How to Decorate a Room without Windows

Are you decorating a room without windows? There are easy ways to make it seem bigger, brighter, and more open. If you find yourself in the basement bedroom with no windows, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to make the space feel bright and airy. Here are a few basement bedroom ideas, or perhaps it’s a spare room, and even windowless office decorating ideas to get you started.

I know as a renter from time to time you come across places that may not have EVERYTHING you want in your home.

Normally things that are on the checklist of needs are things like a washer and dryer in the unit, parking, dishwasher, etc. You wouldn’t think that you would need to specify that you want windows in your home. But sometimes you do. Don’t worry I have some ideas to help solve this problem.

While I know that technically a room without windows can be a major problem and classified as a fire hazard (in the US), I realize sometimes we work with what we have.

This is the fun part. With some room inspiration, it requires a lot of planning & lighting, but with this project, it will be less stressful. This will be fun!!!

If it works budget-wise then “you gotta do what you gotta do.” I was raised making it work. Do the best with what you have.

How can I freshen my room without windows?

Brighten up a windowless room with strategic lighting, light-colored decor, and mirrors for depth. Add low-maintenance plants, keep it clutter-free, and introduce dark accents for contrast. Elevate the atmosphere with vibrant artwork and pleasant scents. Your windowless space can feel welcoming and refreshed with these simple touches.

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1. Create a faux window 

To make up for the lack of windows, window treatments will be your best friend for this tip. You can create the illusion of a window simply by hanging a curtain rod and curtains around the entire room. This adds a layer of texture to a space that gives it more dimension and makes the room feel like it has windows that would allow natural light in.

2. Add plants to your space

By adding some greenery to your room’s decor, you bring life to it. If you use real house plants (that don’t require much natural daylight), then you are adding a new source of clean air oxygen flowing in your room. But if you are like me and have a kitty who enjoys eating potted plants and flowers, then fake greenery would be the best choice. You can find some that look real.


3. Hang a painting of a landscape or something outdoorsy.

By hanging a photo or a framed piece of artwork with a beautiful view, it can look like a window in a windowless room. You get that natural sunlight feeling with the example below.

4. Hang twinkle lights in fun formations in the room.

Want to learn how to decorate a bedroom without windows? Try Twinkle lights! They are a great way to direct the attention of overhead lights to the focal point of the room you are decorating. Plus, they add a whole new level of ambient lighting to a room at night. I love twinkle lights!


Another approach to learning how to decorate a room with no windows and something to consider is adding a lot of table lamps and floor lamps to brighten up the room. Candles would also add a level of ambiance, but I would keep it to battery-powered candles to avoid making this room even more of a fire hazard.


5. Paint your walls

But here’s a hot tip. Keep your colors light like beige, light gray, and bright shades of white to keep the room looking larger, more colorful, and full of fresh air.

6. Use mirrors to brighten up your space with the light existing in the room.

The reflection of lighting in mirrors helps to give a natural lighting feel to the room. Large mirrors can make a big impact, but you can also make a collage of smaller mirrors to add a light source reflector.


7. Upcycle old window frames & turn them into art.

Using old window frames on the wall with some added artistic creation. Personal touches make these rooms without windows a conversation starter when guests are over.

8. Storage space.

Now, this is important for spaces like small windowless bedroom ideas or windowless office ideas. Utilize your space efficiently and make sure it clutter-free. Dual-purpose storage space like a sofa bed, built-in cabinets, or seating that also holds storage is a great place to start when trying to pull a space together.

Not sure about you, but a small room without windows ideas doesn’t seem so bad now knowing there are options to brighten it up.

It seems like a fun decorating challenge to tackle to make your living situation more positive. What other ways or different points do you have to decorate a room without windows?

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