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7 Creative Things to Do With Your Favorite Family Photos

Got a ton of family photos but have no idea what to do with them? You’re not alone. Virtually everyone has that one box full of old family photos that gather dust in forgotten albums. But this doesn’t have to be so – there are lots of creative ways to showcase and enjoy those captured memories!

From creating a gallery wall to designing a personalized photo book to making a lovely photo collage, there are many ways to enjoy your favorite photos and celebrate your family’s journey. In this blog post, we’ll dive into seven fun and creative ideas to bring those memories to life in unique and beautiful ways.

If you have an extensive collection of family photos and bare walls that need decorations, you know what to do – create a gorgeous gallery wall of memories.

For a cohesive look, choose a theme of pictures or similar colors (for example, all black and white pictures), or simply mix and match different images to create a whimsical but visually-pleasing arrangement. You can use frames of various sizes and styles for a unique look or go for a modern, sleek approach by printing the photos on canvas or metal.

Scan Them, Turn Them Into a Photo Book

If your collection of old family photos is starting to fade, why not scan them so you can preserve them digitally? Once you have digital copies of your favorite images, you can bring them back to tangible life by creating a photo book.

There are lots of services online that can help you design and customize a beautiful photo book that showcases your family’s precious moments. Mixbook, for instance, offers easy-to-use templates and customizable options to help you create a family heirloom memory book.

It’s a wonderful way to preserve those cherished moments for generations to come, all in a stylish and professionally printed format.

Design a Photo Calendar

Listen, some store-bought calendars are nice, it’s true. But if we’re being honest, the vast majority is generic as they come. So why settle for bland and impersonal when you can create your very own fun calendar?

Gather your favorite family photos, and set aside one or two for each month so you highlight special moments or memories associated with that time of year. It’s a practical yet heartwarming way to enjoy your photos all year round.

Build a Photo Collage on Canvas

If you feel like your bare walls could use some decoration, consider creating a photo collage on a canvas.

Print out a selection of your favorite photos in different sizes and arrange them in whatever way pleases your eye the best. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, stick them onto the canvas to create a stunning piece of wall art that tells your family’s story.

Make a Photo Puzzle

Get the whole family involved in some puzzle-solving fun by turning your favorite family photo into a customized puzzle.

Many online services allow you to upload a photo and receive a jigsaw puzzle with your image printed on it. Piece by piece, you’ll relive those cherished memories while spending quality time with your loved ones. Win-win!

Design Custom Photo Greeting Cards

Add a personal touch to your greeting cards by incorporating your favorite family photos. 

Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or special milestones, you can design your own cards with customized images and heartfelt messages. It’s a thoughtful way to make your loved ones feel extra special.

Turn Your Photos Into Home Décor

If you don’t have big, bare walls or you do but you don’t want to fill them with pictures, you can still display your favorite family photos throughout your house by turning them into home décor. For example, you can print your favorite images into ceramic tiles or corks to create personalized coasters.

If you’re quite crafty, consider making a photo pillow or quilt using your cherished family photos. And, of course, you can always frame your favorite photos and display them around the house as you see fit!

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