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12 Creative Thrift Store DIY Art & Decor Projects

If you are like me then thrifting is more than a hobby to you. It is a part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine. I love the thrill of going to a thrift store and finding something that you see potential in. Getting it for a ridiculously cheap price makes it addicting!

12 super creative thrift store DIY projects via www.artsandclassy.com

I wanted to share some other talented bloggers creative work by creating a round up of some inspiring thrift store find diy projects!

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I love the inspiration one can find on Pinterest! I think it is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there for my niche. But what I love most about this site is how many new talented people it opens doors to. I love discovering DIY-ers all over the world!

I a paying tribute today to 12 very talented bloggers that shared their creativity here on the blog today.

I admire those that can look far outside the box to come up with awesome solutions and aesthetically pleasing decor for the household on a modest budget.

1. Faux Studded Porcelain Vases

I love how chic these vases and bottle turned out!

Such a simple concept with puffy paint and white matte spray paint. Genius!

12 super creative thrift store DIY projects via www.artsandclassy.com

{Jenna Sue Design Blog}

2. Stenciled Antique Plates

This is a great way to bring some new life to some dated porcelain plates.

Supplies needed: letter stencils and a paint marker.

Florence Finds{FlorenceFinds}

3. Silver Spray Painted Decor

Find a dated decorative small item and  give it a chic makeover with some metallic spray paint. This silver on a horse statue is a fun way to make it interesting again.

I am obsessed with gold accents. That would be another great route to take for this project.



4. Geometric Stenciled Octagon Tray

I love the simplicity of this upcycle.

You find an old wooden tray at a thrift store or a yard sale and then you give it a makeover with some paint.

Supplies needed: Frog Tape and spray paint.



5. Gold Painted Wood Bowls

Another great thing to hunt for when cruising the thrift store aisles! Wooden bowls like these make great modern jewelry holders.

Supplies needed: Acrylic craft paint, foam sponge brush, and clear coat.



6. DIY Distressed Candlesticks

With some matte spray paint, sandpaper, and brown/black paint you can create some beautiful distressed candlesticks for your home. I am a big fan of this shabby chic look with vintage candlesticks. like. love. 



7. Window Pane Decorative Hanging Gardens

Take tired old window pains and turn them into outdoor wall art as planters. With some chain, and planter boxes you can turn this into a conversation starter in your home.

This could easily be an indoor art project too with fake plants.

pinterest image

{Pinterest Image}

8. Framed Chalkboard

With an old piece of art, you can create a beautifully framed chalkboard. I find pieces of art all the time at thrift stores and I have never painted over one. I think I need to try this project! Supplies needed: Spray paint for

Supplies needed: Spray paint for frame, frog tape, and chalkboard paint.

How-To-Change-An-Old-Painting-Into-A-Chalkboard - my name is snickerdoodle


9. Tea Cup Desk Lamp

Whether it’s a teacup from your collection or one you find at a thrift store.

This is a fun and creative upcycle that I really love.




10. Cheap Office Chair Makeover

Finally, someone has done something cute to a boring swivel arm chair! Yay!

Snaps for them.

Supplies needed: an upholstery staple gun, a couple yards of fabric, and spray paint. 



11. Antique Plate Dessert Tower

You can get really creative with the separators for this project. I love the idea of using mismatching plates. It also looks like candlesticks are great to use as stands. Simple and adorable project.

Supplies needed: 4 Plates and 2-3 short candlesticks, & epoxy.



12. Faux Bird Bath Pedestal

Another great example of ransacking a thrift store to get creative. Find a few items and put them together with some hot glue. Add some metallic spray paintboom… you have a cute piece of home decor.

Supplies needed: Metallic spray paint, a flowy-edged ashtray or bowl, short candlestick holder, small bird figurine, flower beads, & hot glue gun + hot glue sticks.




The most important thing to remember when thrifting is to keep your mind open.

Creativity can come when you least expect it. I admire all of these DIY-ers for their budget shopping skills and their creative minds! Thank you for always inspiring me.

Want to see some of my thrift store diy projects? Here are a few…



  • This is a great roundup Meredith! I am loving the vases with the dotted touch- Totally unexpected! I have so many cheap vases (supermarket flowers) and I have a hard time letting go of them, plain spray painting them didn’t excite me but this gave me a great idea. Thanks 🙂 – Loving your blog!!! Pinning!

  • Tina says:

    Loved reading about your great ideas