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10 DIY Projects that Inspired Me

I have been doing some research this week for some inspiration for my upcoming DIY posts.
I found many brilliant projects from many talented bloggers, but I had to narrow it down to 10. Keeping it reasonable.

I don’t know if you have caught the DIY bug (but I assume if you are visiting this page… YOU MUST HAVE)!!! I can spend WAYYY too many hours a day browsing different projects. It all pretty much started once I got my own place a few years back. Best hobby ever!

1. I love the before and after on this chair… it goes from worn and tattered to chic and bold! Love this transformation 551 East Design via Chici Studio.
2.  This transformation is great! I love the color and the stripes. It definitely makes is unique. I think thats what my favorite part of d.i.y projects are… making unique pieces that no one else has. The brilliant website behind this photo is Tag Sell It.
3. This antique side table transformed into a modern “Jonathan Adler” looking piece of furniture. Very Bold and fun! I love the ikat pattern! Good Job Of All The Fish and Design Sponge.
4.  The Salvage Collection did an amazing job with this display cabinet! It has such a fun beachy cottage vibe to it now. YES PLEASE!
5. This drum is perfect as a side table. I really love seeing people get creative like Revolutionaries Blog find a new way to use something old and unused. Also, loving the vintage chair next to it!! If you like more new uses for old things, please check out this post.

6.  I love this bar cabinet… mostly because of the text painted on the front. It adds a fun urban artsy twist to a classic piece. Great Job  Home and Delicious and The Pretty Blog.

7. The Blissful Bee put A LOT of work into this factory cart table and it looks like she bought it from a high end store! Kudos! Love this industrial look!
8. This project is one of my favorites! I love how these chairs were transformed into something chic and unified with a pop of color in the back. Brilliant! Stupendous job Honey and Fitz!

9.  What I truly love about this piece is how cost effective it really is. We all know what ikea stuff costs and it is definitely cheap all considered. I hope to implement this on on some ikea furniture in my house! Great job Kelly Oshiro!

10. Shanty 2 Chic never ceases to amaze me. I have seen these stools everywhere and they are definitely on the cheaper side. What a great finished project. This also doesn’t look like it was too time consuming, which is music to my ears!

Please feel free to post any links below in the comments to showcase a d.i.y projects that you love. I would love to be exposed to more bloggers. So many blogs…so little time.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!