Incredible Ideas To Create a Fun and Memorable Galentine’s Day!

You may be asking yourself, what is Galentine’s Day exactly? Where did it all begin? Well, I am happy you’re here because I would love to share more of what I learned about this girl power holiday! 

What day is Galentine’s Day?

It started back in 2010 with the TV show Parks and Recreation. There was one episode titled “Galentine’s Day.” During this episode, Leslie Knope hosts a February 13th brunch for her first-rate girlfriends. Of course, we all fell in love with this idea and day! How could we not? Galentine’s Day rapidly grew to become the most celebrated day of the month and is now noticeably acknowledged every year. Let’s be real… It’s the best day of the year for women and their best girlfriends!

After all, Who runs the world? GIRLS!! 

When ladies assist one another, they empower each other even more. Galentine’s Day gives ALL ladies the right to gather and celebrate one another’s achievements, individually and inside their friendships.

Relationships may come and go — and Valentine’s Day can be a stark reminder of that — strong friendships are steadfast.

Female friendships play an important role in our lives, mainly in our adult years, due to the fact they create a sense of balance in a world that is increasingly virtual.

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1. Gift Ideas

Depending on whether you are hosting an event or just want to show your friends that you were thinking of them, these gift ideas are fun, budget-friendly, and are something any lady friend would happily accept. How perfect would Galentine’s Day be if you and your gal pals each got to go home with a goody bag to commemorate the fun night? 

One fun Galentine’s Day party idea that is sure to show your girls how much you appreciate each other is to have a “fave things” gift exchange!

2. Girl’s Night Out

What is your idea of fun girls’ night out? Is it dancing? Is it dinner? Well, whatever you and your girl group love to do, make a plan to get out of the house together. You can also make a Galentine’s Day pregame hang out at someone’s home before going out to get ready together or to have a nice cocktail hour.

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3. Go To The Movies or Movie Night of Home with Drinks

Host a movie night whether it’s out at the movie theater or in your home. Order heart-shaped pizza, make themed cocktails, and enjoy a chill night of entertainment with your ladyfriends. 

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If you and your girls know some delicious cocktails, why not share them? You can do this in a couple of ways. 

Option #1 – Each person buys the ingredients for the cocktails. Come together for a fun night and show everyone how to make it! 

Option #2 – Have everyone submit the ingredients to their signature cocktail. Buy miniature-size bottles, and place all the ingredients into a basket. Have everyone pick up their cocktail basket. Set up a Zoom call and you officially accomplished hosting a virtual DIY movie night with cocktails.

4. Cook Together

Are you a fan of cooking? Or is there a recipe you have been wanting to try? Why not invite your besties over to learn how to make a new recipe? Or perhaps hosting a gathering at a local cooking school would be a fun outing with your friends! That way everyone can learn to make a new dish and have something to take home with them. 

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5. Go To An Art Show

Art shows are a great way to gather up your lady friends to enjoy some art culture and get out of the house for a fun evening. Look up local art shows happening in or near your area. Most larger cities have pretty strong art communities but even smaller towns have a version of this within their community. 

6. Game Night

Board games, Never Have I Ever, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Throw Throw Burrito… you name it! Invite everyone over to have a fun game night! You can buy some appetizers to heat up in the oven and just like that! You’re all set.

Need a virtual option? Host game night on zoom. You can use Jeopardy, Kahoot, house parties, and so much more! Just make sure whoever is hosting, is presenting their screen for each game.

7. Treat Yo’ Self

This term was used in the episode of Parks and Rec to refer to self-care and pampering. We ladies all need a break! Why not take a trip to the spa or bring the spa treatment into your home? No matter your budget you can find a place that will work for you all. 

Now, you may not feel comfortable going to a spa for a massage, facial, or mani/pedi (due to the pandemic). No problem! Some professionals can come to your home to do your nails, and facials, or even give you a massage. 

If you are trying to do a more budget-friendly option, put together little spa kits. You can find the items you will need for cheap at places like Dollar Tree and the Pharmacy. Face masks, manicure sets, nail polish, bath bombs, body scrubs, loofa, etc are great ideas for these types of kits.

8. Go Bowling

What I love about this idea is that you could do this at a bowling alley or via a game like Wii, Xbox, or Oculus at home. Bowling is a fun activity to do with your gal pals. Have some good fun, do something together, and maybe from friendly competition.

9. Hire A Personal Trainer or Take a Fitness Class Together

Not all Galentine’s activities need to encompass food and booze. If you want to host a healthier gal pal get-together, why not do a yoga class, CrossFit, or a boxing class together? If you are willing to hire a trainer, doing a semi-private session might be a fun way to do something with your friends.

10. Plan A Trip Together

Have some money to spend? Why not plan a girl’s trip to a fun destination like Napa, Big Sur, Sedona, Palm Springs, Boston, Dallas, Galveston, or Santa Rosa? Rent an AirBnB or VRBO home for you and your friends to enjoy. If your friends are a fan of camping, then this might be a great opportunity to go somewhere beautiful to get away from it all.  

11. Wine and Paint Night

Wine and paint nights are some of my favorite ways to spend time with people I care about and flex those creative muscles too! Throw wine into the mix and that is the perfect trifecta of fun.

What I love most about throwing a party like this is that you can do this in person or virtually. You can have the girl gang come on over or you can do it via Zoom.

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Find a video on YouTube that covers DIY paint nights. You can buy all the supplies at your local art store, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, or even the dollar store near you!

Shop this Paint Night Kit

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12. Brunch

Are you and your crew a fan of brunch or breakfast food? Pancakes, waffles, bottomless Mimosas, what more could you ask for? Get dressed, hit the streets to a breakfast diner, and have brunch!

If you are looking for an alternative, you can always have brunch at someone’s house. You can all make breakfast together and you can control how much champagne goes into your Mimosas!

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Galentine’s Day is more than just a celebration of the friendships we hold closest to our hearts – it is a reminder of the power and importance of these special relationships.

From planning fun activities like movie marathons and spa days to savoring delicious treats and exchanging heartfelt gifts, there are so many ways to show your appreciation and make a lasting memory.

Whether it’s a date with your closest gal pals or a surprise gathering of your friendships from near and far, let the festivities begin! Share your experiences and try out some of our incredible ideas for creating a truly memorable Galentine’s Day.

It’s time to celebrate and remember the special bond that is unique to you and your friends.

Happy Galentine’s Day to all the beautiful badass women out there!

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