25 Stunning Painted Bedroom Furniture Makeovers You’ll Love

Looking for painted bedroom furniture inspiration? If you’re ready to embark on a furniture transformation journey, you’re in for a treat. Today, we’ll dive into the world of painted bedroom furniture – turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with 25 makeovers that will leave you inspired and ready to pick up that paintbrush.

Unveiling the Magic of Painted Bedroom Furniture

Let’s talk about the magic of paint – the game-changer in the world of home decor. It’s like a style wizard that can whisk away the dullness and bring forth a burst of personality.

Transform your bedroom with these breathtaking furniture makeovers! Discover 25 painted bedroom furniture ideas that will inspire your next project.

So, buckle up and get ready to witness 25 painted bedroom furniture projects that redefine the meaning of fabulous.

1. Bold Color Dresser – By Mallory at Style Your Senses

Embrace a burst of energy in your bedroom with a boldly colored dresser, instantly transforming the focal point. I am obsessed with the combination of a bold pink and a vintage piece. It’s eclectic and unique!

Elevate your bedroom decor with these stunning painted furniture ideas! From dressers to nightstands, find inspiration for your next DIY project.
Image Credit: Style Your Senses

2. Cheerful NightstandsBy Toni @ Girl, Just DIY

Infuse joy into your nighttime routine with cheerful nightstands, painted in a color that radiates positivity and warmth. Toni from Girl, Just DIY found these Ikea nightstands through a Facebook treasures group for under $10, and they were her first “hack” project. I love that she changed the knobs to give these nightstands some personality with new hardware.

To achieve this bright, cheery makeover, Toni used a few supplies like sanding blocks, primer, a 2″ Purdy Angled Sash Brush, Floetrol paint extender, and painter’s tape. Check out this painted furniture makeover on the blog.

Ready for a bedroom refresh? Explore these 25 painted furniture makeovers for ideas to revitalize your space and add a personal touch to your decor.
Image Credit: Girl, Just DIY

3. Modern Gray Bed FrameBy Tracy’s Fancy

Achieve a sleek and contemporary look with a modern gray bed frame, elevating your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. Tracy at Tracy’s Fancy painted her old wood and leather bed frame to give to her daughter and son-in-law, who needed furniture to add to their new home, so Tracy decided to give the bedframe a makeover.

Sweet huh? To seal the leather and the other details that she painted, she used clear wax and dark wax to make those details pop!

Discover chic and stylish painted bedroom furniture makeovers to transform your space into a cozy retreat. Explore these inspiring ideas today!
Image Credit: Tracy’s Fancy

4. Earthy Tone Wardrobe – By Ashley at Little Glass Jar

Follow Ashley’s journey as a simple armoire makeover evolves into a heartfelt connection with the raw beauty of wood. Inspired by the armoire’s natural allure, Ashley opts for a deep olive green paint called Lichen from the Fusion Mineral Paint line.

As she envisions its place in the vintage guest bedroom, join her in transforming the wardrobe into a grounding presence that fosters tranquility indoors.

Revamp your bedroom with these 25 stunning makeovers! Explore painted bedroom furniture ideas that will breathe new life into your space.
Image Credit: Little Glass Jar

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5. Patterned Dresser – By Marissa at Ginger and Ivory

Add a touch of personality to your master bedroom furniture with a patterned dresser, showcasing your unique style and taste. Inspired by the timeless beauty of bone inlay furniture, Marissa’s dresser DIY offers a budget-friendly alternative to the high price tags often associated with designer pieces.

With her detailed Bone Inlay Dresser DIY guide, she proves that luxury doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. By following along with Marissa’s step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to transform an affordable Tarva Ikea dresser into a statement piece that rivals those found at Anthropologie.

Ready for a bedroom makeover? Check out these DIY furniture transformations! From dressers to nightstands, get inspired to paint your bedroom furniture.
Image Credit: Ginger and Ivory

6. Powder Blue DresserBy Rachel at Craving Some Creativity

Create a tranquil oasis with blue-accented furniture, introducing a soothing color to your sleep haven. Rachel scored this dresser for free when it was leftover from an estate sale. No one but her saw the potential.

She decided she would use a stain-blocking primer, mouse palm sander, Fusion mineral paint in the color “Little Whale,” and Fusion mineral natural paintbrush. 

If you didn’t know, Fusion Mineral Paint is waterproof and washable whereas chalk paint would need to have a varnish-type finish to make it waterproof. It’s a popular choice so that the paint job has a better chance of lasting.

7. Glamorous Vanity Dressing Table – By Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Elevate your beauty routine with a glamorous vanity, painted to reflect a sense of luxury and sophistication. Painted in chic beige with white vertical stripes, this $50 find from an estate sale exudes luxury.

Join Christy on Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday as she shares the story behind this transformation. From humble beginnings to a glamorous centerpiece, learn how to create your own vanity fit for a queen.

8. Shabby-Chic NightstandBy Melanie at Lost & Found

Embrace the charm of imperfection with shabby-chic nightstands, adding a touch of nostalgia to your space. Melanie bought this little maple chest from a Facebook garage sale group.  

The owner was having trouble selling it and kept dropping the price lower and lower. She had no idea why there weren’t any takers–as soon as she saw it she was in love! Now, we can see why!

This painted bedroom furniture makeover was completed with Fusion Mineral paint and Fusion brushes which gave this table excellent coverage.

Give your bedroom a fresh new look with these stunning furniture transformations! Explore painted bedroom furniture ideas that will breathe life into your space.
Image Credit: Lost & Found Decor

9. Elegant Bedside Bench – By Larissa at Prodigal Pieces

Elevate your bedroom with Larissa’s exquisite creation. This calming bedside bench not only adds a touch of elegance but also breathes life into your space. Larissa is captivated by a fabric that beckons to be incorporated into her own project – its soft aqua blue/green tones and creamy details exude timeless beauty, effortlessly complementing any decor style.

With her expert touch, Larissa proves that even a simple bench can become a focal point that enhances the ambiance of your sanctuary.

Revitalize your bedroom decor with these dresser makeovers! Explore painted bedroom furniture ideas to add style and personality to your space.
Image Credit: Prodigal Pieces

10. Painted Moulding Cedar Chest – By Natalie at A Ray Of Sunlight

Infuse modern vibes into your space with a chest featuring geometric patterns, showcasing your artistic flair. Elevate your space with modern flair courtesy of Natalie’s geometric-patterned chest makeover. Embracing the joy of furniture transformation, Natalie’s project is a testament to the beauty of artistic expression.

Follow along as she takes you on a journey of creative exploration, sharing the twists and turns that led to her final masterpiece. From humble beginnings to a soul-satisfying finish, this painted cedar chest makeover is sure to inspire your next DIY adventure.

Transform your bedroom with these beautiful furniture makeovers! Discover 25 painted bedroom furniture ideas that will inspire your next project.
Image Credit: A Ray Of Sunlight

11. Calming White Furnitureby Ann at Dabbling & Decor

Create a serene retreat with furniture painted in calming neutral tones, promoting relaxation and tranquility. Ann found this little vintage dresser that she discovered years back in her parent’s attic. At that time it had been long forgotten for almost 30 years just waiting to be reinvented.

This vintage dresser got a fresh coat of paint with a little monetary farmhouse-cottage bling, something new. A quick and easy refashion that packs a charming decor punch! Ann used white latex paint, and to make the vintage hardware pop, she used Restor-A-Finish in Dark Walnut, refashioned house numbers, and black spray paint.

Looking to refresh your bedroom? Explore these paint furniture ideas for a stunning bedroom makeover. From dressers to nightstands, find inspiration here!
Image Credit: Dabbling & Decorating

12. Nautical Blue Bed Frame by Petticoat Junktion

Escape to coastal serenity with Petticoat Junktion’s Nautical Blue Bed Frame. This exquisite piece captures the timeless charm of seaside living, bringing a touch of tranquility to your bedroom.

Crafted with meticulous detail and featuring a rich nautical blue hue, it’s more than just furniture; it invites relaxation and rejuvenation. Transform your space into a coastal retreat with this stunning bed frame, and let its soothing ambiance wash over you night after night.

Upgrade your bedroom decor with these dresser makeovers! Explore painted furniture ideas to create a stylish and inviting space.
Image Credit: Petticoat Junktion

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13. Luxurious Gold Leaf Painted Bedroom Furniture – By Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer and Denise at Salvaged Inspirations

Add a touch of opulence to your bedroom with furniture adorned in luxurious gold leaf, creating a sense of grandeur. Elevate your bedroom with opulent gold leaf-adorned furniture, inspired by the luxurious designs from Confessions of a Serial DIYer and Salvaged Inspirations.

The shimmering gold accents and rich blue hues create a sense of grandeur, transforming your space into a sanctuary fit for royalty. Whether it’s a gilded mirror or a blue and gold leaf dresser, these exquisite pieces add a touch of sophistication and timeless beauty to your decor, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and refinement.

Step into the transformation of this stunning vintage dresser, where every detail comes to life with a touch of elegance. With a vision for sophistication, the dresser is adorned in a velvety blue finish, reminiscent of regal velvet drapes cascading in a grand ballroom.

Join the journey as this vintage dresser undergoes a breathtaking transformation, emerging as a timeless piece that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern elegance.

Ready to give your bedroom a makeover? Explore these inspiring painting bedroom furniture ideas for a fresh new look.
Image Credit: Salvaged Inspirations

14. Tropical Green DresserBy Melanie at Lost and Found Decor

Escape to a tropical paradise with a dresser painted in lush green hues, bringing a touch of exotic allure. Escape to a lush paradise with Melanie’s green dresser makeover. With milk paint expertise, Melanie shares tips for achieving consistent color and coverage.

Mixing greens like Boxwood or Lucketts Green is key. Discover the transformative power of Hemp Oil, enriching the dresser’s hues while sealing the paint for a flawless finish. Join Melanie on this journey of exotic allure and furniture transformation.

Find inspiration for your bedroom makeover with these painted furniture ideas! Explore 25 stunning inspirations to transform your space.
Image Credit: Lost and Found Decor

15. Mint and Gold Vanity DeskBy Liz at Love Grows Wild

Combine mint and gold for a refreshing and glamorous vanity desk, infusing your space with chic sophistication. levate your space with Liz’s refreshing and glamorous creation. By combining mint and gold, Liz brings a touch of chic sophistication to the traditional vanity desk.

The mint hue adds a refreshing and calming vibe, while the gold accents introduce a sense of opulence and glamour. This mint and gold vanity desk promises to be both functional and fabulous, making every moment feel like a luxurious escape.

Ready to get creative? Explore these DIY painted furniture ideas for your bedroom. From dressers to nightstands, discover 25 stunning ideas to try today!
Image Credit: Love Grows Wild

16. Stylish Headboard – By Stephanie at Cre8tive Designs

Make a bold statement with a stylish headboard, becoming the focal point of your bedroom decor. Embark on a journey of creativity and transformation with Stephanie’s stunning painted bedroom furniture creation. Starting with a thrifty find of a headboard for $80, Stephanie pours her heart and soul into bringing it to life. Saving lots of money with DIY instead of overspending at a furniture store!

Through countless hours of hard work and dedication, this headboard undergoes a series of transformations, each step adding to its charm and character. Join Stephanie as she shares the highs and lows of this DIY adventure, celebrating the power of creativity and determination to turn a humble headboard into a masterpiece.

Transform your bedroom with these painted furniture inspirations! Explore ideas to revitalize your space and create a cozy retreat.
Image Credit: Cre8tive Designs

17. Sunset-Inspired Headboard – By Tracey at Tracey’s Fancy

Immerse yourself in the warm glow of sunset with Tracey’s breathtaking creation. Using a palette of oranges, pinks, and gold, Tracey captures the essence of a cozy evening sky and infuses it into her headboard masterpiece.

As she expertly blends these hues, Tracey brings her artistic vision to life, creating a stunning focal point that exudes warmth and tranquility. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Tracey’s sunset-inspired headboard, a testament to the transformative power of creativity and imagination.

Refresh your bedroom decor with these design ideas! Explore 25 painted bedroom furniture makeovers that will add style and personality to your space.
Image Credit: Tracey’s Fancy

18. Moroccan Tile Dresser – By Do at DoDo’s Designs

Immerse yourself in exotic charm with Do’s captivating creation. Adorned in mesmerizing white Moroccan tile patterns, this dresser adds an eclectic touch to any space. Begin by painting the base in Coffee Bean black paint by Dixie Belle, chosen for its matte finish and easy application.

After allowing the base to dry overnight, stencil the Bone Inlay pattern for a stunning finish. Join Do as she brings this dresser to life, transforming it into a statement piece that exudes global-inspired elegance.

Looking for creative ways to update your bedroom? Explore these painted furniture makeover ideas for inspiration and style.
Image Credit: DoDo’s Designs

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19. Weathered Gray Dresser By Denise at Salvaged Inspirations

Embrace rustic charm with weathered gray furniture, adding character to your space. As Denise sanded and painted the dresser revealed its timeless allure, showcasing craftsmanship from eras past.

She brought a new life into this beloved piece, honoring its legacy with a fresh, weathered gray finish. Witness the transformation unfold, celebrating the enduring beauty of vintage furniture with any type of paint.

Ready to transform your bedroom? Check out these DIY painted furniture ideas for stunning transformations. Get inspired to create a space you'll love!
Image Credit: Salvaged Inspirations

20. Bohemian Wardrobeby Christine at Little House On The Corner

Infuse boho chic into your bedroom with a wardrobe painted in vibrant bohemian colors, expressing your free-spirited style. Christine’s wardrobe had an amazing second-hand wardrobe, but it was a bit damaged and wasn’t a fan of the original wood stain color.

Now, her newly painted wardrobe is almost unrecognizable and it looks spectacular. Some of the supplies/tools she used were sugar soap (for prep), sandpaper, primer, Soumak Pure Flat Emulsion paint (which is a water-based paint with a subtle satin finish), a paint sprayer, and a knotting solution.

21. Ombré Effect Furniture – By Emy at Semigloss Design

Dive into the world of DIY projects with seamless ombré effects with Emy’s mesmerizing creation. Learn how to paint a blended ombré dresser as Emy shares her fun and whimsical project.

Experience the fun of transforming ordinary furniture into a visually stunning focal point, embracing the magic of creativity and color-blending brush strokes.

Upgrade your bedroom with these painted furniture ideas! Discover 25 stunning upgrades that will transform your space into a cozy retreat.
Image Credit: Semigloss Design

22. Romantic French Linen Bed Frame – By Denise at Salvaged Inspirations

Embrace romance with Denise’s dreamy creation. Painted bedroom furniture in soft neutral hues, this bed frame sets a cozy atmosphere for sweet dreams. Join Denise as she shares her expertise on color pairing, offering insights into creating harmonious combinations with a durable top coat finish.

Stay on trend with these painted furniture ideas for your bedroom! Explore 25 stunning trends that will elevate your decor and add a touch of style
Image Credit: Salvaged Inspirations

23. Gilded Mirror Accent – By Cristina at Remodela Casa

Upgrade your bedroom with Cristina’s touch of glamour. Discover how a gilded mirror frame adds sophistication and luxury to your space. Join Cristina as she transforms a simple mirror into a captivating focal point, reflecting your refined taste and style.

Revamp your bedroom with these stunning paint ideas for furniture! From dressers to nightstands, find the perfect inspiration for your space.
Image Credit: Remodela Casa

24. Modern Nightstands – By Carrie at Thirty Eight Street

Elevate your bedroom with Carrie’s Hollywood Regency-inspired design, transforming vintage nightstands into sleek, modern pieces. Follow in her tutorial as she updates them with Country Chic Paint, revealing a stunning shade of blue and revitalizing the hardware with Pocket Watch Metallic Cream.

Witness the transformation in just a few simple steps, proving that by repurposing furniture and painting bedroom furniture can bring luxury and sophistication to your space.

Add a pop of color to your bedroom with these painted furniture ideas! Explore 25 stunning color ideas to refresh your space and express your style.
Image Credit: Thirty Eight Street

25. Stenciled Dresserby DeDe at Designed Decor and Meredith at Arts & Classy

Infuse whimsy into your space with a stenciled dresser, combining wood grain and painted patterns for a playful and eclectic vibe. Stenciling furniture pieces is a great way to give them an extra look above the basic paint.

DeDe’s main supplies used were furniture chalk paint, sealed with light brown wax, and a clear coat, and the design on the front of the drawers is from Cutting Edge Stencils. This stenciled wood dresser is a perfect way to give some added dimension to a furniture piece. The wax she used settled in the carved grooves and gave the piece the antiqued look you see.  

Stay up to date with the latest trends in painted furniture makeovers! Explore 25 stunning ideas to transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary.
Image Credit: Designed Decor

I took a very bold dark wood dresser and added more personality and customization to this dresser with a stenciled accent on the top, sides, and some of the drawers! I wanted this to have a durable finish so I made sure to use a second coat of clear wax.

Get creative with these DIY ideas for painted bedroom furniture! Explore 25 stunning projects to personalize your space and showcase your style.
Image Credit: Arts & Classy

Bringing It All Together

As we wrap up this journey through these 25 painted bedroom furniture makeovers, remember that the power to transform your space is in your hands – your paintbrush.

Let your personality shine through, experiment with colors, and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So, are you ready to embrace the world of painted bedroom furniture? It’s time to unleash your creativity, one paint stroke at a time.

Happy painting, my fellow decor enthusiasts! Your fabulously transformed bedroom awaits.

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Discover your style with these painted furniture ideas for your bedroom! Explore 25 stunning styles to transform your space into a cozy retreat.
Explore new techniques for painting bedroom furniture with these 25 stunning ideas! From distressing to stenciling, find inspiration for your next project.

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