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Upcycle Ideas for Home – 5 New Uses For Old Things

I know that I have covered this topic in the past, but seriously some of the people I have come across in blogs or on Pinterest are super-duper creative! I have to continue to spread the good word on Up-cycling! I am now all about looking up upcycling ideas for home.

I love finding new ways to use old things!! I am going crazy here at work now, because it motivates me to get more creative. I think the only thing in the recent past that I have up-cycled is a old bathroom storage shelf.


1. Wine Bottles

wrapped in yarn and twine. This is the first time I have seen someone do it so well! These decorated bottles really work as amazing home decor. I also adore her additional decorating with the applique’s and buttons spelling out the work LOVE! How sweet is that?
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2. China Plates

I am particularly interested in this one. because I collect hand painted antique china plates. If I could get the use out of them as a decorative clock… That would be so cool! I love the tea cup addition to it as well! So classy and unique! I think its time for Tea.
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3. Old Books

Transformed into a bird house. This is such a quaint and cute idea!! I also really love how this person didn’t destroy the books to construct this. It is so simple and brilliant at the same time! It makes me want to make one!

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4. Old Book Pages

I am almost positive you could do  this with news papers also! What a great idea to add some finesse and a splash of color to a room. I really love how these roses turned out.  They are beautiful!

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5. Wine Corks

I have actually made a set like this. I will post them later. I love this idea! I also love that you can customize them with different types of ribbon to make them work for any room or household. These would also make a great gift. The holidays are just around the corner people!!

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I hope these ideas inspire you all to get creative and come up with some new uses for old things! Please feel free to share any that you have come across and have enjoyed!