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Spicy Mustard Yellow Decor Ideas + Inspiration

If you have been following my colorful home decor trends, this mustard yellow home decor color is something I am really digging. I love rich and bold colors. Next on the list is the color spicy mustard yellow decor.

I thought it would be fun to put together some spicy mustard yellow decor ideas. If you are a renter like I am, you will find decor inspiration that is renter friendly. If you are a homeowner, you are lucky. It is hard to rent these days. Sometimes landlords have strict requirements that prevent you from putting nails in walls or even painting any walls. No worries.

I have sourced some great options if you think your space needs some spicy mustard yellow decor in it. I also have a great post on color psychology in your home that you might find interesting.

If you are looking to add a focal point in a neutral space, spicy mustard yellow is a great color to use. By adding pieces of mustard decor, you can change with trends easily.

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Make sure you click the links under each photo to be taken to the source of the image. There are some very talented bloggers and decorators out there.

Mustard Yellow Color Scheme Trend

Mustard yellow complements this cooler colors while still giving it some warmth and vibrancy! Adding subtle pops of color to a more neutral space really does add life to this room.

Approaching from more the monochromatic color scheme this mustard yellow decor ideas and accents complement gold, black, and white nicely.

Mustard Yellow Furniture

A bold furniture statement piece is the best way to add color quickly to a room. Plus, you can change things in spaces like your living room… just like that! You can be bold and dramatic will bright pops of yellow home decor OR you can dominate the a room with a bold focal point piece.

Spicy Mustard Yellow Decor | Interior Design Trends + Inspiration | mustard yellow sofa
Photo Credit: Source
Photo Credit: Stylish Dekor

I am a big fan of accent chairs. Especially ones that have a vintage feel to them. The spicy mustard yellow accent chairs in this photo (below) are elegant to compliment this amazing home.

Spicy Mustard Yellow Decor Ideas + Inspiration
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Knitted poufs are some of my favorites. They are super light and great additional seating that you can hide away easily.

Spicy Mustard Yellow Decor Ideas + Inspiration
Photo Credit: Pattern People
Spicy Mustard Yellow Decor Ideas + Inspiration
Photo Credit: Pax and Hart

Mustard Yellow Paint 

If you have the ability to paint then choose a paint color in that mustard yellow decor family.  Why not paint things like a door that is a fun spicy mustard yellow color?

If you have an ugly addition to your home like a heater like this one, why not paint it to fit your color scheme? Other areas to paint in your home would be your ceiling, cabinets, a desk, console table, and/or dresser!

Photo Credit: Studio Sham Shiri
Spicy Mustard Yellow Decor Ideas + Inspiration
Photo Credit: Plumetis Magazine

My point is by adding a coat of paint or maybe even adding some colorful tiles to a backsplash or floor you can brighten up a space to your liking. 

Photo Credit: Dove Cottage Blog
Photo Credit: Lonny

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Mustard Yellow Decor & Accessories

Accent pillows, throws, furniture, art and other decor options add some spice to your home’s interior. Brighten up your living room, bedroom, or office for spring with some mustard color decor. You can also go minimal with just the addition of color with yellow pillows.

Photo Credit: Melanie Jade Design

I love this mustard yellow knit blanket as a way of adding color. I am smitten with this blanket! Chunky knit blankets are so cozy and inviting.

Photo Credit: Lauren Aston Designs

Another idea that I am smitten with is mustard yellow bedding and tufted headboards. These colorful examples below add some brightness to these spaces in very different ways.

Photo Credit: Swoon Worthy
Photo Credit: Homes To Love

Mustard Yellow Wallpaper

Mustard yellow walls are a dramatic and bright way to add some life to a space! You can do this through paint or wallpaper! I am a big fan of temporary wallpaper so I can change my mind and easily remove it. If you have an ever evolving style.

Photo Credit: Wallpapers4Beginners

You can also use temporary wallpaper (or the real stuff) in other spaces in your home. Think… your ceiling, bookcases, stair risers, and furniture. 

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Timeless Yellow Decorating Ideas

Some ideas to use this color palette in a more timeless fashion would be to incorporate mustard yellow decor like accent pillows, throw blankets, yellow curtains, area rugs, and plush fabrics on things like a yellow sofa and chair. 

Photo Credit: Not Just a Housewife
Photo Credit: Shaves Paint + Decor

Some trends that I have seen with a lot of art and furniture pieces are a mid century modern look or even more of a boho Anthropologie vibe. So no matter what your timeless style is, you can find a wide range of decor to fit your interests.

Scared of Commitment – Easy Decorating Ideas

I wanted to give those of you who DO struggle committing to a more permanent style in your home OR are renters who can’t. Utilizing decor like peel and stick wallpaper, curtains, art, pillows, and other linens to infuse this style in your home is the way to go. Especially if you have stark white walls. If you have a bland beige or light space, bring in come warm colors like mustard yellow to really make your space pop!

Photo Credit: A Ray of Sunlight

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Let me know what you think of the spicy mustard yellow decor ideas inspiration I gathered for you. I love sharing things and decorating trends that inspire me. Which sunny yellow accessory is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


I love sharing things that inspire me. Which image is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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