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7 Complete Resources To Help You Make Your Bedroom Interior Creative

Creating a unique interior doesn’t require a lot of money to achieve. My biggest motto of all is that if you think outside the box, you can create whatever kind of space you want without the expensive price tag. If you a DIY lover like I am, this will be an exciting project for you.

But, if you aren’t the biggest lover of DIY, there are still some amazing tips for your to implement in your home to add accessories and the look of an interior designer..

7 Innovative Ways to Make Your Bedroom Interior Creative

When it comes to the bedroom, this space should be handled with care. Setting the right mood and aesthetic is key to gaining peace of mind + you will make your friends jealous. I love creating decor that ends up becoming a focal point and remarkable conversation starter. Find small and easy ways to give your home upgrades that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are 7 innovative ways to make your bedroom design interior more creative!

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1. Reuse leftover wallpaper to dress up your bedroom.

If you are a crafter, chances are that you have some spare wallpaper hanging around. You can also buy craps for a very inexpensive price. I love the idea of either taping or decoupaging old wallpaper to the sides of drawers to add some personality. Give a piece of furniture a wall some inspiration and texture to create a work of art!


If you are a renter, might I suggest the same idea but with washi tape? You can use double stick tape to reinforce the washi tape so that it sticks for a long time.

It’s also a great idea to take a piece. Cut it to the size you want than hang from gold clips similar to the ones pictured below. This is a renter friendly way to create bold floral wallpaper artwork to make your room feel more like you own it.


2. A framed vertical garden is the perfect way to add some nature to your bedroom in a creative way.

Create the nature bedroom of your dreams wby following a natural color scheme. The beautiful thing about this project is that you can do it with both real or fake plants. If you are a renter, I suggest using fake plants to keep this project on the lighter side. It will be easier to hang if it is lightweight. Plus, it adds level of comfort and is easier to maintain these types of accents!

3. Create new ways to display bedside lighting.

By taking two rustic old wooden doors, you can create a perfect place to mount vintage sconces. Regardless of your style aesthetic, this can work across many different styles. If sconces aren’t the path you want to take, using a table lamp would be an easy alternative to this design décor idea. Adding a bedside lamp, lampshades, or any other types of lighting can bring a calming and luxurious vibe to a small bedroom space.

4. Create a color accent wall to better represent your personality and style.

Break the social norm. Instead of painting a boring accent wall, why not paint a piece of art? I love this brilliantly bold floral mural in this bedroom. It makes me happy! Don’t fear the use of color in your interiors.

Neutrals are not always the answer.


5. Have a dated closet?

Hang Mirrors on the front to create the illusion of a larger space and to make getting dressed in the morning easier. This is will make the space feel bigger and will allow more natural light appear.

By implementing an easy fix like this, getting dressed in the a.m. will be a breeze. It will also make light bounce in your room, making it appear relaxing, brighter, and larger. Plus you can conceal any clutter by making this your primary bedroom storage space.

6. Create the illusion of a headboard with washi tape.

(This is especially useful for rentals and dorm rooms!) This is a super duper budget-friendly way to create a headboard. You really can go anywhere with this one. I love the idea of a cityscape but have also seen some other amazing ideas to great the illusion of a bed frame.

7. Add a pop of color to a bedroom door.

This could include painting your door a bright color, or just a muted color like black to give it contrast to your walls. Set the tone in this space with accent ideas like, throw pillows, washi tape, wallpaper, textiles, area rugs, and other decor to make the bedroom feel welcoming.

If you are a renter and can’t or don’t want to paint your door, I suggest washi tape to create the look you want!

I hope what you will take from this article is that it doesn’t matter the color palette of your space, that there are ways to make your master bedroom feel like you own it! Let me know what your favorite innovative tip is in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t think I can choose a favorite, however, the gorgeous, colorful mural on the wall made my heart skip a beat! Thanks a million for sharing these tips. I’m trying to update my bedroom and just haven’t “felt it” so far with things I’ve tried. Gonna go work on this! 🙂


  2. I don’t think I can choose a favorite, however, the gorgeous, colorful mural on the wall made my heart skip a beat! Thanks a million for sharing these tips. I’m trying to update my bedroom and just haven’t “felt it” so far with things I’ve tried. Gonna go work on this! 🙂


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