’s not only stylish but also on sale right now! Check out this Black Scandinavia Diamond Area Rug and transform your living space into a haven of modern sophistication.

3. Floating Wall Shelves:

For those who adore sleek and contemporary decor, these modern black floating wall shelves are a game-changer. You’ll be delighted to know they come in a set of three and are priced at under $50! Discover how to elevate your wall decor with these black floating shelf beauties.

4. Crossbody Belt Bag Bliss:

I can’t get enough of this cute crossbody belt bag, and it seems you can’t either! I personally own this little gem, and it’s become my go-to accessory. Find out why I’m head over heels for it and grab your belt bag.

5. Bathroom Rug Elegance:

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk bathroom decor. The waffle weave of this bathroom rug from my master bathroom is simply divine, and the best part? It’s under $30! Dive into the details of this waffle bathmat beauty and see why it’s a fan favorite.

And there you have it, this week’s top picks from my LTK shop!

I’m overjoyed to see you embracing these fantastic finds that I’ve curated just for you. Remember, a well-designed home and a touch of fashion magic can brighten any day. Stay tuned for more inspiration next Friday, and until then, have a fabulous weekend, my dear readers!

Feel free to customize the links and add any additional insights or personal touches to make it truly yours. Happy blogging, and may your readers continue to enjoy these wonderful discoveries! 🛋️👜🌟

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